I am a physicist with a track record of achievements in academic research as well as in the private sector.

Graduated in Physics in Italy, worked in first rate research groups earning a PhD in computational biophysics in Spain. Subsequently I joined MIT in Boston for my postdoc. My research focussed on the modelling of proteins and DNA for biomedical applications. I designed complex computational experiments running simulations in a high performance computing environment gaining an expertise also in software engineering.

My work has been published in the highest impact factor journals in the field of Biophysical Chemistry and presented at international conferences. During my second postdoc in New York City, I decided to move to the private sector to pursue a career in data science. I was attracted by the versatility of the field offered in the data science field where I could apply my scientific and tech mindset. Therefore, I relocated to London, where I am currently working and living, upon awarding the Faculty data science fellowship, the most competitive in Europe. Subsequently, I worked in different organisations among them, the BAE Systems AI where she designed a deep learning based machine learning model for compliance. I am currently Machine Learning Engineer Manager at the PricewaterHouseCooper leading projects in the NLP space and cloud environment.