Ashleigh began her career in technology in her homeland of Australia 8 years ago, where she worked for Yahoo and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

In 2017, she moved to London, where she joined Zone to follow her passion for front-end development. In her time at Zone, Ashleigh has continued to hone her technical skills, specialising in React and becoming the first engineer to embrace Typescript within the company.

Working with Zone has provided Ashleigh with opportunities to share her knowledge and inspire other developers inside and outside the organisation. Ashleigh has volunteered in mentoring training courses for secondary school students, provided an online live-streamed course on Typescript with Code First Girls, and is currently mentoring college students as part of Zone’s apprenticeship program. In addition, she is also passionate about supporting the team of developers she is managing, working to provide guidance and opportunities for career growth and progression.

Ashleigh is also a strong advocate for equality and inclusion at Zone, and has assisted with the development of a new hiring plan which aims to encourage diversity within the engineering team. She inspires our mid and junior engineers to do their best work, is a trusted peer to our seniors and leads, is a highly respected member of Zone’s engineering community, and is emotionally intelligent and technically skilled.