Antoinette Clacher

My career hasn’t always taken the straightest path and I started my working life in a very different kind of Tech – behind the stage in theatres.

It was here I fell in love with building something from nothing, using imagination and whatever resources we could find to take the audience with us into the story.

In the years that followed I was lucky enough to work with travel companies and volunteer with nonprofits where I transferred this experience to bring larger and more complex projects to life, before joining Capita’s graduate programme where I was placed with the Group Systems team.

There I was introduced to ERP programmes and spent the next few years learning how to manage and deliver the many moving parts of SAP implementations. I saw firsthand how these kinds of systems can be leveraged to support drastic change within organisations whilst working with teams all over the world.

Almost two years ago I took the leap into consulting by joining PwC where I have had the most incredible opportunities to date, working with clients to solve problems and create solutions that transform the way people live and work. I have found a home in managing these kinds of technology enabled finance transformation programmes and look forward to continuing to learn from colleagues and clients alike.