Having computerised the company I worked for in 1986 and becoming obsessed with what computers can do, and armed with a degree in Visual Communications, I founded my company We Get Digital 10 years ago. The first thing I did was write a book called ‘Smart Website Planning’. And now, We Get Digital is renowned for helping businesses get their Website and online presence right.

30 years+ … running business sales, marketing and processes on computers.
20 years+ … establishing effective communications online and building websites.
10 years+ … helping others do all of the above!

I provide a complete package which involves Web Consultancy, fun and results!

But I want to help more than just one to one. So, I have embarked upon a new project for 2018 called Women On the Web [WOW] a platform which hosts a range of carefully chosen experts who have created a balance of motivational and practical advice in short, sharp, bite-sized tutorials.

WOW wants to to help business women understand that digital is do-able. Taking the easiest and simplest tried and tested routes will smooth the way and lessen the pain with a whole team of experts who have been there and got the T-shirt!

I am adamant that women should not let a lack of digital knowledge stand in their way of doing business.

Women On the Web will help women in business get to grips with doing business in the digital world and overcome any fears and confusion.