Atrayee is a Software Engineering manager at JP Morgan Chase and currently leads Wholesale Credit Risk technology team in Glasgow. She has close to 14 years of experience in the software industry. She has worked across different domains in the financial industry like Insurance, Consumer Banking & Credit Risk. She started as a Java full stack developer and over the years learned, trained & acquired expertise on several languages & technologies like Java, Spring, Struts, Informatica, QlikView, AngularJS, ReactJS, Hadoop, Spark, Impala, RDBMS, Scala, Groovy, Python and more recently AWS Cloud platform.

Atrayee was selected for JP Morgan’s highly competitive Expert Engineer program, which only admits 100 engineers a year from over 55k worldwide. As part of Expert Engineer program, she worked with her team of 5 to provide a solution to some of the unaddressed technology industry problems. Her team built a design for an application that would score the UX of web applications during the build phase and help UI developers to build mature web applications especially in the absence of skilled UX designers. As an active alumni of the Expert Engineer program, Atrayee is passionate about giving back to the community and is part of the alumni team.

Atrayee is also the co-lead for the Glasgow chapter of TakeITForward, JPMorgan Chase’s award winning initiative to support women technologists. This initiative provides a platform to women technologists to upskill themselves as well as providing a safe space for them to discuss their career objectives, and Atrayee has been active in revitalizing and motivating this community to ensure that other women technologists can benefit.

Atrayee is an active member of the EMEA Recruitment team that holds interviews & mentorship for graduates and interns. She is also volunteer for SmartSTEMS – a J.P. Morgan’s (JPM) Tech for Social Good Youth Programs helping to bridge the gender and inclusion gap in the UK by partnering with several nonprofits that help promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and computer science learning among students ages 10 to 18.