Carole Logan

I am a web developer, team lead and community meetup organiser.

After completing a computing science degree I worked as a Java developer in finance industry for 2 years before switching tech stack and industry to .Net development and a Digital Agency.

In the 6 years since then I have become a senior developer and for the last 18 months, a development team lead. As a team lead, I am involved from project discovery & requirements gathering through to launching the project aswell as managing a team of developers.

Since attending university I became very aware of being the only woman in many classrooms, meetings, hackathons and meetups. Having attended women in tech events, I realised how important community is for women in male dominated industries and I decided to help build a community. For 3 years I have been chapter lead for Ladies of Code Glasgow, where we organise monthly meetups for women working in coding careers or looking to join the industry. One of the things I am most proud of is being able to help women learn new skills, boost their confidence & gain experience in public speaking.

As an organiser of several development communities & speaking at conferences, I am very passionate about increasing the presence of women in these spaces. We need to be not only being part of the conversations, but leading them. Seeing role models speaking at conferences or running workshops shows women it’s possible but also changes the stereotype for everyone else.