WeAreVirtual, WeAreTechWomen, Dell Technologies webinars 1

WeAreTechWomen & WeAreVirtual, in partnership with DELL Technologies, introduce FREE tech webinars

WeAreVirtual, WeAreTechWomen, Dell Technologies webinars

WeAreTechWomen & WeAreVirtual, in partnership with Dell Technologies, introduce FREE tech webinars

WeAreTechWomen and WeAreVirtual, in partnership with Dell Technologies, are proud to introduce a series of tech webinars for FREE.

WeAreVirtual is WeAreTechWomen’s new initiative to pay it forward and support the ongoing development of our community. Together with our sponsors and supporters, we will want to bolster your learning by providing more content through our websites and social channels, as well as opportunities to learn and engage online.

With the support of Dell Technologies, we will be bringing you webinars focused on how technology can help you to navigate these uncertain times. Held every three weeks via Zoom, each session will be 45 minutes of educational tips and tricks and will include a Q&A.

Topics will include:

  1. Recovering from a cyber-attack – Lessons learnt and looking towards the future
  2. Building business resilience in times of change – Insights from Business Leaders
  3. Understanding, preparing for and mitigating cyber threats
  4. Augmented working and the future of work in this new reality
  5. Making the most of cloud technologies in a multi-cloud era
  6. Making sustainable technology choices

Dayne TurbittSpeaking about the partnership, Dayne Turbitt, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Dell Technologies UK, said, “We share a goal to increase diversity and female representation, from our engineering teams through to our fields sales team.”

“Diversity, inclusion and belonging are core to our values and we are proud to support WeAreTechWomen.

“We wholeheartedly believe in the importance of creating, nurturing and empowering talented females in technology.”

Vanessa Vallely, Managing Director, WeAreTechWomen added, “We are incredibly excited to be working with DELL Technologies and to be bringing our members this fantastic webinar series.”

“In these challenging times, we have to adapt and change and these webinars are a perfect example of such. We hope our technology community will use this new initiative to support their ongoing development and learning.”

You will be able to register for the DELL webinars via the WeAreTechWomen website. Stay tuned for more information.



WeAreTechWomen Virtual Conference

WeAreTechWomen are excited to announce the largest virtual women in tech conference for 2020 | Disrupt. Innovate. Lead | 26 June

tw conference 2020 banner1 - DIL

For the past four years WeAreTechWomen have hosted their flagship annual conference in London.

This event has enabled over 2,500 women to network with their peers and learn about what is innovating and disrupting the tech industry.

In light of the pandemic, we are proud to be doing some disrupting and innovating of our own! This year’s conference (now moved to 26 June) will be hosted virtually.

These are challenging times for all, and there is little an organisation like ours can do to make it easier. However, we will do what we do best and continue to keep you connected. Our intention is to deliver an exceptional learning experience that will inspire you, expand your industry knowledge and motivate you over the coming months.

Disrupt. Innovate. Lead won’t be like any other virtual event you may have experienced in the past. We are using a state of the art platform to bring you four stages of inspiring content from LIVE keynotes, webinars, recorded content, Q&A panels as well as the opportunity to meet some of our speakers and sponsors in our virtual exhibition hall. Yes, we will have a virtual exhibition hall!

WeAreTechWomen virtual conference montage

Hear from some of the greatest names in tech

On our stages are some of the greatest names in tech, Martha Lane Fox CBE, Dame Stephanie Shirley, Jacqueline de Rojas CBE, Professor Sue Black OBE, Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE, Debbie Forster MBE, Kate Russell to name a few.

Click the images below to read more about these amazing individuals:

Anne-Marie Imafidon Inspirational Quote

Jacqueline de Rojas Inspirational QuoteEverything tech

We will be sharing insights and covering everything from Tech trends, Cyber, Artificial Intelligence, Data, Ethics, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Robotics, Drones, GreenTech, HealthTech, Payments, Cloud, Agile, DevOps, Fintech, 5G, Entrepreneurship and Block Chain.

Everything recovery

We have heaps of panels that discuss the impact of the pandemic on the world of tech and how companies pivoted their businesses, worked collaboratively and rose the challenge of super speed engineering.

You can see our full list of speakers here and here for the agenda 

Book your ticket today


Agenda WeAreTechWomen Virtual Conference

Thanks to the financial support of our amazing sponsors, we are able to offer you this fantastic day of learning for just £99.00 plus VAT.

Given our extensive agenda, we know that some of you won’t be able to attend every session available on the day. Not to worry, as your ticket also includes a 30 DAY platform content licence which will enable you to watch all of the sessions up until 26 July.

We are also offering a percentage of free tickets to those who have lost their jobs due to the crisis and students. If you are individual in this position, please email us here (tickets are not guaranteed and offered on a first come, first served basis). There will also be discounted tickets priced at £75.00 plus VAT for those working in the not for profit sector, charities or entrepreneurs running small businesses. We are actively encouraging corporate organisations to fund groups of tickets to continue to develop their teams during this time.  To encourage organisations, we have special offers for corporates who wish to book 10 or more tickets. If you are interested in bulk bookings, contact us on info@wearethecity.com.

So what are you waiting for?

If you are free on the 26 June and you are keen to learn, be inspired and expand your knowledge of tech, then join us, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

This invitation is open to all.


woman watching a webinar, virtual

WeAreTheCity introduces WeAreVirtual - supporting you and your career development for FREE during challenging times

woman watching a webinar, virtual

The COVID-19 virus has, and will no doubt continue to have a significant impact in terms of how we all continue to work.

In the light of these challenges, we will have to adapt and innovate in order to find our new normal. This may mean working from home, eliminating travel, managing work and family as well as learning how to continue to operate, albeit in a virtual world.

Whilst nothing we do at WeAreTheCity can solve any of the issues we are facing, what we can do is offer our support to try and keep you engaged and inspired over the coming months.

Our plan, as part of WeAreVirtual is to support your on-going learning by providing an increased amount of content through our websites and social channels, alongside opportunities for you to learn and engage online. The new WeAreVirtual initiative has been hugely supported by a number of ‘pay it forward’ writers, speakers and organisations who have offered their time for free in order to support others. For this, we are hugely grateful.


Colleen Wong featured

Catching Up With: Colleen Wong | Founder, My Gator Watch

Colleen Wong With no technical experience Colleen set-up the successful My Gator Watch for children and seniors.

Now, the inspirational mother of two plans to evolve the product from a tracker for kids, to a wearable mobile device for seniors that can track location and detect falls, to help the elderly maintain independence

Tell us a bit about yourself, background and your current role

Before starting Techsixtyfour, I was a stay at home mum for 18 months (hardest job in the world) and before that, I was a VP in sales in investment banking.

My idea for My Gator Watch came to me almost four years ago when I was with my two babies, then aged 4 months and 18 months old. I saw a fellow mum running around looking for her young child and my first thought was ‘how can we be more connected to our younger children so we don’t lose their minds.’ A few weeks later, Techsixtyfour was born.

My Gator Watch is a mobile phone and GPS/WIFI tracker made for children between the ages of 5-11. It does not have access to the Internet, social media or games. The watch is designed to offer peace of mind to parents who have a child too young for a smartphone but old enough to want some independence. My Gator watch is pre-installed with a sim, mic and speaker and can be used almost anywhere in the world.

I raised £200k in July 2017 through crowdfunding which allowed me to build a team and focus on marketing. I now have a team of 13 flexible working staff, most of whom are mums of young children. I strongly believe in the flexible work culture because so many mums and dads just want to put their children first but can’t or feel guilty doing it. I tell my team to put their family and health above work and the productivity is the best I have ever seen. I hope to build the first technology brand which hires only flexible working staff.

I have now put together a world class team to build a wearable for the ageing and dementia market. We are building Freedom G, a wearable tracker and mobile phone that has the world’s most accurate location tracking (sub 1m) both indoors and outdoors. We have focused on making it extremely simple, useful and affordable.

We have listened to hundreds of people tell their stories about living with dementia and we believe we have a revolutionary solution that can track, protect and communicate with our loved ones while giving us peace of mind.

How did you feel when you were chosen for Sky’s Women in Tech Scholarship?

I was speechless. I really didn’t expect them to choose an ‘older’ Scholar as there were age restrictions in the past but it was confirmation that I have been doing something amazing for the last five years. Working alone sometimes makes you forget about your own achievements as it seems more like a battle every day so being chosen by a group of experts and by such a large well known organisation was a wonderful validation.

What has happened since you won the scholarship? How has the initiative helped?

I have met with many people both at Sky and at other companies and all of whom have been very supportive in my work. I have done many talks to encourage other career changers, mums and women to start a career in tech. I have also been invited to speak about diversity and inclusion.

The £25k grant has allowed me to start building my next wearable which is one for the ageing/dementia market. I have also been given two mentors and the one who I speak to monthly has really helped me get through a lot of hardships. Being an entrepreneur is lonely and you do need someone to talk to who is not a friend or family member but who you can share every detail with.

How do you think initiatives like Sky’s Women in Tech Scholarship helps open doors for women and ensure greater diversity in tech?

Most definitely. The PR around the campaign is spread far and wide and I think the Scholars really do inspire women to think about tech in different ways. I am so pleased that Sky increased the age limit for the Scholars as women of any age can get into tech. I started at 40!

What top tips would you give to an individual who is trying to excel in their career in technology?

Listen and learn from people who know more than you. Be humble. Have some fun! Being serious and focused all the time doesn’t build long lasting relationships!

Have you faced any personal battles? How did you overcome them?

My biggest personal battle was trying to start a tech business while taking care of two babies. Everyone thought I was crazy…and I mean everyone. No one really supported what I was doing merely because they were worried about my lack of sleep and ability to think with everything that was going on. But I know myself and when I have an idea, it will take more than two babies to stop me. I overcame the hardships just by having so much adrenaline that I just powered through.

What do you think companies can do to support and progress the careers of women working in technology?

Offer courses not just in technology but in other subject areas such as finance and marketing as it is important to always see the bigger picture in anything that we do. I also think that companies should be supportive of women who need a career break to have children and who want to return with a flexible role. When a working mother can put her children first without feeling guilty, this leads to productivity and loyalty.

There is currently only 17% of women working in tech, if you could wave a magic wand, what is the one thing you would do to accelerate the pace of change for women in the industry?

I would use my magic wand to make more TV shows which show women doing amazing things in technology and not just programmers or computer scientists but roles which people can relate to which involve technology. I would also use the same wand to remove reality shows as I find a lot of those shows don't encourage young women in positive ways.

What resources do you recommend for women working in tech?

I am a big fan of networking events as I love talking to people and learning from them. I think building long lasting relationships is key to success and so any resources that allows you to meet new and amazing people.

Tech Summit - New - 800x600

WeAreTechWomen are coming to Manchester - announcing our Women in Tech Summit North | 03 November 2020

Tech Summit - New

WeAreTechWomen, in partnership with Women in Business Expo North is excited to be launching its first women in tech summit in Manchester on 03 November.

Women in Business Expo is the No.1 free to attend business event for women in the UK. It is a clarion call to all women looking for new opportunities in business and work, and it is coming to Manchester’s iconic venue, Manchester Central.

Thanks to our sponsors, Oliver Wyman, Accenture, PwC and Natwest, WeAreTechWomen will be hosting the tech zone of Women in Business Expo North. We will be kicking off the event with our brand new Women in Tech Summit aimed at women working in and around the technology industry, who are looking to expand their knowledge of emerging technologies and accelerate their careers.


Vanessa Vallely OBE, MD of WeAreTheCity and founder of WeAreTechWomen said “I am so excited to be hosting our first ever tech summit in the north of England. Thanks to the collaborative spirit of a number of women in tech organisations and industry bodies in Manchester and the north, we have been able to curate a fantastic agenda that will hugely inspire women working in tech. Our stage will be graced by such a fantastic array of speakers, who are as excited as I am to be part of this flagship event. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to women in business expo for the opportunity to partner with them in Manchester and to all of our speakers and sponsors for supporting our vision to accelerate the careers of women working in tech across the UK”.

Our inaugural event, supported by The Tech Talent Charter, techUK, Tech Manchester and Manchester Digital will bring to our stage some of the brightest minds and tech industry leaders from all over the North.  Our experts will be sharing their expertise and imparting their top tips for your career and business growth. Join us for an inspirational day of keynotes, Q&A panels and ample opportunities to grow your tech network. You will not be disappointed.

Jacqueline de RojasJacqueline de Rojas CBE, President, TechUK, said, "In order to thrive in the technology industry needs to be reflective of the society it serves. And bright ideas come from diverse thinking and experiences from all walks of life and all regions. As businesses are crying out for digital skills everywhere, this shortfall must be taken seriously and building skills in every corner of the country matters more than ever before."

What are we covering?

WeAreTechWomen’s conferences and summits have a five year history of providing innovative and interactive learning and networking opportunities for female technologists. All of our speakers are leaders in their sectors, experts in their field and have a detailed understanding of how the tech industry is evolving. We have curated this year’s summit based on feedback from our WeAreTechWomen community. There are three segments to the day, industry innovation and key trends, enhancing your career and entrepreneurship.

  • Tech innovation and trends
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Big data
  • Cyber security
  • Cloud technology
  • Responsible tech and ethics
  • Digital
  • Fintech
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Career development
  • Plus career tips & panels

All attendees will also have ample opportunity during the day to visit the Women in Business Expo North and hear from leading business speakers such as Ruby Wax.  You can register for the expo for free here.  Ticket prices apply to women in tech summit.

Click here to view the full agenda

Manchester SpeakersIndustry experts and speakers

We are exceptionally proud to be welcoming an amazing array of speakers to this year’s Women in Tech Summit. These individuals are leaders in their fields and role models within the tech industry. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all of the speakers involved this year, which include Deborah O’Neill, Oliver Wyman, Emma Kendrew, Accenture, Sheridan Ash, PwC, Patricia Keating, Tech Manchester, Beckie Taylor, Tech Returners, Natalie Jamison, Heroworx, Lauren Riley, LinkApp, Byron Cole, Self Made, and Chelsea Slater, InnovateHer, Kimberley Waldron and Angela Yore, SkyParlour. Additional speakers are being added over the coming weeks.

See our full list of speakers here.

Manchester Central


Manchester Central Convention Complex, Windmill Street, Manchester, M2 3GX


WeAreTechWomen are also offering a number of free tickets to women returners, those currently seeking employment and those in their final years of study.  To apply for a bursary ticket, please email Info@WeAreTheCity.com

For Group bookings and sponsorship opportunities, please contact Info@WeAreTheCity.com



Manchester sponsor bubble


Manchester Supporting Partners

Award winners at the TechWomen100 Awards

TechWomen100 Awards 2019: In Pictures

WeAreTechWomen celebrated the winners of their 2019 TechWomen100 awards on 23 January, at a prestigious ceremony at the iconic Queen Elizabeth II Centre, Westminster, London.

Over winners, sponsors, judges and guests celebrated and enjoyed a three-course meal and champagne reception to toast the TechWomen100 finalists’ achievements. The evening was facilitated by Julia Streets, Founder, Streets Consulting and attendees were welcomed by Vanessa Vallely OBE, Managing Director, WeAreTheCity; headline sponsors, Karin Rossi, J.P. Morgan; and our education partners, Professor Sue Black OBE, Professor of Computer Science & Technology Evangelist, Speaker & Author and Professor Gordon Love, Durham University.

Kicking off the proceedings and inspiring the guests, Vallely said, “Let tonight’s awards be the platform you all spring from, to achieve more, to get your promotions, to help others thrive and be a beacon of light in the tech industry.”

Representatives of each of the award’s sponsors then invited winners to the stage, to collect their awards. Speakers praised the emerging talent within the room and called out for more women to put themselves forward for tech roles.

View the photos from the night below:

If you know an inspiring woman in tech then nominate them for a 2019 Rising Star Award in Digital, Technology or Science & Engineering!

Find out more about the awards here.



TechWomen100 2019 winners

WeAreTechWomen celebrate emerging talent at the 2019 TechWomen100 Awards

Images from the We Are Tech 100 Awards, QE II Centre London 23Jan2020

WeAreTechWomen celebrated the winners of their 2019 TechWomen100 awards on 23 January, at a prestigious ceremony at the iconic Queen Elizabeth II Centre, Westminster, London.

Over winners, sponsors, judges and guests celebrated and enjoyed a three-course meal and champagne reception to toast the TechWomen100 finalists’ achievements. The evening was facilitated by Julia Streets, Founder, Streets Consulting and attendees were welcomed by Vanessa Vallely OBE, Managing Director, WeAreTheCity; headline sponsors, Karin Rossi, J.P. Morgan; and our education partners, Professor Sue Black OBE, Professor of Computer Science & Technology Evangelist, Speaker & Author and Professor Gordon Love, Durham University.

Kicking off the proceedings and inspiring the guests, Vallely said, “Let tonight’s awards be the platform you all spring from, to achieve more, to get your promotions, to help others thrive and be a beacon of light in the tech industry.”

Representatives of each of the award’s sponsors then invited winners to the stage, to collect their awards. Speakers praised the emerging talent within the room and called out for more women to put themselves forward for tech roles.

Debbie Forster MBE at the TechWomen100 Awards

To round off the evening, the Editors Choice Award was given to Debbie Forster MBE, Tech Talent Charter. Speaking of her award, Forster said, "I say this to every woman who carries the imposter, who feels that they don't deserve to be here, we all deserve to be in the room, we all deserve to be here, and we're going to change the world."

To close the night, guests were treated to a performance from Britain’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer Winners, Revelation Avenue, and invited to network, pose for photos against the TechWomen100 letters and celebrate their achievements.

The TechWomen100 awards are the first of their kind to focus solely on the female tech talent pipeline and to also recognise the impact of champions, companies and networks that are leading the way for future generations of tech talent.

Since August 2019, WeAreTechWomen has been searching the UK for the best female tech talent in the country. Now in its third year and with the support of headline sponsor J.P. Morgan, the awards received over 700 nominations from across the UK and Northern Ireland. Over 40,000 public votes of support were received for the 200 shortlisted nominees. In November, the shortlist was judged by our esteemed panel of judges who helped us identify our TechWomen100 winners.

You can find all of the winners here.

If you know an inspiring woman in tech then nominate them for a 2019 Rising Star Award in Digital, Technology or Science & Engineering!

Find out more about the awards here.

Tribeni Chougule

TechWomen100: What happened next for Tribeni Chougule

Tribeni Chougule

In this ongoing series, we speak to our winners about life after winning a TechWomen100 Award.


Now in their third year, the TechWomen100 Awards recognise and celebrate the achievements of women in tech – the emerging tech talent and role models for the future.

We spoke with Tribeni Chougule, who won a TechWomen100 Award in 2018.

Tribeni started her career as a Graduate Trainee Engineer in Tata Technologies, Pune, India where she was trained as an SAP Technical Consultant.

She enjoyed programming and was able to land a new job on the basis of her 4.5 months of strong technical expertise into India’s top 3 IT companies –Wipro. In her 11 years career in Wipro, Tribeni’ s roles graduated from Technical Consultant to Technical Lead to Project Lead to Project Manager and Program Manager and she also moved permanently from India to UK. Tribeni then joined Infosys where she project managed their first SAP Global Trade Management implementation for a procurement division of one of the largest telecom companies. In 2013, Tribeni joined Visa as Technical Project Manager and transformed internal IT teams from waterfall to agile model of delivery and enabled the various teams to work in the digital propositions of the organisation. This included training design and implementation, tools and process change and being an Agile coach to Scrum Masters as well as to Scrum Teams. After undertaking various  key and complex programmes and projects during the and post-merger of Visa Europe and Visa Inc, Tribeni headed the Technology team in the London Innovation Centre. Tribeni is currently the Head of Change Management in Finance Europe.

Tribeni is also the co-chair of  Visa’s Women in Technology Europe network, Enactus Business Advisor and a Cherie Blair foundation women in business mentor. She is pursuing her executive MBA from WBS, London.

How did you feel when it was announced that you’d won a TechWomen100 award?

I was delighted to have made it to the shortlist and didn’t think that I would anyway make it to the winning list. The day of the result, when I saw my name in the list, I just couldn’t believe that I had won. I was emotional and ecstatic. I found it hard to believe and rechecked  a couple of times to be sure that I was reading correctly.

Please tell us what has happened in your career since winning the TechWomen100 award?

2019 turned out to be a fabulous year from a career perspective. The biggest gain for me from this award was self-confidence and belief. All of a sudden, I was willing to take action  that erstwhile I did not believe I could do. The year saw me get a promotion at work, become a member of techUK Skills and Diversity Council and a Cherie Blair Foundation Mentor for Women in Business. I  felt extremely grateful with the best wishes and support that came my way from friends , family, colleagues, and my LinkedIn network and every single note or email that I received was invaluable. Thanks to a WeAreTheCity MBA newsletter and event, I applied for an executive MBA with WBS(London). I was successful and have embarked upon this long-time dream since September.  The appreciation at my workplace on this win  was also tremendous. I got mentioned in our Europe CEO’s newsletter and an article was published on our global intranet on me and my thoughts on Diversity and Inclusion.  The award has also made a difference to how I and my opinion is perceived.

What advice would you give to someone else going through the award’s process?

If someone has nominated you, then remove self-doubts that you do not deserve it. If they are willing to share with you why they nominated you, have the conversation and understand what is it that you are doing that stands you apart. Review your achievements and answer the questions authentically and savour the process. Even if you do not land up winning, to be shortlisted or even be nominated is a great achievement and you should be proud of that.

What tips would you give to our other members to enhance their careers?

My top three tips are as follows:

  • It is important to have self-confidence and self-belief. If there’s something that you would like to do, you should go for it and  remember that the worst outcome is that you will not get the opportunity, but you still have what you currently have.
  • Build self-awareness, I have started that journey fairly late and still developing, but one of the big things that I have learnt is identifying my own self-limiting barriers and overcome them.
  • Do ensure to have mentors and I recommend more than one. More idea,  if you can also get a sponsor as that will make a difference to your career.


Looking back at 2019: Our top tech news stories of the year

woman reading the news on her phone

Continuing on our series of looking back at the past year, we delve into some of our favourite and most important tech news stories of 2019.

This year has seen many organisations call for more women in tech and STEM; WeAreTechWomen became its own dedicated site in 2019; and we shined a spotlight on a further 100 amazing women in tech.

We look forward to bringing you all the latest tech news, debates and thought-provoking articles in 2020!


January started with a bang at WeAreTechWomen, with the celebration of our 2018 TechWomen100 Award winners.

On the 31 January, WeAreTechWomen celebrated the winners of their TechWomen100 awards, at a prestigious ceremony at etc. venues, County Hall, London.

Winners, sponsors, judges and guests celebrated and enjoyed a three-course meal and champagne reception to toast the TechWomen100 finalists’ achievements. The evening was facilitated by Kate Russell, Journalist, Author and Tech Reporter, BBC Click and attendees were welcomed by Vanessa Vallely, Managing Director, WeAreTheCity, and sponsors, Christina Hamilton, Senior Vice President Commercial Development UK & Europe, Worldpay.

WISE campaign featuredFebruary

In February, WISE called on the industry to inspire girls to choose STEM roles.

WISE, the campaign to improve gender balance in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), launched a new online game called My Skills My Life, and called on industry to help change the way girls see STEM subjects and how they relate to careers that make a difference to the world.

The call came in response to research showing serious gaps in STEM roles; a survey of HR Directors suggested there is a shortage of 173,400 STEM workers across the UK, costing the economy £1.5bn each year.

Also in February, we asked our readers whether they could be the next Sky Women in Tech Scholar! Sky were on the hunt for five inspirational women to become their 2019 Sky Women in Technology Scholars.

Following the extraordinary success of the first Women in Tech Scholars programme, Sky expanded the scheme for a second time. In addition to winning a £25,000 bursary, the Women in Tech Scholars were paired with an expert mentor in their chosen field. Over the course of the one-year scheme, their mentor will be on hand to provide technical support as well as access to a network of business contacts to develop and nurture the talented entrepreneurs.

WeAreTechWomen logo featuredApril

April was a busy time at WeAreTechWomen HQ - we launched our brand new, dedicated, women in tech website, WeAreTechWomen.com. WeAreTechWomen.com aims to provide visibility of resources for women working in technology who wish to progress their careers and achieve their true potential.

We also announced our 2019 WeAreTechWomen - The Future World of Work conference. This conference was aimed at women working in the tech sector who are looking to broaden their technology horizons, learn new skills and build their technology networks. The theme for this year’s conference was The Future World of Work and how innovation and disruption is driving change within the tech industry.

Our aim was to inspire attendees by delivering bitesize learning sessions for our audience. With the help of our amazing speakers and panellists, we provided the opportunity for our delegates to learn about a broad range of technology topics as well as interact through panels, hands-on activities and workshops.


In May, it was reported that the UK remains a 'hot bed' for tech talent.

The research, conducted by Tech Nation, found that the UK is in front of Japan, France and Indonesia when it comes to employing high-growth tech workers.

In the UK, Insurtech and Fintech were the biggest employers among high-growth digital tech firms in 2018, employing 24 per cent and 18 per cent of the high-growth workforce respectively.

Cyber, AI, and Cleantech all feature in the top ten sectors for employment in high-growth tech firms. Investment data shows that AI, Cyber and Big Data are growing in importance for UK tech scaleups. This means that the UK may be about to see more jobs generated in these sectors.

Female EngineerJune

In June, the government called for more women to think about a career in engineering, highlighting them as 'an absolute necessity' for the future of transport.

Women currently represent just 12 per cent of the engineering workforce and 18 per cent of the transport sector workforce. Hiring more women is essential for the delivery of major transport infrastructure projects like HS2 and Heathrow expansion.

It is estimated that by 2033 there will be a combined shortfall of around 341,000 jobs in the sector.

The call followed the convening of a roundtable on women in transport this week by the Department for Transport’s Permanent Secretary Bernadette Kelly, attended by senior female leaders in the sector. Representatives from the Royal Academy of Engineering, Ford, Heathrow Airport, Network Rail, the Women in Maritime Taskforce, and Virgin Atlantic were present.

June also saw the Ministry of Defence appoint its first female Chief Scientific Adviser - Professor Dame Angela McLean.

McLean is the first female to hold the role and joins the Department as a distinguished academic with a commitment to science-driven policy. The MOD’s Chief Scientific Adviser (CSA) oversees the Department’s core research programme, leads technology strategy, and works closely with the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) to develop battle-winning capabilities.

TechWomen100 2019 featuredAugust

In August, we opened nominations for our 2019 TechWomen100 Awards.

Our awards focus solely on women working in tech below director level. We hope that by highlighting the accolades of up-and-coming inspirational female tech talent, we can help to create a new generation of female role models for the industry, and a pipeline of future leaders.

Through the awards, we also recognise a number of senior individuals who are championing up-and-coming women, as well as any organisations that have designed and implemented successful initiatives and programmes in order to attract, retain and develop the female tech talent.

Finally, we applaud the often-voluntary efforts of the women in tech networks that operate across the UK, and again would like to formerly recognise these within our awards.

The TechWomen100 awards are the first of their kind to focus solely on the female tech talent pipeline and recognise the impact of champions, companies and networks that are leading the way.


September saw 'Amazon Future Engineer' launch in the UK to help children and young adults from low-income backgrounds build careers in Computer Science.

The UK needs an additional 38,000 workers with computer science-related skills, including 21,000 computer science graduates, to meet labour demands every year – or the economy could lose out on an estimated £33 billion a year by 2030, according to research by Capital Economics.

To help close that gap, Amazon launched Amazon Future Engineer in the UK – a comprehensive childhood-to-career programme to inspire, educate, and enable children and young adults to try computer science. By supporting the recruitment and training of 50 secondary school computer science teachers and over 200 ‘Careers Leaders’, launching robotics workshops for 10,000 children and creating other opportunities to experience computer science, Amazon Future Engineer is set to reach more than one million children and young people across the UK over the next two years.

InnovateHer featuredOctober

In October, InnovateHer teamed up with Sony to bring its eight week technology programme for teenage girls to more locations across the country.

The Digital Bootcamp programme aims to give girls aged between 12-16 valuable tech and interpersonal skills, whilst encouraging them to consider STEM subjects and careers in tech.

Unfortunately, current statistics show that girls make up only 20% of computer science entries at GCSE, and just ten per cent at A-level, with nine times more boys than girls gaining an A level in Computer Science this year. InnovateHer, whose mission is “to get girls ready for the tech industry, and the industry ready for girls”, has promised to tackle these figures by working with schools to reach over 1,000 girls by 2020.

The after school programme will teach girls technical skills, build confidence, and highlight local opportunities within the tech and digital industries. The collaboration with PlayStation has allowed InnovateHer to extend the programme to new locations, including Guildford and London.

The bootcamp is set to launch in selected schools in January 2020, and graduates of the programme will have the opportunity to showcase the work they have produced at next year’s Develop conference in Brighton.


Monster Confidence Bootcamp launched in London in November, with the hope of boosting STEM confidence in girls.

Jobs site, Monster.co.uk, and social enterprise, Stemettes, took Monster Confidence on the road to show the next generation that girls do Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) too, and give them the tools and confidence needed to secure a job.

Since launching the events in 2016, over 2,000 young women have attended to receive encouragement and guidance from industry experts on how to pursue careers and qualifications of their dreams within STEM fields. Monster Confidence will be hosting two further events this year across the UK where unemployment and is at its highest and social mobility at its lowest – Teesside and Peterborough.

Winners Banner with logo featuredDecember

In December, we announced our winners of the 2019 TechWomen100 Awards.

The winners of these awards showcase remarkable women within the technology and STEM sector including Alicia Carolina Beylan Navarrete, a Backend Software Engineer at Deliveroo who was recently awarded an exceptional talent visa sponsored by TechNation; Moriah Baxevane-Connell, a Cloud Consultant at Google, who works with customers across Europe to optimise their usage of Google Cloud Platform; Emma Lindley, an advisor and author on digital identity, and is also co-founder of Women in Identity, a not-for-profit organisation focused on developing talent and diversity in the identity industry; and Eva Meyer de Stadelhofen, Founder of GirlCode, an international non-profit and network which aims to reduce the gender gap in the STEM industry by teaching girls of age 8-17 how to code.

Winners Banner with logo featured

TechWomen100 Awards | Proud to announce our education partner, Durham University

Winners Banner with logo featuredWeAreTechWomen are committed to supporting the on going personal development of our TechWomen100 winners. This year, in partnership with Durham University, each winner will receive the opportunity to attend a complementary full day seminar with Professor Sue Black OBE, Professor of Computer Science & Technology Evangelist, Speaker & Author.

Vanessa Vallely OBE, Managing Director, WeAreTheCity said “I am ecstatic to be working alongside Durham University as education partners for our TechWomen100 awards this year. This will provide an fantastic opportunity for all of our winners to grow their networks and be inspired by one of the best professors in the UK.  I am very grateful to Professor Black and Professor Love for their support and look forward to working with them in the future.”

Black said “I am very proud to be able to support the TechWomen100 award winners in my role as Professor of Computer Science and Technology Evangelist at Durham University.  20 years after setting up the UK’s first online network for women in tech BCSWomen women in tech still only represent 17% of the industry, and that needs to change! We will only see progression by continuing to make a conscious effort to invest in these women and by putting programmes and initiatives in place to support their careers.  I am really looking forward to supporting this year’s winners by hosting them at Durham University in June, I am sure it will be a hugely inspiring day for all of us.”

Love said “Durham University is really proud to able to work with WeAreTechWomen as an Educational Partner. We share common goals of increasing diversity in Tech, and we really are excited to host and meet the TechWomen100 winners”.

Durham University have launched a number of initiatives to support women in tech during 2019. This year, in partnership with 16 companies and three universities TechUPWomen was launched. TechUPWomen is a six month training programme focussed in the north, that will enable 100 women to retrain in the technology sector. This new programme aims to address the shortage in the tech industry by recruiting women who want to start a career in the tech sector, particularly from Black, Asian and other minority or under-represented communities. The programme was created by Durham Professors, Alexandra Cristea and Professor Sue Black OBE.

Further details of the TechWomen100 seminar will be shared at the start of next year.

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