I studied Criminology and Psychology at University, I didn’t have any background in technology; I didn’t even take GSCE IT! In my final year of University I chose to study an optional module, ‘Cyber-crime’. This is where my passion for working in the cyber-security industry stemmed from. The study of cyber-crime was new at the time which meant it was hugely exiting! From that point on, I knew that I wanted to work in the cyber industry and to gain the technical skills in order to prevent cyber threat/risk. My first graduate job role was a Support Analyst for an online payments fraud prevention company. This was a small company which developed and supported applications for global clients, which allowed me to have a glimpse into the development lifecycle. At this time in my career with no technical experience I naively didn’t realise that the type of work I was involved in and the processes I followed such as, daily stand-ups, testing applications and raising defects were all part of a wider development frameworks. I wanted to gain a further understanding of the technologies behind the applications which is why I attended a Cvber-Security EXPO in the search of a company who would recognise my passion to work in the technology industry and support the development of my skills, which is when my career with BAE started. I successfully graduated a 6 months technical training programme gaining technical qualifications and developing skills in the all aspects of the development lifecycle. I then applied my newly developed skills into project such as, Software Development, Data Migration, Technical Consultancy as well as my current project, Application Support. When I think back 2 years ago I had little technical knowledge or experience, I am now responsible for and successfully supporting priority applications.