Catarina Barino Araujo

I began my career in technology studying computer science at Fordham University in New York and have always been passionate about empowering women in tech.

I quickly felt the gender gap in the field as I was frequently one of two women sitting in computer science classes of 30 people, so I founded and chaired the Women in STEM club at Fordham University, aimed at fostering a community and providing opportunities for women studying these subjects. The club still exists today.

Upon graduating, I started my career in cybersecurity at Deloitte, working on developing threat intelligence programmes for clients. Threat intelligence is a very data-driven discipline, and I became interested in data-driven decision making and analytics, so I transitioned to a data science role where I used an array of data and statistical techniques to help solve challenges for cross-sector clients.

From early on in my career, I went above and beyond to deliver successful client engagements, demonstrating strong leadership capabilities. I was nominated to be a member of the Early Leaders Council, where I presented to leadership on the future of our practice. I was also accepted to the competitive Global Deployment programme, where I’ve been able to move to the UK to obtain international business experience and continue to follow my career goals.

A personal passion of mine has always been environmental sustainability, and while looking for ways to get involved in sustainability efforts at Deloitte, I was offered an opportunity to help build the Net Zero Transformation team by defining how we can leverage technology to help forward our clients’ sustainability agendas. The team officially launched in June 2021, and today I help clients innovate to meet their net zero goals.

To deepen my tech expertise, I am starting an MSc programme in Machine Learning at UCL this year, where I will focus on leveraging machine learning for sustainable development.