Bex Hay

Bex is co-founder and CTO at Organise – a UK startup that aims to revolutionise workplace organising.

Bex led the visions and development for the platform that allows people to start campaigns in their workplace, for everything from challenging bad behaviour, exposing harassment to winning better pay and parental leave. Thousands of people have already won campaigns from some of the UK’s biggest companies using the Organise platform – including McDonald’s workers securing their biggest pay rise in ten years, and staff at Ted Baker exposing harassment in their company, leading to their CEO resigning.

In her day job, Bex currently heads up the tech team at 38 Degrees – overseeing the development of the UK’s biggest tech platform for campaigning with over two million users. 38 Degrees members work together to tackle the issues they care about, from pressuring the government to give the NHS the funding it needs, through to saving local libraries from closing (and everything in between!). Bex’s work includes facilitating thousands of people to start their own petitions and crowdfund to meet their goals, through to developing innovative tactics that disrupt and influence politicians to listen to the public. Bex also oversees the growth and product management of 38 Degrees’ digital platform across the globe – currently spanning over 19 countries, 4 continents, and empowering more than 10 million people worldwide to campaign on issues they care about.

Bex’s passion lies in harnessing technology, and making innovative use of tools traditionally used to make profit to advance social change instead. Prior to 38 Degrees she spent two years as the digital campaigns lead at ShareAction, building a community of tens of thousands of people to use the power invested with their pension funds to change corporate behaviour. She pioneered a joint campaign with Citizens UK and led the mobilisation of thousands of people – that saw over 20 of the FTSE 100 commit to pay their employees a Living Wage.

In 2014 (in her spare time) Bex co-founded Amazon Anonymous, an online movement of more than 200,000 consumers who pressured and threatened to boycott the retail giant over their inadequate working conditions and tax dodging business practices. The campaign succeeded in diverting millions of pounds away from Amazon and contributed towards Amazon being forced to pay corporate tax in the UK, and eventually to paying their staff a Living Wage.