During the Manchester Reframe Women in Tech (WIT) conference, a powerful opportunity emerged to delve deeper into the obstacles that prevent women from entering tech. Born from 750 individuals, a two-day event and a common mission to reshape the women in tech narrative is the Breaking Barriers report.

As a joint partnership between Sage, Reframe WIT and Tech Returners, the report set out to uncover common roadblocks and gain authentic insight into the strategies that women believe businesses and individuals can employ to dismantle these roadblocks. From hiring processes to breaking stereotypes, common themes and patterns rose to the surface, highlighting an urgent need for transformation. Breaking Barriers candidly discusses these barriers whilst offering pragmatic recommendations that encourage everyone to foster a more inclusive tech landscape.

This report has been brought together by global technology leader, Sage, Reframe WIT and Tech Returners. The findings from the report were gathered during the Manchester Reframe conference, where we collected real experiences from 250+ women about their personal experiences of trying to enter tech. It captures women’s voices, plus recommendations for how businesses and individuals can take action to break down barriers and ignite the change that the industry desperately needs.

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Source Tech Returners | Reframe WIT | Sage