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Forces both inside and outside the Enterprise are transforming the nature of the relationship between the business and technology like never before. Trends such as the consumerisaton of IT, cloud computing, social networking and the proliferation of new devices have left old accepted norms and practices in their wake. In this brave new world, with more open access to information and insight and greater demands for agility, business users are taking advantage and control of technology opportunities with far reaching implications across the Enterprise. C-level executives are certainly no strangers to working in an environment of constant change and uncertainty. But it is the pace of this change and the resulting complexity that is perplexing many business and IT leaders.

What is the Business Leadership Exchange, (BLE) and how can we help?

The BLE is a private, intimate network of C-level executives with a shared aim to explore the opportunities and understand the impact of digital disruption on their businesses. The BLE provides thought leadership and actionable insight for C-level executives, helping them understand and realise the business value proposition of technology.

The aims of Business Leadership Exchange are to help members:

  • Navigate the impact of digital disruption on their business strategy
  • Create a fully integrated, emerging technology vision that helps them realise the innovation capabilities of digital disruption
  • Cut through the complexity and prioritise what needs attention NOW!

Why you should become a member of the BLE?

  • Seize the mantle of innovation and lead your organisation through complexity down the path to innovation and business value
  • Expand your professional community, enhance your influence in the Boardroom and increase your visibility both externally and within your organisations
  • Connect face to face or via our private online network of handpicked C-level professionals
  • Exclusive access to insight and expertise that will enable you to pre-empt and exploit tomorrow

How will members benefit from joining the BLE? 

  • Private access to a dedicated website where members can log in to access the latest Nimbus Ninety research reports, case studies and C-level interviews
  • Opportunity to create a personal profile and make contact with like-minded peers with similar priorities and concerns
  • Attendance at our monthly private networking dinner and discussion evenings. Members will hear inspiring presentations and join constructive guided discussions, in some of London’s more stimulating and thought provoking locations. Each dinner will have a dedicated theme that will help our members better understand how to realise the business value proposition of technology.
  • Trusted, thought provoking editorial opinion to help guide members on the latest thinking
  • Handy monthly recommended reading list and editorial synopsis to help members prioritise and fast track their knowledge of need to know issues

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