CajigoCajigo is a multi-award winning learning and development programme and app that is building the careers and confidence of women in tech. Since 2018, Cajigo has supported career changers returners, grads, jobseekers, and women of any age learn how to navigate their route into a wide variety of tech careers and upskill women so they are ready to climb the career ladder to the top. With over 150 mentors and 7 partners (that include BT, Astra Zeneca, Marks and Spencer, Moonpig, EPAM Systems, and GKN Aerospace) Cajigo provides an innovation solution to demystify what it means to be a woman in tech and empowers more women to join in. The solution removes barriers for women in tech by providing free resources and education (though masterclasses and a series of virtual events) Once a year, Cajigo also runs a 16-week accelerator programme that supports 100 women to get hired and ahead in technology, whilst connecting a community of women to support, uplift and empower each other to new heights. Cajigo is used in 15 countries supporting women with their tech development, career growth and access to new opportunities in tech.