City Hall Charter for Emerging Technology survey

London has a great track record for innovation, from contactless payments on transport to the Met Police’s largest body-worn camera roll out in Europe.

In the future, better connectivity and faster access to data via 5G technology are likely to increase the development of new technology and applications even more.

City Hall is developing a Charter for Emerging Technology with expectations for both Londoners and innovators and they want to hear from you.

It’s important that Londoners have a voice in these new developments, and that innovators have a place to sense-check their new technologies. Public trust in new technology will only happen when its trial and deployment is done so openly and transparently, and innovators will only be able to respond to the needs of citizens if they listen

City Hall want to hear from you!

How do you feel about new technology and innovation in London? What impact do you think technological innovations will have on your life?

This survey will take a few minutes to complete and once you’ve finished the survey, you’ll be redirected to the discussions where you can continue the conversation on new technologies and the draft charter’s four principles.