Burnout is on the rise, and it’s costing us. Beyond the personal costs to wellbeing, organisations face costs in lost productivity, engagement and performance.

So, what exactly is burnout? Why stress in itself is not a bad thing.

Who is most at risk of suffering from burnout? Spoiler alert: it may be the most passionate and high-performing employees! What are the three red flags or symptoms of burnout? What are the warning signs that we need to look out for?

What are the four strategies you can apply at an individual, leadership and organisational level to address burnout?

About the speaker

Suzi McAlpine, Leadership Development Specialist and Author, Beyond Burnout

Suzi specialises in leadership development, including executive coaching, leadership programmes for CEOs and executive leadership teams, and organisations throughout New Zealand.

She is the author of the bestselling book, Beyond Burnout, which reached the top 10 nonfiction book sales in New Zealand – and is the author of the award-winning blog, The Leader ’s Digest, which has been named in CMOE’s Top 100 Socially-Shared Leadership Blogs, Serve To Lead’s Best 21st Century Leadership Blogs, Charles Specht’s Top 50 Global Leadership Bloggers and Hubworks Global Top 25 Leadership and Management Blogs. She has been featured in the Sunday Star Times, the Sunday programme, Radio New Zealand, the NZ Herald and Inc. Magazine.

Suzi is also the creator of The Leader’s Map, a blended leadership programme for organisations wishing to equip their emerging leaders with the necessary leadership capabilities for success. She is based in Nelson, New Zealand.