I am an experienced HR Technologist with expertise in HR and Recruitment: Technology & Programme Management for Change & Transformation programmes over the past decade. I have been privileged to look at challenges differently than most due to my personal and professional background and mix which makes me a non-conventional and solutions-driven individual. I started my teenage years coding in the National Institute of IT in India, and after breaking a few websites and enjoying the code, build, hack and rebuild teenage years I had to move to the UK for personal reasons.

Changes in lifestyle, lack of support and family in a new country were both educational and excruciating as a teenager, especially suffering from domestic abuse both at home and by a care taker in the UK initially. I focused on my academics and professional progress from business, to finances and HR. I learnt how to leave abusive relationships, and heal and grow personally and professionally. By the age of 24, I was the youngest and highest ranking MBA student of 3 batches combined. A classmate once commented that I should  have been in Oxford or Cambridge, not LSBU to which I responded it was what I could afford but by no means defined my skill or aptitude indeed. I have also won several awards in school from sports like being a National Martial Arts champion for a few years (different regions and categories), community awards and best MBA presenter and debater award in LSBU, 2009.

My mixed skill set of coding (engineering), business and finance education and working with people in HR & Recruitment change projects gave me insight and problem solving like none other. My business expertise over the years has fuelled my passion for people, technology, change and growth. As a female tech entrepreneur, I advocate #GirlsinTech #WomeninTech and challenge the traditional views that suffocate the growth of brilliant talent due to biases and perceptions. As thought leader (people call me) within my sector, you will find me regularly writing for well-known publications including HR Tech Weekly & Partners on a wide range of topics, feel free to check them out via our company page @InteriMarket. I also take an active role in the TechUK & IEEE local and global committees when it concerns Data, AI, Ethics and Talent and now InteirMarket supports the Tech she can charter by PWC.