Carlotta Zorzi

With over a decade of experience in the media, advertising and tech industries, Carlotta lived and worked in four different countries before settling in London, England.

From the heart of entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley (California) working with emerging tech and networking startups through academic paths in Italy, Sweden and Scotland – all the way to corporate advertising and tech hives based in London: Carlotta has developed a unique intuitive ability to recognise how different people and technologies can enrich each other through growth opportunities. Therefore, her personal and professional choices are inspired by a drive towards Connections, Mentorship and Growth.

Before moving to Shopify 3 months ago, Carlotta led the growth&retention of Global Brand Partnerships accounts at Oracle – and was nominated as an Emerging Leader based on performance. Carlotta also became a speaker, panellist and thought-leader for industry bodies and ad tech events. During that time, Carlotta also contributed to the Oracle Women Leadership committee through mentoring and speaking engagements.

Recently, Carlotta was also appointed as the youngest Non-Executive Director for an emerging tech startup in the wellness industry and as a mentor for School16, a NYC-based non-profit which helps individuals landing non-tech jobs with tech companies.