Arta Cika

Arta is a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford.

Her research focuses on modeling and analyzing ad hoc networks, a particular type of decentralized network without pre-existing infrastructure. Arta received a double M.Sc. Degree (magna cum laude) in Communications and Computer Engineering from Polytechnic of Turin and Telecom ParisTech in 2015. Before starting her PhD, she worked for a telecommunication start-up in France. Arta is the winner of the IRCN Scholarship awarded by the University of Tokyo.

In 2019, she was selected to participate in the Complex Systems Summer School (CSSS) at the Santa Fe Institute, NM, USA. Aside from her academic accomplishments, Arta is deeply involved with promoting women in STEM. She is a committee member of the Women in Engineering Society at the University of Oxford and part of the RisingWISE (Women In Science and Engineering) Programme.