My career originally started within Marketing where I held senior level positions across a wide range of leading brands (Expedia, Unilever, Coke, British Airways, Kraft) and start ups. I came into Tech later in my career and somewhat by accident. My Co-Founder and I were running a network of niche career sites/job boards at the time and were struggling to manage our own pay per click advertising. We looked at what technology was out there and nothing really solved our problem, so we set about developing something ourselves, working closely with a team of local developers. Which is how ClickIQ was started 18 months ago and we now have over 75 clients using the platform, have a global presence and have developed ground breaking tech which uses AI/machine learning and programmatic bid management to automate, manage and optimise online recruitment advertising. We have taken our learnings from the evolution of digital advertising and applied those to recruitment advertising as we are seeing he same trends emerging (move to performance, emergence of Google for Jobs, Facebook Jobs) and the challenges this brings to recruiters and how we can use to technology to solve them. We continue to evolve our platform in line with client needs. We have also recently acquired a chatbot business to further enhance our platform’s ability to convert job seekers and are currently bringing our dev team in-house.