Becky Hartley

I have had a variety roles since I dropped out of University at 19. I worked in a call centre and progressed to become the team leader.

Personal circumstances led me to move hundreds of miles so I had to leave that role, which I loved. I temp’ed for a bit which is a great way of finding out what you like and don’t along with building up your people skills very quickly. Through temping I found a small pub company that I loved and worked in a variety of roles to support the business. Being made redundant due to the company being purchased by a larger company led me to PwC – a company that I’m now ashamed to say I hadn’t heard of! 15 years later and I love everything about the firm. I have been lucky enough to work in a variety of of teams, offices, regions and even countries. I have worked on some the firm’s highest profile client and internal events along with training programmes. I helped to set up and open the firm’s first collaborative tech led co-working and events space. Throughout my career at PwC I have worked hard on keeping relationships going and networking across the whole business which has ultimately led me to all of my roles including my current role as Women In Tech Programme Manager.