Avye Couloute

My name is Avye, and I am 12 years old. I’m a maker, coder, Tech Advocate, workshop leader and Social Entrepreneur.

I began attending coding & physical computing workshops at 7. Nowadays I am very active in the tech & maker community, dedicating a lot of my spare time to exploring & learning about coding & technology.

Among other activities, I lead regular coding & physical computing workshops for Coder Dojo at Kingston University & the University of West London and have entered and won competitions with the robots which I design and make.

I am enthusiastic about sharing my skills & experiences with others and I’m an Arm ambassador, part of the GenArm2Z program which enables young people to talk to tech leaders about how technology is being used & shaped for the future.

Aware of female under-representation in STEM education & careers, I was motivated to found Girls Into Coding to encourage more girl involvement in tech, to offer them the opportunity to develop their digital and making skills. I have received the Diana Award, the Diana Legacy Award and the FDM EveryWoman Tech Award in the “One To Watch” category for my work to create opportunities for girls to engage with tech and for fundraising to provide girls with microcontrollers, physical computing kits & STEM themed books.