Beverley O'Neill

Quantum computing could change the world, from impacting medicine to upheaving AI to breaking encryption. Beverley is working at its coalface and determined to ensure that women are represented in the next computing revolution.

Beverley currently works as a Quantitative Analyst on NatWest’s award-winning Quantum Computing Lab (Celent Model Bank 2020 Award for Innovation Frontier). Working with bleeding-edge technologies and in collaboration with a team of experts, she is testing and developing quantum algorithms, leading the charge to solving some of the bank’s most complex problems.

Beverley has spent her career in financial services leveraging applied data science, advanced analytics, and AI to fight fraud and improve credit decisioning so that people, families, and businesses can thrive.

She holds a PhD from the University of Manchester in algebraic topology, a highly theoretical field of maths aimed at putting equations to shapes and spaces. Separate to her studies, she was an advocate for applications of algebraic topology. She gave seminars, set up reading groups and won funding for interdisciplinary work on how topological techniques can supersede standard data analysis techniques in medical statistics research.