I currently work as a Security Architect at Goldman Sachs in London. I moved to the UK from Italy in 2015 to study Computer Science at King’s College London. I have been working in the Cyber Security field since 2018, when I started my career as a penetration tester and red teaming in consulting at PwC. During my time at PwC, I worked with a variety of client across public, private and financial services sectors.

After about three years and a half, I left PwC to join the Tech Risk – Security Architecture team at Goldman Sachs. Initially, the responsibilities were similar to the ones I had at PwC: performing technical assessments such as infrastructure penetration tests and helping the different Engineering functions within the firm to secure their assets. As I spent time in my team, I started shadowing design reviews and security architecture work. I helped out on a few projects in the Cloud security field and shifted from a penetration testing role to a security architecture one.