Bianca Furtuna is an Applied Machine Learning Scientist at Microsoft. She is passionate about all things data and using new and emerging technologies to deliver data focused solutions with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. She is currently working with clients across multiple industries trying to use data science to solve their most pressing business challenges.

Previously, Bianca was a Data Scientist at Elastacloud, where she built multiple machine learning models for forecasting tasks in the energy sector. At the start of her career, Bianca was a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft, working with various organisations to help them improve or architect their cloud solutions and support them in implementing Machine Learning and analytics services. She worked with established companies and startups to help them take advantage of the new wave of machine learning technologies. She was also a mentor for student projects at UCL and various hackathons.

Bianca has a MEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Imperial College London, where she was awarded the “Lee Memorial Prize” for excellence in academia and extra-curricular activities. Throughout her degree she had internships at IBM, ARM and Imperial College as part of their Undergraduate Research Opportunities program.