Anna has excelled during her two years at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence. Anna always looks for new challenges and has progressed to now leading her own area of work and managing a team. Anna is currently leading the Communication and Engagement within a large-scale, crime prevention technology Programme in central Government. With over 250 stakeholder groups, Anna is responsible for ensuring that the newly implemented technology is embedded and adopted within their organisations to ensure maximum utilisation and potential of the technology.

Previous experience includes the role of Lead Business Consultant on a cross-government collaboration project. Focussing on threat intelligence, Anna’s role required her to engage with a variety of stakeholders across Government to identify areas of best practice for collecting, sharing and utilising threat intelligence. Following on from these engagements, a paper was produced as a ‘playbook’ to support threat intelligence teams across government. One of Anna’s key contributions was the potential benefit and importance that having a diverse threat intelligence team could contribute to, her innovative approach received high praise and be an area for further research.

Anna has also been a valuable member of the company’s gender diversity network. Shortly after joining the company as a graduate, Anna led the organisation of a series of collaborative events with the Management Consultancies Association (MCA), focussed on diversity within Consulting. The events drew over 150+ people from more than 25 different Consulting organisations. Anna ensured the events focussed on creating tangible products, including the MCA Diversity Charter, designed to hold organisations to account with regards to diversity & inclusion. Anna is also the Communications Lead for the Women in Cyber Security group and co-facilitated a gender diversity workshop with one of the company’s senior leadership teams focussed on creating tangible action plan to make our workplace more inclusive. Anna has made a big impact in the project she has undertaken and continues to grow in both her project work and in additional projects related to diversity in consulting.