Carly Britton

Carly Britton | Vualto

Carly Britton

Carly is the Head of Client Services for VUALTO.

Before University she presented on hospital radio and then throughout University presented on University radio whilst studying Media Studies with Information Technology and Computing. With equal interests in both broadcast and technology she wanted to pursue a career in that field. As a graduate, Carly worked with many different technologies which was great experience, but it wasn’t until she started her journey with VUALTO where she finally found the career she wanted to pursue. VUALTO was a start-up with 3 employees when she started, she joined the company as a webcast engineer but as with all start-ups, she did a bit of everything. She soon found a passion for technical support and as the company grew and moved away from webcasting, she worked on technical support full time. Over the past 7 years with VUALTO growing from 3 to over 40 employees, Carly grew and managed the technical support team, created a Network Operations Centre and she now manages the entirety of the Clients Services function which encompasses 4 separate teams. She has found a company and a career that is challenging and rewarding. Carly is extremely passionate about encouraging girls and women to consider careers in technology. She is a STEM Ambassador and regularly gets involved with local STEM events. She also visits schools and shares her journey into technology with career talks and workshops at STEM clubs. With the support of VUALTO she founded #GIRLCODE which is a free coding class for girls aged 8-14 who want to learn to code in a fun and friendly environment.

Bushra Burge

Bushra Burge | BB Studio

Bushra Burge

Bushra Burge has an extensive background in technology starting out as a financial database coder in the late 1990s working within insurance and investment banking, before having a career change and working in all aspects of entrepreneurial sustainable fashion businesses from digital to creative production in the 2000s (including help set up a successful consultancy advising mainstream brands) whilst completing 2 design degrees.

She was also course leader of Marketing at London College of Fashion while innovating wearable technology which lead to client work and winning a number of innovation grants. She is able to quickly mobilise high calibre, hybrid teams and use her solid science and technology background to systematically framework creative outcomes.

In particular, since 2015 she has been leading hybrid teams to conceptualise and craft award winning immersive stories integrating proprietary wearable technology with VR; embedded in striking aesthetics and demonstrated internationally to directly gain public insights. She also has a deep specialism in creating eco-ethical content and applying circular economy design with a recent experiential project highlighting plastic pollution. She is a passionate advocate of innovative digital craft and is a regular public speaker on this topic.

Awards and Publications

  • ​2019 Worth Grant Award
  • 2019 SXSW Shortlisted Style & Wearable Tech in the Interactive Innovation category
  • 2018 Wearsustain EU H2020 Award
  • 2016 Finalist at the New European Media awards

Publications and Press

  • Jul 19 Creation of an integrated multisensory wearable story using a considered eco-ethical design approach. British Computer Society.
  • Jun19 Tomorrow's world explored in Festival talks and exhibits, Imperial College Press
  • Jun 19 Sky Report - The New Dimensions of Media : 5 Trends for the Future created by Futuremade
  • Jan 19 Featured in "Exploring Computational Materials for Fashion", International Journal of Design
  • Dec 18 Thrive Issue, Brighton
  • Aug 18 Women in digital to share success stories at SheSays event, Brighton and Hove Local
  • Aug 18 London's BB Studio- Taking Innovative Fashion to AnotherLevel, WTVOX
  • Jul 18 Costume Embedded Haptics with Virtual Reality for Immersive Storytelling, British Computer Society
  • Feb 18 Apparel Futures: Five Learnings from Five Futurists, Interlaced
  • Feb 18 Projection Map Dress, Tech Style News
  • Jun 17 Featured in New Directions in Mobile Media and Performance by Camille Baker
  • May 17 Interview: Bushra Burge creates interactive Floral Dress, Interlace
  • May 17 Pushing the Body's Boundaries: Bodyhacking Conference 2017, Digital Trends

Bryony Grimes

Bryony Grimes | Telefonica UK

Bryony Grimes

I'm Bryony and I work within the Technology Strategy team at O2.

I have been working in the telecommunications industry for one year as of September 2019, having graduated from University last summer. However, I have been deeply interested in the latest gadgets and gizmos since I was a little girl and fulfilled her childhood dream by joining O2 last year. My route into tech was through the graduate programme and from day one I was thrown into the fast-paced and high-profile world of 5G!

Over the last twelve months I have been supporting the team in coordinating our extensive 5G Tests & Trials programme, pulling together our vision for what the future will hold for our customers and UK businesses. Additionally, I have been responsible for the end-to-end design and delivery of some of our exciting technology demos that debuted at a major customer engagement day in July, and will feature as part of O2's Blue Door Conference in October.
I have recently been shortlisted as a finalist for the Institute of Telecommunications Professionals' Graduate of the Year Award, an achievement that I am enormously proud of and for which I provided a paper on AR for social good.

Bianca Jemsten

Bianca Jemsten | Publicis Sapient

Bianca Jemsten

I’ve worked and studied across a number of different geographies.

I started out my life in Germany but since my parents are originally from Sweden, we moved back there when I was ten years old. In high school I ran a small business with a couple of friends, which lead me to apply to a business focused university. I then ended up earning a dual degree in International Business and Finance from Georgetown University McDonough School of Business in Washington D.C.

After completing my studies in the states, I still didn't feel quite fulfilled by the prospect of moving into the finance industry. So, to give myself some time to think it through, I booked a one-way ticket to Argentina. Whilst I was there I met some software engineers working remotely. They encouraged me to start coding despite my non-existent technical background. This event triggered a love of coding and snowballed into spending endless hours teaching myself to code through online tutorials. Going from International Business and Finance to coding was quite a leap but definitely worth the experience and learning curve. I came across an intensive 3—month bootcamp in web development at General Assembly in London. I was thrilled at the prospect of learning a variety of frameworks so I immediately signed up and took part. When the course ended I began working at Publicis Sapient, a digital transformation agency. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to work on a number of exciting projects, up-skill in a variety of technologies and most importantly become involved in the tech community both internally and outside the office.

Bex Hay

Bex Hay | Organise

Bex Hay

Bex is co-founder and CTO at Organise - a UK startup that aims to revolutionise workplace organising.

Bex led the visions and development for the platform that allows people to start campaigns in their workplace, for everything from challenging bad behaviour, exposing harassment to winning better pay and parental leave. Thousands of people have already won campaigns from some of the UK's biggest companies using the Organise platform - including McDonald's workers securing their biggest pay rise in ten years, and staff at Ted Baker exposing harassment in their company, leading to their CEO resigning.

In her day job, Bex currently heads up the tech team at 38 Degrees - overseeing the development of the UK's biggest tech platform for campaigning with over two million users. 38 Degrees members work together to tackle the issues they care about, from pressuring the government to give the NHS the funding it needs, through to saving local libraries from closing (and everything in between!). Bex's work includes facilitating thousands of people to start their own petitions and crowdfund to meet their goals, through to developing innovative tactics that disrupt and influence politicians to listen to the public. Bex also oversees the growth and product management of 38 Degrees’ digital platform across the globe - currently spanning over 19 countries, 4 continents, and empowering more than 10 million people worldwide to campaign on issues they care about.

Bex's passion lies in harnessing technology, and making innovative use of tools traditionally used to make profit to advance social change instead. Prior to 38 Degrees she spent two years as the digital campaigns lead at ShareAction, building a community of tens of thousands of people to use the power invested with their pension funds to change corporate behaviour. She pioneered a joint campaign with Citizens UK and led the mobilisation of thousands of people - that saw over 20 of the FTSE 100 commit to pay their employees a Living Wage.

In 2014 (in her spare time) Bex co-founded Amazon Anonymous, an online movement of more than 200,000 consumers who pressured and threatened to boycott the retail giant over their inadequate working conditions and tax dodging business practices. The campaign succeeded in diverting millions of pounds away from Amazon and contributed towards Amazon being forced to pay corporate tax in the UK, and eventually to paying their staff a Living Wage.

Bella Thornely

Bella Thornely | Accenture

Bella Thornely

I have always displayed the courage and energy to seek out challenges and not shy from taking the harder path to success and reward.

A technology focused career in Financial Services was just that path, one which I am passionate about inspiring others to follow.

Always seeking a challenge and with a desire to improve my technical skills, I chose to study BSc Physics with a focus on C++ Programming, Web Development and HTML. As one of only handful of women enrolled in the course, I sought to encourage greater uptake in studying Physics and therefore decided to spend my penultimate year of university working part-time as a GCSE Physics teacher at St Joseph’s Catholic College in Bradford. I used this platform to showcase the opportunities available to young women who study STEM subjects.

Since joining Accenture’s Technology Strategy practice as a Banking Enterprise Architecture specialist, I have established myself as a Thought-Leader in both emerging technology and new ways of working. Recently, I recognised an opportunity to reshape a leading high street bank’s approach to change, I defined and embedded a Design-Sprint methodology that has revolutionised the UK’s biggest transformation programme in Finance. Over the past few years, I have successfully driven a number of agile based sprints to define Cloud, Data & Analytics, AI, API, Security and Mobile strategies that enabled my client to thrive amidst current industry disruption. Driven by my interest in FinTechs, I spent a year working as a Product Manager at a start-up and have since returned to Accenture to share my experience of customer and data centric growth.

My passion for technology is evident in my rapid career acceleration at Accenture and the recognitions for my contribution that include; Client Account Innovation Lead, Head of Strategy Innovation Ecosystem and Technology Strategy AI Thought-Leader. A passionate and accountable people developer, I use the Women in Technology Strategy network to share my experiences, enhance other’s technical expertise and champion future female leaders.

Becki Hemming

Becki Hemming | Freestyle

Becki Hemming

As Head of Insight, Becki specialises in customer context and data-led insight.

Although still early in her career, at 28 she has a track record of innovating reporting techniques, devising insight visualisations and bringing demonstrable business value to the boardroom. Brands she has worked alongside include BrewDog, Informa and Homebase.

Becki is passionate about inspiring young people, by empowering them with data. Before even diving into the digital life herself, Becki dedicated significant personal time in her voluntary role as Event Lead for a creative collective called ShellsuitZombie. Here she helped connect undiscovered, talented young people with creative jobs and opportunities. This led to involvement in the Millennial Mentoring Programme, where she mentored a team of 7 students (across Hackney Community College and Austin Community College) in responding to a brief from Adobe, which was presented on stage at SXSW.

After spending four years at Manifest London she had transitioned from an Account Executive to Senior Insight Manager. She stepped outside the M25 a year ago and is currently surrounding herself with developers and UX designers at Freestyle Agency in the West Midlands. Since joining Freestyle, she has established a strong voice in elevating compelling, actionable insight alongside the delivery of digital solutions. Not to mention, she became an integral role in new business pitches, client training and workshops. She took the stage at Tonic (the event for people in digital) speaking about data mis-led decisions and has written articles, filmed practical advice videos and devised a training plan for her colleagues. This has resulted in agency recognition for the inspiration and energy she has brought.

Audrey Bampoe

Audrey Bampoe | Credit Suisse

Audrey Bampoe

I began my career in a High Street Bank, from which I obtained my initial experience in Finance and Trading.

I used the experience I gained to transition to Investment Banking in an Operations role. I performed a variety of roles within Operations before moving to a role as a business sponsor for IT projects related to client on-boarding. Part of my role involved providing the business requirements and validating these were delivered in the IT systems. This role sparked my curiosity for technology and how user requirements are delivered from an IT perspective.

I decided to embark on a Computing and Information Technology Degree whilst working full time. This along with bringing up my daughter, as a solo mother, took me 9 years to complete. It provided me with a grounding in Database Technology, Software Development Methodologies and Quality Assurance processes along with a major in user interface design.

My first IT role was as a Business Analyst (BA) in Client Reference Data which leveraged my previous business experience. From here I was promoted as the lead BA running the team as well as an SME for the defining of the data strategy. I then transitioned to a role, heading a team of BA’s for an application in Front Office Risk Management focused on providing valuation and P&L data to Finance, Product Control, Collateral Management and Credit Risk. This was a significant challenge as it was a completely new business area for me. However after a number of years I mastered and eventually outgrew this role.

I have now moved to a role that focuses on Market Risk and core Risk Management functions (sensitivities, scenarios, capital calculations). My role is Data Engineering which leverages my BA skill but has required me to build on existing SQL skills to coding in JAVA.

Arta Cika

Arta Cika | University of Oxford

Arta Cika

Arta is a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford.

Her research focuses on modeling and analyzing ad hoc networks, a particular type of decentralized network without pre-existing infrastructure. Arta received a double M.Sc. Degree (magna cum laude) in Communications and Computer Engineering from Polytechnic of Turin and Telecom ParisTech in 2015. Before starting her PhD, she worked for a telecommunication start-up in France. Arta is the winner of the IRCN Scholarship awarded by the University of Tokyo.

In 2019, she was selected to participate in the Complex Systems Summer School (CSSS) at the Santa Fe Institute, NM, USA. Aside from her academic accomplishments, Arta is deeply involved with promoting women in STEM. She is a committee member of the Women in Engineering Society at the University of Oxford and part of the RisingWISE (Women In Science and Engineering) Programme.

Ardita Shkurti

Ardita Shkurti | UKRI STFC

Ardita Shkurti

I am a computer science engineer with extensive experience in software design in addition to software development in several programming languages.

Thanks to my many years interdisciplinary experience, with a PhD in Information and Systems Engineering and research experience in computer science, chemistry and pharmacy departments, my problem solving skills are broad and independent of the programming language and science context as I eagerly look for potential solutions also in other areas facing similar technical challenges as a specific context. In the last few years, in addition to broadening my technical skills such as for example designing and implementing cloud solutions I have also taken several steps towards a managerial profile by obtaining leadership and management skills (and then certifications).

In the last 8 years, I have developed, tested and maintained software for High Performance Computing (HPC) architectures including GPUs. The related projects have been deployed on UK and US supercomputers (such as Hartree Centre Supercomputers, ARCHER, EMERALD and STAMPEDE (of XSEDE)). From the other side, during the same period I have extensively developed my skills in data analysis in a context of molecular computer simulations but the developed skills are transferable and applicable to other use-cases in “big data”-related areas.