Get Involved: In2Science


In2ScienceUK is a non-profit organisation which exists to support young people from low-income backgrounds to achieve their potential and progress to apprentices, degrees and careers in the STEM sector, whilst addressing the shortfall of 40,000 STEM-skilled workers in the UK today.

The charity was founded in 2010 by Dr Rebecca McKelvey, previously Head of Science at an East London school, who was inspired to take action to address the low participation and lack of opportunities for young people from poor backgrounds when pursuing their interest in STEM subjects.

To date, the charity has supported over 1,000 students from 326 schools; over 80% of whom are now enrolled at a leading HE institution. In the next three years, the charity hopes to expand nationally to enable more young people from low income backgrounds to reach their potential in STEM.  Supporting partners of the charity have included University College London, nesta, Roche Pharmaceuticals, Oxford Neuroscience, Department for Digital, Culture Media & Sport, DeepMind, Science Museum and New Scientist magazine.

How can you help?

  • Harness your passion and expertise as a practicing research scientist to give students a unique experience working alongside you for 2 weeks during the summer
  • Take the opportunity to make a difference to the prospects of these young people during your working day
  • Students benefit from working with you through access to information, mentoring and guidance on university applications and STEM careers

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The Girls' Network

Could you be a mentor for The Girls' Network?

The Girls Network

Napanari and mentor

Are you

Able to relate well to others?

Good at working through problems?

Committed and reliable?

Able to provide insight from your personal experiences?

Then mentoring could be for you!

The Girls’ Network aims to inspire and empower girls aged 14-19 from the least advantaged communities by connecting them to a mentor and a network of professional role models who are women. They support over 1000 girls a year via relationships with schools in London, Sussex, Portsmouth, the West Midlands, Greater Manchester, the North East and Liverpool City Region. Professional volunteers who are women are trained in mentoring and safeguarding by The Girls’ Network and meet their mentees at least once a month for a year. Mentoring is a journey, helping mentees get from where they are to where they want to be.

If you are based or work out of one of the above regions, you can apply to become a mentor to a local teenage girl by visiting The Girls’ Network website or clicking here. London applications are now open for a limited time.

Why mentor?

Mentoring is an amazing way to share your experience and skills with a girl that might not benefit from this support otherwise.
It is also a great way to show a teenage girl that you believe in her, and that she is worth investing time in. This is a powerful combination, and one that we have seen transform the lives of girls and young women again and again.
We are looking for women who have had experience of the workplace, who have time and willingness to support a girl from one of the least-advantaged communities across the country, and who want to support a girl to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities.
We ask our mentors for a commitment of at least one hour a month, over the course of the year.

 The Girls' Network

For other opportunities to give back or volunteer, click here.

Apps For Good featured

Get Involved: Apps For Good

Apps For Good

Inspire the next generation of technology problem solvers with Apps For Good.

Join Apps For Good industry expert community to:

  • Help young problem solvers to unleash their creative potential
  • Show students how skills from the classroom transfer into the real world
  • Be an inspiring role model for students from diverse backgrounds

Their Experts represent all areas of business and tech, forming a community of 1100+ volunteers who help young people bring their new product ideas to life.

What Experts do?

Industry Experts volunteer their time by dialing into classrooms for one-hour sessions to advise and support teams of students through the creation and development of their problem-solving apps, IoT and machine learning projects.

Expert volunteers advise on many areas of tech product development, including:

  • Idea screening
  • Target users and market insights
  • User experience
  • Marketing and social media
  • Pitching and public speaking
  • Technical and data feasibility
  • Coding and web development
  • Internet of Things
  • Machine learning algorithms

Most sessions are organised via Skype, so Experts can volunteer from anywhere!

What Apps For Good are looking for?

  • You don’t need to be ‘techie’ - so long as you have an understanding of how your expertise supports new product development
  • Ideally, you have some professional experience in one of the areas above
  • You can do one session per year or one per week – it’s up to you


Stemettes new logo featured

Get Involved: Stemettes

Stemettes new logo featured

Help and nurture a young lady's interest in STEM!

It doesn't take much time, but can really help someone in an early stage of life.

About Stemettes

To inspire the next generation of females into Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths(STEM) fields by showing them the amazing women already in STEM via a series of panel events, hackathons, exhibitions, and mentoring schemes.

All girls will be able to make informed decisions about careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM), so that eventually women can be proportionally represented in the field. So that we can have 30 per cent+ of the UK’s STEM workforce being female, as opposed to just 13 per cent.

Founders4Schools featured

Get Involved: Founders4Schools


Founders4Schools was created out of the Silicon Valley Comes to the UK initiative in 2011 and became an independent UK charity in 2015.

As a Gov-Tech charity operating in the educational sector, Founders4Schools is dedicated to improving the life chances and employability of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds by connecting them to leaders of successful, growing businesses across corporate, creative and social enterprise parts of the job market.

We continue to collaborate with educators, partners, parents, business leaders and students to enhance our proprietary online platform. We have integrated additional information sources and AI technologies to make recommendations to educators, so they can arrange Student-Employer Encounters (SEEs) based on their preferred criteria in just minutes.

Educators who subscribe to our services can now arrange over twenty different types of SEEs, and our personalised guidance builds upon research commissioned by our Partners including the Royal Society, The Careers & Enterprise Company and other stakeholders who make this possible.

These activities increase youth employability, improve social mobility and help close the skills-gap that is a major obstacle to economic growth. In those areas where we can’t help, we signpost our subscribers to leading partners where the evidence base supports an endorsement (and if recommended by our Advisory Council).

Our success has allowed us to work with thousands of teachers, schools and businesses to broker connections, each of which has the potential to change the course of a life. These SEEs inspire young people by helping them understand what skills are needed to improve their employability and are particularly important for the more marginalised young people who lack access to professional role models in their immediate environment.


STEM Learning featured

Get Involved: Become a STEM Ambassador | STEM Learning

STEM Learning featured

STEM Ambassadors are volunteers from a wide range of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) related jobs and disciplines across the UK.

They offer their time and enthusiasm to help bring STEM subjects to life and demonstrate the value of them in life and careers.

STEM Ambassadors are an important and exciting free of charge resource for teachers and others engaging with young people inside and out of the classroom.

We have made it simple to get involved. Once you have registered, you can find a STEM Ambassador or get involved in an activity from your dashboard.


About STEM Learning

STEM Learning is the largest provider of education and careers support in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). We work with schools, colleges and others working with young people across the UK.

Supported by a unique partnership of Government, charitable trusts and employers, we are dedicated to raising young people’s engagement and achievement in STEM subjects and careers.

Get Involved: RNIB

RNIB logo

Apply to become a technology volunteer with the RNIB.

Technology gives us the power to access information, to exercise consumer choice, to plan independent travel, to enjoy global entertainment in the palm of our hands and to share our experiences.

Our technology volunteers unleash this power, ensuring that blind and partially sighted people are not excluded from a connected world.

Long before pac-man was eating pac-dots, volunteers were supporting people with sight loss to use technology. They help with a huge range of devices - from tablets to talking book players.

To apply:

  1. Create an account or login below
  2. Select “See All Opportunities” and choose “Computers and Technology” as your interests/skills.


About RNIB

The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) is one of the UK’s leading sight loss charities and the largest community of blind and partially sighted people.

RNIB recognise everyone’s unique experience of sight loss and offer help and support for blind and partially sighted people – this can be anything from practical and emotional support, campaigning for change, reading services and the products they offer in their online shop.

They're a catalyst for change – inspiring people with sight loss to transform their own personal experience, their community and, ultimately, society as a whole. RNIB's focus is on giving them the help, support and tools they need to realise their aspirations.

Everyday 250 people begin to lose their sight. RNIB has a crucial role to play in creating a world where there are no barriers to people with sight loss. They want society, communities and individuals to see differently about sight loss.

Inspiring the Future Featured

Get Involved: Inspiring the Future

Inspiring the Future

Do you want to make a difference to young people in your community?

By becoming an Inspiring The Future volunteer, you can help inspire young people to think about what is possible in their futures.

Having the opportunity at school to meet a wide range of people doing different jobs is really important – particularly for those children from disadvantaged backgrounds who have few successful role models, either at home or in their local communities.

As an Inspiring the Future volunteer, you can open children’s eyes to the all the possibilities for their futures. Whether you’re a CEO or an Apprentice, you’d be amazed how inspiring your story can be. You can meet and read about some of our current volunteers here.

Your commitment can be as much, or as little, as you can offer: from giving up just one hour a year to share your career journey with young people in a state school, to the exploring the bigger commitment of becoming a school governor.

Using our online match-making platform you can search for volunteer opportunities in your local schools or colleges or respond to schools invitations –  and you can say how you would like to get involved.

So, sign up today and start inspiring children in your community by showing them a future they can aspire to.

About Inspiring the Future

Young people aspire to be what they see around them in their everyday life but it’s difficult to aspire to a future that you never see and don’t know exists.

Inspiring The Future changes this.

We believe that every young person can be whatever they want to be – wherever they live, whatever their parents do, whichever school they attend and however they identify themselves.

We show young people exciting futures. We give them the opportunity to meet face-to-face a wide range of role models doing interesting, exciting jobs to inspire and motivate them. And we help them to understand that by aiming high, working hard and making an effort in school or college they can realise their dreams

TeenTech featured

Get Involved: TeenTech


Could you lend your skills and expertise to support young people at a TeenTech event?

TeenTech run lively large scale but sharply focused events to help young people, their parents and teachers understand the opportunities in contemporary industry. TeenTech is aligned with STEM – all activities are designed to help students understand the context for subjects they are learning at school.

TeenTech events across the UK with a supporting award scheme so students and teachers can take their interests further. Many events are deliberately sited in areas of greater social need and TeenTech encourages schools to bring mixed ability students. Each event brings together 10 students from 30/50 different schools and 30/50 organisations and universities for a day of challenges and experiments that are carefully timetabled.

Students are then encouraged to run their own projects to ‘make life better, simpler or easier’ with support from industry in the TeenTech Awards. These projects are structured so they are a valuable experience for every single student who participates, not just those who reach the final at The Royal Society or the winners who are invited to Buckingham Palace.

Volunteering Opportunities

There are three different opportunities to support a TeenTech event:

Run an interactive stand:

There is the opportunity to run either a 15-minute Insight Zone or 30-minute Challenge Zone stand to help schools understand the opportunities within your organisation. TeenTech can help you develop activities that work well with teenagers.

  • Insight zone: Young people aged 12-13 will arrive in groups of five, accompanied by an “industry ambassador” and a teacher for around 15 minutes at a time. Stands need to be visually attractive, offering some simple, short, hands-on challenges or curiosities that will draw the students in and engage them in conversation about your industry.
  • Challenge zone: Students aged 12-13 will arrive in groups of ten, together with a teacher and an “industry ambassador” to take part in 30 minute activity.  Businesses will deliver their challenge 6 times on the day.  Once again, you need to offer an engaging and informative activity, bringing your own resources that will widen their understanding of a facet of your industry.

Be an Industry Ambassador:

The Ambassadors’ role is to accompany small groups of students and their teacher at our regional events.  Ambassadors are there to really help students with each task and provide a sounding board and general support to them whilst they tackle the various challenges and experiments set. It’s a really important role and a chance to dispel myths about what people working in technology are really like. Many ambassadors form bonds with schools and can go onto help them develop their ideas at the TeenTech Awards

Be a Newsroom editor:

TeenTech have a small group of older students who act as TeenTech reporters on the day, collecting stories, pictures and videos. Your role would be to co-ordinate the activity, giving students the experience of working to a deadline and producing content. Previously the student content has been used for local radio, videos, online magazines, blogs, newsletters so that the reach of the event is amplified.

Time needed for all 3 roles described above:

8.30 am – 3pm on the event day

For those wishing to support the TeenTech Awards the following additional opportunity is available.

Become an Awards Mentor 

The TeenTech Awards encourage young people, many from disadvantaged backgrounds, who may never have thought of themselves as scientists, engineers or technologists to develop their own ideas to make life better, simpler, safer or more fun. Please specify the level of support and feedback you are prepared to offer :- email feedback, Skype, Google HangOut, or a visit to the school if local so we can manage expectations. You can also choose whether to provide on-going support or a one-off review of their idea.

You can provide valuable feedback on everything from the quality of the idea, research suggestions, the actual tech, the best way to market the product etc. Best of all – the students will be so excited and motivated that someone from your organisation is listening to their idea and providing support. This is a key opportunity for schools and companies to develop relationships that they would never have the opportunity to do otherwise.

About TeenTech

TeenTech runs lively initiatives with a supporting Award scheme to help young teenagers see the wide range of career possibilities in Science, Engineering and Technology. We work collaboratively with companies, Universities, business organisations and education business partnerships to build sustainable and imaginative programmes focussing on regions of greater social need in the UK and Europe.

We are an award winning, industry-led organisation, founded in 2008 by Maggie Philbin and Chris Dodson to help the “X Factor” generation understand their true potential and the real opportunities available in the contemporary workplace.

All our activities are part of a coherent structure which enables learners, teachers and families to take new found interests and enthusiasms further.

TeenTech has won several awards including Best Engineering Event in Science and Engineering Week and has been recognised for the quality of our work to improve diversity by WISE, who presented CEO Maggie Philbin with an award for Best Outreach and Engagement.

Our alumni shine nationally and internationally, acting as powerful TeenTech ambassadors, helping thousands more young people recognise and develop their potential.



Get Involved: CoderDojo


There are 12,000 volunteers in 1692 Dojos, and they do all sorts of things to help their clubs.

You do not need to be a programmer to mentor at a Dojo!

A lot of mentors are attendees' parents who have no technical experience at all when they start.

Dojos benefit from having mentors with different skills, backgrounds, and levels of knowledge who provide support and encouragement to CoderDojo youth (Ninjas).

The clubs also need general volunteers who focus on organising the events. The easiest way to see what volunteering is like: watch our video, and find a Dojo event to drop by to discover in person how a Dojo works!

About CoderDojo

CoderDojo is a global movement of free, volunteer-led, community-based programming clubs for young people. Anyone aged seven to seventeen can visit a Dojo where they can learn to code, build a website, create an app or a game, and explore technology in an informal, creative, and social environment.

Within the CoderDojo Movement there is a focus on peer learning, youth mentoring and self-led learning. We aim to help young people realise that they can build a positive future through coding and community.