I am a development team leader at a digital agency (Equator) in Glasgow. As well as my day job as a team leader I am a community meetup organiser with an interest in making the tech industry a more inclusive, welcoming place for everyone.

After studying computing science at the University of Glasgow, I graduated in 2011 starting a job in Java web development. After 2 years, I decided to join a digital agency, where I have now worked for over 5 years. I have switched tech stacks to C# .Net development, regularly building e-commerce booking systems. I have a keen interest in IOT, where we can solve real life problems using technology in the “real world”.

In recent years I have become involved in tech communities both locally in Glasgow and globally in open source. I have spoken at conferences in Denmark and Germany as well as at home in Scotland. I am particularly proud to be chapter lead of Ladies of Code Glasgow for the last 2 years where we have seen our network grow to almost 500 members and had many of our community members give their first tech talks. I also co-organised DDD Scotland 2018 – a free community event for > 200 developers.

I strongly believe in “if you can see it you can be it”, encouraging women in tech to allow future generations to see people like them leading teams, speaking at conferences and being an accepted part of the tech industry.