Digital Female Leader Awards, DFLA

Become the face of the digital future and apply for The Digital Female Leader Award!

The DFLA, an initiative from Global Digital Women, are looking for female founders and designers from companies, politics and society, who are driving digitisation forward and have a lasting impact.

Applications are open until 29 July 2020 and can be submitted in 18 categories including Digital Transformation, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Career or Diversity. Applications can be submitted online here. In addition to your own application there is also the possibility to nominate friends, colleagues and / or role models.

There will be three finalists in each category and the winner will be announced at the awards ceremony on 28th November 2020.

In addition, the winner of the Audience Award will be chosen by a vote among our community. The voting will take place in August.


Further information can be found at:

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