Holly Mattinson

Holly Mattinson | Atos

Holly Mattinson

During Holly's studies at Lancaster University for an undergraduate BBA Management degree, she undertook a placement year with Atos.

Working as a Change Coordinator for a year in Atos' Service Management Centre opened her eyes to the incredibly fast paced and exciting world that is the technology and IT industry.

Following the achievement of a first class degree, Holly decided to start her career as a graduate in HR leading on the digital communications campaign for the launch of Atos' internal mobility programme. Leveraging her desire to learn and understand new tools and platforms in which to collaborate effectively, within a short time frame of her start date, she had designed and built a collaboration space and coordinated a supporting communication plan for the launch. During her time in HR, Holly also progressed into a project based role conducting projects such as the gender pay gap analysis for the company and subsequently driving efficiencies into the process using self taught macros that she built. Leveraging her new found excel skills, Holly also created a pay review modelling template to automatically calculate and illustrate different modelling scenarios.

Holly continued to challenge herself and was able to introduce the use of a desktop app building site as an internal means of information sharing in an interactive and engaging manner. This has since been widely adopted across the company with Holly conducting training sessions with colleagues from across Atos globally. Within her time in HR Holly was also recognised as a Digital Idol for her work.

Following her HR role, Holly became a customer engagement manager, responsible for creating a digital induction portal which has since grown into a global portal. She continuously sought innovative solutions to drive digital into her ways of working including creating an interactive PowerPoint pack as a different way of communicating key messages.

As of September this year, Holly has started a new role as Head of Internal Communications for Atos' Business Transformation Services division and is seeking out opportunities to drive innovation in digital communications.

Outside of her day job, Holly is an active member of Atos' diversity networks, leading on the relaunch of the UK&I STEM Network. As part of this initiative, she is part of a team of four launching Atos' first STEM Challenge this October and as well as supporting the development of a new STEM strategy as part of Atos' wider social value strategy. This includes supporting the organising of a STEM Innovation event and leading on designing blueprint collateral to support Atos employees in running their own STEM events. Holly also participated in the 2018 Million Makers competition with seven others in aid of The Prince's Trust, raising an incredible £307,000.

Georgie Hazell

Georgie Hazell | Augmentum Fintech

Georgie Hazell

Georgie has worked in a number of startups across people, strategy and growth positions and now leads engagement at fintech-focused VC fund Augmentum.

Following her MBA and a consultancy project with Crowdcube, Georgie moved into venture capital. Passionate about diversity and inclusion, particularly in VC and entrepreneurship, Georgie founded women in tech network Elevate, led on UK expansion for Her Campus Media, volunteers with Diversity VC and is a coach, working primarily with women in tech. She has brought together thousands of women over the years through hosting diversity initiatives, including women in fintech speed mentoring sessions and monthly women in tech breakfasts.

At 29 years old, she now heads up engagement at Augmentum Fintech, the UK’s only publicly listed fintech venture capital fund. This involves supporting portfolio company growth, engaging with investors and the wider fintech ecosystem (including marketing, partnerships and diversity initiatives), and supporting the team internally. Georgie has worked hard to put Augmentum 'on the map' and the fund has won numerous awards, including AIC Shareholder Communications Awards for 'Best use of social media' and 'Marketing Campaign', AltFi Awards 'VC Investor of the Year' Finalists, Growth Investor Awards 'Growth Investor of the Year, One to Watch' and Investor Allstars 'Venture Capital Fund of the Year' Finalist. Georgie puts innovation and supporting individuals to fulfil their potential at the heart of her work.

Eleonora Balaoura

Eleonora Balaoura | IBM

Eleonora Balaoura

My relationship with technology started 10 years ago when I got accepted to the department of Civil Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA).

This day marked the beginning of my journey in the field of technology which continues until today in one of the largest IT companies globally. Five years later, I graduated at the top 3% of my year with an integrated B.Eng - M.Eng. in Structural Engineering and received a €20,000 scholarship from Karelias Foundation to pursue an M.Phil. in Management at the University of Cambridge. Spending an unforgettable year in Cambridge, I broadened my understanding of Business Strategy, Supply Chain, Finance and Economics and realised that my true passion lies in IT. So, in 2018, I interned at Amazon's Supply Chain team as a Data Scientist and got hands-on experience for the first time with the tech world. Having no previous coding experience, I learnt how to code in Python and MySQL as well as work with Big Data in a fast-paced environment. My love for technology continued when I joined IBM as a Technology Consultant in the Blockchain team a few months later. Since joining IBM, I have assumed roles from Blockchain Consulting to highly technical roles in complex IT Delivery projects for industrial clients in oil & gas and automotive. The next stop in my technical journey involves becoming hands-on with Cloud and learning all about architecting complex Cloud projects!

Kajol Patel

Kajol Patel | Deloitte

Kajol Patel

At the age of 11, Kajol created her first jewellery e-commerce website.

Driven by her curiousity to understand how things work, she studied Physics at Imperial College London where she realised that the key to solving complex problems was truly driven by innovations in technology. Fuelled by wanting to make make a positive impact on society using technology, she tried various failed ideas, including Stiq.It (https://stiq.it/) and won Startup Weekend London 2015 with Techstars. Frustrated by the obstacle of being unable to scale her ideas, she decided to join Deloitte with the aim to learn how to execute. Today, she helps to create and launch new digital products and services for clients across Retail, Consumer Goods, Industrial Products, Healthcare and Automotive. She has worked for over 20+ clients and focuses on corporate strategy, proposition design, product management and customer experience transformation and in her spare time, has a consulting Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/managementconsultant), provides career development advice to future female leaders via NYT Network, as well as spoken to over 4000 students on demystifying consulting and tech as a career.

Want to find out more? Connect with me on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kajolpatel/

Lucy Woodhead

Lucy Woodhead | GSK

Lucy Woodhead

I graduated with a degree in music, but became really interested in technology after working in the digital department of my local government.

I was running a lot of digital and UX projects, but became really fascinated with the code that powered the website and would often ask the developers how it all worked. I had never written a line of code before but took it upon myself to take up a few online courses to experiment with very basic styling and functionality. After a few more digital based roles and a trip around the world, I knew I absolutely wanted to pursue a career in technology! I decided to retrain in programming, and after completing an intensive bootcamp I was able to land my first role as a developer! I worked in a startup and built lots of exciting features, learned new languages and frameworks, and even delved into cloud computing and software architecture. After an amazing 18 months I then gained a role at GSK, where my unique blend of technical skills and soft skills really help to fuel the development of innovative health tech. I love what I do!

Maria-Alexandra Radu

Maria-Alexandra Radu | J.P. Morgan

Maria-Alexandra Radu

Alex is a software engineer and product marketing professional working in the Public Cloud services organization for JP Morgan Chase & Co.

She is also the communities of practice manager for the Bournemouth location and a strong advocate for diversity in tech. Alex is committed to life-long learning and is currently enrolled in a part-time MSc Computer Science at University of Bath.

Alex’s passion for computer science started with her mom, when she was a little girl and visited her workplace where she used to code in FoxPro while she worked for a car manufacturing company. FoxPro was a very old text-based procedural programming language and database management system but it fascinated Alex how she could talk to computers. Her mom began teaching her about talking to machines by writing code on a typewriter, the beauty of the computer was that she also had Kong installed and that made Alex curious about creating games from code.

As the years passed she then chose to learn computer science in middle school and started with Pascal, which was similar to FoxPro. Today she giggles at experimenting with programming languages from before the internet age, like the ones used when she was younger and realizes that basing her undergraduate thesis on retaining and recruiting women in STEM. Pursuing a master in computer science to study HCI and machine learning is just coming full circle from that young girl that thought her mom was making magic while programming. Alex is currently working in public cloud and helping make the same kind of magic she was inspired by so many years ago.

Tansy Hill

Tansy Hill | Microsoft

Tansy Hill

I started my career as an Intern at Microsoft in 2015, having accepted an Enterprise Sales Role, nervous about if it was something I could really do.

I was so fortunate to be surrounded by a Team who encouraged me, gave me every opportunity and highlighted the importance of understanding the problems that technology can address, not just the technology itself.

Having been awarded Microsoft's Intern of the Year and completing my final year of University, I re-joined Microsoft on the graduate scheme as a Healthcare Account Executive and have been inspired ever since as to how Health-Tech can make a genuine difference to the NHS and healthcare organisations.

Day to day I'm supporting NHS trusts with their Digital Transformations, from helping them build collaboration strategies to supporting them in building digital research environments which will contribute to future patient care. In the face of COVID, technology has never been more important to the NHS and helping our hospitals to keen running has been one of the proudest moments of my career. We've worked on everything from remote working strategies to creating new hospitals to prepare for the pandemic, so supporting our hero healthcare workers has been an honour. For my performance this year, alongside some of my COVID response work I was awarded the Microsoft Circle of Excellence Gold Award.

Yasmin Desai

Yasmin Desai | Impala

Yasmin Desai

After starting a small company at university, I decided to pursue a career in start-ups upon graduation. I have now worked 6+ years in start-ups.

Initially, my background is in operations and I have since specialized in Product- giving me the perfect mix of commercial understanding mixed with solving core problems for users. My experiences are in marketplaces, B2B and B2C having worked on onboarding and conversion funnels for both web and mobile.

I enjoy the challenge of scaling a company and I’ve always been an employee that not only works towards growing team/product KPI’s but also gets involved in the scaling challenges (hiring, market positioning, and culture).

In my spare time, I mentor young females and guest lecture on topics around entrepreneurship and innovation. I am extremely passionate about entrepreneurship as a skill and have been nominated and awarded for several industry awards (Women in tech / Women in software 2020).

Nicole Hardiman

Nicole Hardiman | Nationwide

Nicole Hardiman

I took my first tech job in 1998 where I moved from a manufacturing role to technically supporting the manufacturing process.

Since then I’ve worked in various technical areas from application support to databases and Business Process Management and in my last technical role I worked for an organisation creating 3D design software that was cloud based – being one of the early adopters of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud offering. At one point I was the only woman in the organisation, let alone the only lady in the team. However I’ve never let it stop me developing as a technologist or as a leader.

After that I found a real passion for helping other technologists grow and reach their potential, helping people understand what they’re capable of really drives me and to see the positive impact on that person and on their team is what gets me out of bed in the mornings!
I’ve been at Nationwide for just over 2 years, already being promoted from an engineering manager who looks after a single team to a senior engineering manager with responsibility over 4 teams. I’m responsible for engineers looking after the internet bank and the mobile app, looking at the future of our banking offering, our customer facing website and account openings. Ensuring we have the right people at the right time with the right skills to do the right thing. Not only that I’ve founded Women in Tech, Nationwide. A group for female technologists who support each other and understand what it’s like to be in a tech team where perhaps you’re the only woman and co-creator of a network of women mentors and mentees that we’re building across the south west in conjunction with other organisations, so we can get more women access to positive female role models to encourage them and help them in their career.

Outside of work I’m one of the founders of Swindon Inclusion and Diversity Network.

Amy Khalfay

Amy Khalfay | IBM

Amy Khalfay

Passionate about solving real world problems, I always knew I wanted a career in technology.

Shortly after completing my Ph.D. in Operational Research at Manchester Met in 2017, writing algorithms to solve scheduling problems, I joined IBM in the Advanced Analytics practice as a Data Scientist.

In this whirlwind of 3 years, I've worked in multiple industries helping clients solve exciting and challenging business problems using a range of data science techniques. I have been quickly promoted and awarded a prestigious Service Excellence Award for my dedication to clients’ success.

Passionate about promoting women in STEM, I have been a committee member of IEEE Women in Engineering Affinity Group UK since 2018, and delivered various events including being a part of the Manchester Science Festival in 2019. Our group won the R8 Women in Engineering Section Affinity Group award for our volunteer work “dedicated to promoting women engineers and scientists, and inspiring girls around the world to follow their academic interests in a career in engineering”.

Inside IBM, I am an Academic Ambassador, helping support universities by guest lecturing. In 2019 I delivered guest lectures as part of an MSc course at Durham University on the use of Data and AI to help improve customer experience. I also lead and manage 'Lunch and Learns' for the Cognitive and Analytics practice in IBM organising sessions monthly to our practitioners in the following areas: Technical, Product, Method and Applications for Industry.