Carly Morris

‘Everything happens somewhere’, and the more intwined our lives are with technology, the more location data becomes an inherent part of of everything we do, everywhere we do it.

Carly is Head of Geovation at Ordnance Survey and leads a community of location-data and prop tech collaborators looking to make positive change happen. Her role is to encourage more than 1,500 entrepreneurs, investors, developers, academics, students and corporates to innovate using the power of geospatial data, building businesses that will thrive for years to come and making change that will benefit society as a whole.

Prior to this role, Carly was the youngest ever Head of Innovation at International Airlines Group, working in their cargo business to put emerging technologies to test in a complex, 24/7 operation. She was also responsible for running IAGC’s industry-renowned accelerator Hangar 51, helping start-ups to test their products and thrive within the airline. Throughout her career, Carly has acted as a media spokesperson on all topics related to innovation and technology. She has used her platform to put the words ‘women’ and ‘innovation’ together, which is a powerful message to the industry and to young women everywhere.