Women 5.0 Event: The Changing Face of Women in Technology | In pictures

On the 26th February 2015, 200 female technologists from all sectors attended the Morgan Stanley & WeAreTheCity Women 5.0 ‘The Changing Face of Women in Technology’

Women 5.0 Auditorium

Morgan Stanley Auditorium

With fantastic, inspiring and engaging speeches from;

  • Dame Stephanie Shirley, Technology Icon, British Businesswoman and Philanthropist
  • India Gary-Martin, Ex-Chief Operating Officer, Technology & Ops, Entrepreneur
  • Ulla Harker, Morgan Stanley, Executive Director

Panelists and Facilitation

  • Gerard Hester, Morgan Stanley, Managing Director
  • Vanessa Vallely, Managing Director, WeAreTheCity
  • Amina Elderfield, Morgan Stanley, Executive Director

We would also like to thank all of our guests for their engagement as well as the logistic teams at Morgan Stanley and WeAreTheCity.   We look forward to seeing you at Women 6.0 next year.

See below for pictures of this fantastic event;

Source: WeAreTheCity Information and jobs portal for business women

Woman 3.0 Event: An Event for Female Technologists | In pictures


On the 1st May 2013, Morgan Stanley hosted Woman 3.0, an event for female technologists in partnership with WeAreTheCity and Women in Technology.  The keynotes speakers for this event were the amazing Ruby McGregor-Smith, CEO of MITIE and Catherine Doran, CIO of Royal Mail.  The event was kindly facilitated by David McQueen, executive coach and founder of Magnificient Minds.

The event was a resounding success for the 250 women who attended and a flagship event for Morgan Stanley, who are passionate about supporting females in their technology careers.  If you missed the event but are interested in a career with Morgan Stanley, please click here.  Otherwise, enjoy the pictures from what was a truly amazing evening.  Watch this space as there may be another event later in 2013…

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I would like to thank Vanessa Vallely and her team and Morgan Stanley’s team for making this event a success.

Loved it and was one of the last to leave – oh dear – rarely stay that long at networking events so was shocked at the time I got home!

Below is how we captured the event.

We would like to thank all of the Morgan Stanley staff who assisted throughout the event, our fantastic speakers and panelists and to all of those who came to make this a truly fantastic event.

Source: WeAreTheCity Information and jobs portal for business women

Female-Technologists at Women Talk IT

Women Talk IT: Leading Innovation | Event in pictures


Bank of America Merrill Lynch & WeAreTheCity held the event Women Talk IT: Leading Innovation on the 21st April 2015 in their London offices.

The event was a great success and we would like to thank the speakers, facilitators and staff at Bank of America Merill Lynch, all those who attended and the WATC team in making this a truly amazing event.

Below are some of the images of the event

Women Unplugged: A WeAreTheCity Event | In pictures

On the 15th April 2015, WeAreTheCity and Chicago Booth Business School held the first ‘Women Unplugged’ Event in London.  With over 100 guests this event gave attendees the opportunity to network, understand and listen to some fantastic 10 minute speeches from leading women (and men).

We would like to thank everyone who attended this event, the speakers – Heather Melville, Lauren Riley, Andy Woodfield, Harriet Minter, Arnold Longboy, Birgit Neu & Mairi McHaffie, Paul Cassidy – The Head Shot Guy,  Smart Works, the WATC team and the events staff from Chicago Booth for hosting such a wonderful night.

Here are just a few of the images captured on the night.

Source: WeAreTheCity - Information and jobs portal for business women

Women 6.0: Being a Tech Role Model | A Morgan Stanley & WeAreTechnology event | In Words


Women across the technology sector gathered to join, celebrate and learn about becoming a tech role model during the Women 6.0 event last week.

Mona Niknafs, Technical Associate, Morgan Stanley - Talking Tech role models

Mona Niknafs, Technical Associate, Morgan Stanley – Talking Tech role models

For the fourth consecutive year, Morgan Stanley and WeAreTheCity presented an innovative event, which heard from inspiring speakers such as Maggie Philbin and the next generation of tech; as well as showcasing not-for-profit organisations supporting the growth of women entering the technology industry.

Opening the night, Vanessa Vallely, founder of WeAreTheCity said, “It is humbling to see so many women who want to give back to technology.”

Continuing Managing Director at Morgan Stanley, Gerard Hester said, “It is extremely inspiring to see so many female technologists passionate about shaping the pipeline of women coming into technology. Whether you feel comfortable speaking at a school assembly, running an after-school club, sharing expertise via Skype or mentoring a fellow female technologist, we hope to offer something for all aspiring role models tonight.”

Tech journalist, former presenter of Tomorrow’s World and CEO of TeenTech, Maggie Philbin inspired the audience with her own journey into the tech industry.

She said, “I loved science at school and I thought that being a vet was my only option – and in many instances young girls still face this today.”

“It doesn’t matter what age you are, you are potentially a role model who can make a difference. Never underestimate the difference you can make as an individual.”

Further highlighting the need to promote and encourage more women to become tech role models, three young speakers spoke about their personal need to have a female influence when pursuing technology.

Ella Rosa, 12, spoke of the need to have a more in-depth technology curriculum and to ‘hear from adults who have fun tech careers’. She also did not want to be the only girl in a classroom of boys. Mohima Ahmed, Imperial College Student and AppsForGood graduate, encouraged attendees to say, ‘so what if I’m a girl’.

She continued, “This is the kind of generation we are so close to building. If you are interested in something, you can continue to be so.”

Mona Niknafs, Technical Associate at Morgan Stanley spoke of the need to promote women into the technology sector and encourage mentoring among them. She said, “In my experience, having a mentor has been extremely beneficial and I think others in my position will appreciate having one to help find their unique path in technology. As the network grows, there will be more members and therefore more mentors and so our cycle can continue.”

Over the course of the evening, attendees were given the opportunity to learn about each enterprise’s initiative and how they could get involved or inspire others to pursue a career in technology. Amongst the organisations were Stemettes, AppsForGood, #techMums and Code Club.

To view all the photos from the Women 6.0 event, click here.

Source: WeAreTheCity - Information and jobs portal for business women

maggie philbin Speaking at Women 6.0

Women 6.0 | Being Tech Role Models Event | In pictures

Women 6.0 - Tech Role ModelsAs an industry, IT is crying out for more “real life” female role models at all levels, so WeAreTheCity and Morgan Stanley partnered for a fourth consecutive year to hold an innovative event to show 150 women how to become one.

The technology industry is full of potential role models, yet many women believe they have to be a “super woman” to deserve the title of “role model”. In a speed networking style event format, not-for-profit organisations, who are supporting the growth of women entering the technology industry, shared what opportunities are available and how to get involved.

Not-for-profits included TeenTech, BCSWomen, CompTIA, Aimar, CodeClub, Code First Girls, FutureFirst, Socitm, Inspiring the Future and Your Future, Your Ambition, Color in Tech, #techmums, AppsForGood and Stemettes.+

Women 4.0: The Future of Women in Technology Event | In pictures

On June 4 2014 Morgan Stanley hosted their annual women in technology event – Women 4.0 – The Future of Women in Technology at their head office in Canary Wharf.

Over 150 female technologists attended to listen to the views and career stories of keynote speakers, Christina Scott, CIO of the Financial Times, Nikki Moore, TV personality and founder of Girl Geek Chic & Morgan Stanley’s own Toyin Tolle, Project Manager and Business Analyst.  The event was facilitated by the engaging David McQueen alongside commentary from Morgan Stanley’s Technology and Data, Managing Director Simon Holden.  The event culminated in an interactive panel discussion where keynote speakers were joined by Audrey Mandela – Chair of Women in Telecoms and Technology.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the senior management team within Technology and Data at Morgan Stanley for hosting this fabulous event and for their continuous efforts to encourage more women in to technology careers.  Our special thanks to Katherine Loe, Elsie Ofulue, Simon Holden, Ian Davies and Harvey Weller, EMEA CAO.

Source: WeAreTheCity Information and jobs portal for business women

WeAreTheCity and Huddle event: You are not an Imposter | How to Beat Imposter Syndrome | In pictures

WeAreTheCity recently partnered with Huddle to hold an event entitled You are not an Imposter: How to Beat Imposter Syndrome.

Led by Executive and Board-level coach, Deena Gornick, and featuring a panel of business leaders, attendees learnt how to overcome Imposter Syndrome, how to increase confidence and better celebrate their successes. Guests left feeling empowered and able to properly take credit for and acknowledge their successes.

100 ladies gathered at Huddle’s offices, in London, to overcome their own worries about feeling like a fake in the workplace.

To realise your full potential you not only need to have the skills, you need to be confident in them – to not only succeed, but to take ownership for this success. And yet, for the 70% of people that suffer from Imposter Syndrome this is much easier said than done.

“I am not a writer. I’ve been fooling myself and other people,” John Steinbeck wrote in his diary in 1938. 

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg has said, “There are still days when I wake up feeling like a fraud.”

Deena Gornick

Executive and Board-level coach Deena has over 20 years’ experience in coaching both men and women to help them with confidence, presence and communication. Deena will give a short introduction to the subject of the Impostor Syndrome, then she will run 3 sessions that have the aim of enabling attendees to stand by their achievements and to be able to articulate them to others clearly without feeling like a fraud.

You can find pictures from the  Imposter Syndrome event below.

Dr Sue Black presents Saving Bletchley Park | A WeAreTheCity event in pictures

Last night saw WeAreTheCity, BCS Women and the Women in Technology Network host an event in celebration of Dr Sue Black’s book, ‘Saving Bletchley Park’ and the remarkable men and women whose work made it a place worth saving.

Introduced by Vanessa Vallely of WeAreTheCity and Maggie Berry of BCS Women, authors Sue Black and Stevyn Colgan spoke of their journey writing the book to a captive audience. Guests were also treated to a reading from the book by Black and received books signed by both of the authors. Networking took place throughout the night and there was also a screening of The Women of Station X film.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Sue Black, Stevyn Colgan, BCS Women and the Women in Technology Network.