Ardita Shkurti

I am a computer science engineer with extensive experience in software design in addition to software development in several programming languages.

Thanks to my many years interdisciplinary experience, with a PhD in Information and Systems Engineering and research experience in computer science, chemistry and pharmacy departments, my problem solving skills are broad and independent of the programming language and science context as I eagerly look for potential solutions also in other areas facing similar technical challenges as a specific context. In the last few years, in addition to broadening my technical skills such as for example designing and implementing cloud solutions I have also taken several steps towards a managerial profile by obtaining leadership and management skills (and then certifications).

In the last 8 years, I have developed, tested and maintained software for High Performance Computing (HPC) architectures including GPUs. The related projects have been deployed on UK and US supercomputers (such as Hartree Centre Supercomputers, ARCHER, EMERALD and STAMPEDE (of XSEDE)). From the other side, during the same period I have extensively developed my skills in data analysis in a context of molecular computer simulations but the developed skills are transferable and applicable to other use-cases in “big data”-related areas.