Carmel Britto

Carmel is a passionate teacher, youth worker and community leader who creates educational enrichment provisions for 5 to 14-year-old pupils of African heritage from within her the local community.

After years of working in various mainstream education settings she recognised that there was a clear need to develop a provision locally that bridged the attainment gap and broke down barriers to learning for pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds, outside of the classroom in ways that traditional teaching could not meet in order to improve the life chances of these children. As a result of this awareness she founded LPF Kiddies Club an out of school club which offers educational enrichment programmes, workshops and community events.

Carmel partnered with the British Science association to deliver a series of STEM themed events over the last 4 years and on the back of this started a science club called STEM Heroes Club. Through this project Carmel supports pupils to build and develop upon their STEM capital, knowledge and skills in fun and engaging ways. She has built a curriculum which encompasses workshops, community events, day trips, family learning programmes and partners pupils with science students and professionals in a bid to get children exploring the world around them and engaging with STEM in ways that are meaningful to them. The aim is to break down barriers in STEM engagement, dispel stereotypes of who can be a scientist, show pupils why STEM is relevant to them all in a bid to inspire them to pursue STEM pathways through education and into employment.

Through this programme Carmel works with an average of about 100 pupils across the academic year creating opportunities for pupils to engage with a diverse range of STEM professionals and academics from BME backgrounds in a variety of professional and educational settings.