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Article by Ben Rubery, Apprenticeship Programmes Manager, Capgemini

As an award-winning apprenticeship employer, Capgemini have been invested in building the future and providing opportunities for apprentices for over 10 years.

We recognise the challenges that young people in particular face when considering their career options and the pandemic has magnified this issue as the UK now faces inevitable youth unemployment and underemployment challenges.

The UK Government have announced a range of initiatives under it’s ‘Plan for Jobs’ and we recognise it’s more important than ever that young people take the time to explore and understand the options available to them.

Apprenticeships are at the heart of this plan and bring a huge amount of value to the individuals who undertake them. They combine distance, classroom, or blended learning with on-the-job experience to provide the skills required to be successful in a chosen industry. This is a unique opportunity to work alongside experienced professionals, earn while you learn and gain a recognised qualification – up to master’s level.

The pace of growth in the technology sector is significant and the same applies to digital apprenticeships, which have allowed Capgemini to develop our own technologists of the future in key areas such as Cloud, Cyber Security and DevOps. So, if you’re passionate about pursuing an apprenticeship in technology where should you begin?

Demonstrate your passion

Perhaps you’re a self-taught programmer or enjoy reading about the latest developments in tech and take the time to research and continue learning new skills. As someone starting their career, it can be difficult to draw on past experiences so these are areas employers will want to hear about, as it not only shows your interest in the role but willingness to develop and learn, a big factor when taking on an apprenticeship.

Engage with employers

Many employers run insight events, Q&A and training sessions for prospective candidates. What’s brilliant is that the majority of these are now being delivered virtually so it couldn’t be easier to join! They offer the opportunity to learn more about the roles available and speak directly with employees, particularly those that are currently on apprenticeship programmes.

Not only are these events a great way to develop your employability skills, but it’s a chance to build your network and demonstrate your genuine interest for joining a particular organisation. You can find all of Capgemini’s upcoming events here.

Social Media

Talking of network, social media can be a fantastic way to start building connections and learn more about an organisations day to day activity. Making sure the content on the accounts you’re using to interact is appropriate (perhaps separate from a personal profile), you can engage with an organisations latest news and use this as a basis for any interviews.

Using social media to connect with current employees in roles that you’re hoping to go into is a quick and easy way to get your questions answered and hear about first-hand experience. Capgemini’s graduate and apprentice community are hugely active across social media and you can follow us across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Apprenticeships can sometimes be difficult to navigate if you do not know what you are looking for. All apprenticeship vacancies are posted on the Government website here, and if you’re looking to work for a particular employer take a look at their dedicated careers websites like Capgemini’s pages here.

Use resources like RateMyApprenticeship and the Top 100 Apprenticeship Employer listings to understand more about the quality of apprenticeships available. Awards are often based on existing employee reviews and data so are worth checking out if you’re unsure about a particular programme.

Organisations and their apprenticeship programmes may also be part of industry recognised accreditations, such as Tech Industry Gold for digital and technology degree apprenticeships allowing prospective apprentices to choose employers with confidence, based on results including employment and academic outcomes.

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