Swati Toshniwal

Swati Toshniwal | Mphasis

Swati Toshniwal

I have been working in technology services for more than a decade now and have consistently ranked as a top performer working across 4 countries, 3 continents and multiple roles spanning from developer to business consultant to sales and marketing professional.

My interest in technology led me to do bachelors in Electronics & telecom engineering and I topped my college (2008). In my final year internship, I helped design a biometric access control using hand imaging. I began my corporate career as a product developer with Intuit, working on enhancing Quickbooks, a financial accounting software. During this time, I also helped teach computers to underprivileged kids and kids at a blind school as part of an NGO called Pankhudi

I then went on to do my MBA from India’s top business school, IIMA,(2009-11) having joined as one of the top 300 participants selected from more than 200,000 applicants.

I joined Mphasis, a technology services company as part of 2-year future leaders program and led many tech and process improvement initiatives that helped drive bottom-line business success. I then moved to the US(Minnesota) in 2013 as an insurance consultant helping clients with technology solutions, was the youngest member of a 10-member team and promoted for excellent execution. I moved to London in 2015 in to marketing and significantly improved Mphasis brand awareness in the region and drive revenue. I also helped bring in tech automation in marketing to drive better efficiencies and lead generation. In my current role as a key account manager (2020), I am helping clients meet their objectives with technology solutions

In addition, I founded a non-profit public speaking focused club in Barking, the first of its kind in the area which has helped 50+ members build confidence. I also served as a board member for Professional Women Network, London as Head of Marketing. Passionate about education and tech, I have also initiated a ‘Girlswhocode’ club along with local library to help young girls get interested and make career in technology.

Miranda Howe

Miranda Howe | Lloyds Banking Group

Miranda Howe

I have always had an interest in technology, starting at school where I was Technical Support Officer.

Leading a team of six, I was responsible for the lighting, microphone and visual displays in the school hall, for assemblies, school productions and external visitors. I was always the person called upon to help the teacher when something wasn't working and I decided to continue this interest by studying Computer Science at University.

I always found the most interesting parts of my degree to be the overlap between technology and other disciplines, taking every opportunity to study units from other areas, such as Geographical Information Systems and Cyberlaw.

After graduating I worked at the National Crime Agency within the National Cyber Crime Unit, as an Intelligence Officer. Obviously I’m limited in what I can say about the role but essentially we were trying to identify real people from their online personas. I found this to be a fascinating insight into technology from a law enforcement perspective and the challenges that came with trying to upskill police officers in cyber security.

My time at PwC within the data and analytics team enabled me to work on lots of different projects within technology, helping clients identify and solve issues, and make the most of the data that they held. I was the only woman in the data team for the majority of the time, and made a particular commitment to attend recruitment events or assist female applicants through the application process.
I followed this up with a role at Cookpad, a fast-paced company looking to change the way the world eats and with a mission to make everyday cooking fun. Here I was informing product owners and senior stakeholders all over the business to help guide the future of the business and improve the functionality for users.

I’ve now been at Lloyds Banking Group for around 18 months and found it to be a completely different environment again, and thankfuly I work with far more women in technology and data than I have done at any previous point in my career. As the largest online bank in the UK there is a wealth of data to explore and improve processes and discover insights geared towards Helping Britain Prosper. I have helped set up the Bristol branch of our Women in Tech network and continue to love inspiring other women to work in technology.

Maryam Minhas

Maryam Minhas | Telefonica UK

Maryam Minhas

I started my career and my interest in technology during my studies as I worked in a phone store.

After my studies I joined an exciting company whose mission was to combine behavioural science expertise with cutting edge technology to improve HR practices in multinational corporations. Like with many fast-paced start-ups, the environment was ripe for innovation, but lacking in established processes needed to scale the product. This was especially apparent in the sales department, which gave me the opportunity to apply my highly analytical and process driven skill-set.

I then joined O2 where my work ethic and analytic abilities were quickly noticed, and I have established and developed my initial interest for the telecoms industry. My first 2 roles at O2 were again analytical roles where I focused on bringing commercial clarity and ensuring the business was making data led decisions. I have now recently moved into a Sales and Partner Management role supporting our Wholesale partners, as we launch the next evolution of Business Messaging - Rich Communication Services.

Danielle Stewart

Danielle Stewart | National Grid

Danielle Stewart

Danielle is responsible for the development of National Grid Gas Transmission’s long term business strategy as the UK transitions to Net Zero.

A chartered engineer, she was a Finalist in the UK 2020 Top 50 Women in Engineering: Sustainability.

As Long Term Strategy Manager, Danielle supports and develops innovation projects that investigate alternative zero or low carbon sources of energy. She is currently leading the development of a collaborative programme of work to build the evidence base for hydrogen technology as a cleaner alternative to natural gas for use in homes, industry, power and transport. The outputs of this work will help to inform government policy and future energy network design. A regular speaker at conferences, she recently had the privilege of contributing to a panel at the World Energy Council Hydrogen Innovation Forum.

Danielle started her career at National Grid using simulation software to model gas flows on the UK’s gas transmission network to support operational decision making. Since then she has led projects to redesign two of the UK’s gas terminals, developed and managed a multi-billion-pound capital investment plan and led regulatory business plan submissions. Keen to develop others, she is proud to have established a new high-performing team of analysts and engineers to create gas system asset management and investment strategies.

Prior to the energy industry, Danielle was a published post-doctoral researcher in the Elementary Particle Physics Group at the University of Warwick. Working in international collaborations, her main area of focus was particle detector development where she coded simulations and ran experiments to optimise detector design. As a spin-off from her research, she investigated an alternative technology for solar panels.

Alongside her passion for sustainability, Danielle actively promotes inclusion and diversity. Danielle sits on the board of the UK Women’s Infrastructure Network, which creates opportunities for women to network, exchange ideas and shape the infrastructure agenda. She mentors a diverse range of people and works with the Kent Academies Network on a social mobility programme that supports high potential students from disadvantaged backgrounds to go on to higher education.

Danielle holds a PhD in particle physics, a first-class Masters degree in Maths and Physics and is currently completing an MBA at Warwick Business School. Outside of work she is a keen triathlete.

Oishi is a Technology scholar and was named as one of the 100 most influential people shaping British technology in 2019 by Business Insider

Oishi Deb | DeepMind Scholar

Oishi is a Technology scholar and was named as one of the 100 most influential people shaping British technology in 2019 by Business Insider

Oishi is a Technology scholar and was named as one of the 100 most influential people shaping British technology in 2019 by Business Insider (http://bit.ly/2Ra7sei).

Oishi has worked in the Analytics team at Rolls-Royce, she has also worked in safety-critical software development and verification projects for aircraft’s EEC (Electronic Engine Controller) software. Alongside her full-time work at Rolls-Royce, Oishi parallelly started working on a machine learning project as part of winning a tech scholar grant from Sky. Oishi is a UK STEM ambassador, and this has taken her to different places, one of the most prestigious ones is the participation at NATO’s Communication and Information Agency conference in Belgium as a panellist for the session -"Attracting Diverse Talent" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOqoVfo31MA).

Oishi received the prestigious ‘Bright Spark 2018’ award from the Electronics Weekly (https://bit.ly/2rkNyzl), which celebrates Top 30 under 30 engineers in the UK.

Oishi graduated with BEng Software and Electronics Engineering with Industry degree from the University of Leicester. Oishi received the President and Vice Chancellor Student of the Year Award 2017 for performing at an exceptional level across a number of activities and supporting the development of her peers and colleagues (http://bit.ly/2uoGgdK). Oishi received the Achievement Award - Undergraduate Grant 2016 from the prestigious Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). Oishi was the runner-up in the UK Telegraph STEM award 2017 in the power system category sponsored by Rolls-Royce (http://bit.ly/2TruM8T).

Oishi is also a professional mentor for the University of Leicester students.

Ria Laurent-Hughes

Ria Laurent-Hughes | Cognizant Technology Solutions

Ria Laurent-Hughes

A certified Global Privacy Project Manager with over 3 years of consulting experience.

Travelling and liaising across the UK, Europe and the US to provide digital transformation and privacy consulting services to clients at global, industry-leading organisations. Equipped with independence and a thorough understanding of what is required when working amid diverse teams, in-person and remotely.

A proven leader, project manager, mentor and driver of success in IT and Privacy projects, head of the ‘Centre of Excellence’ for Privacy Management Software, providing expert knowledge and advice to a Global Digital Privacy Practice team. With experience spanning across multiple sectors and varied projects stimulating focus, organisational growth and an instinctive ability to work individually under pressure, while remaining confident and enthusiastic.

The Chair of the Women Empowered Network in the UK & Ireland, sitting on the board alongside the Senior Director of HR and the Employee Engagement / D&I Lead to elevate the experience of work, career & personal development growth for women. From conception, creating a Women Empowered programme to build a community, invaluable opportunities and expand the network of every member. Committed to facilitating the empowerment of both women and men; contributing to a healthy company culture and achievement of organisational goals.

Cristina Munteanu

Cristina Munteanu | Silverbird

Cristina Munteanu

Within a career span of just 5 years, Cristina has successfully manifested her ambition towards building sustainable, conscious and profitable businesses through an accelerated growth within tech start-ups.

A CodeFirst: Girls Alumni, Cristina sits at the intersection between operations and technology, seeking creative ways to implement tech for social good. She has been recently appointed as COO in a pre-MVP fintech startup called Silverbird. A small team of 4 at the moment, we're working towards democratising access to banking for SMEs in developing economies, helping local growth and levelling the playing field in international trade. Previously Cristina was leading operations at Bizzby - a mobile app for home services.

Beyond her day job, Cristina is actively volunteering her start-up tech skills towards growing NGOs and community initiatives such as Girls in Tech, Covid Tech Support and Women in Tech Club. Throughout the pandemic, she has been working on Covid Tech Support, an initiative supporting nonprofits to get their operations online at a critical time, save them from closing down and scaling their digital reach. Covid Tech Support has helped charities like PPEForFree, Crisis, Mencap and other 200+ NGOs around the world. At Women in Tech Club (WiTC) Cristina has been spearheading growth, strategy and partnership efforts. Their mission is to create connections and allyship within all genders and to support people in developing technical and soft skills setting them up for success within the tech sector.

Cristina is currently mentoring young graduates to navigate the world of work with the added complexity of the Covid pandemic and is always open to opportunities where she can lift other women up. She is committed to using her tech skills for good and hopes to one day empower girls and women with technical skills and possibilities for work in her home country Moldova.

Valeria Cortez Vaca Diez

Valeria Cortez Vaca Diez | Monzo Bank

Valeria Cortez Vaca Diez

Valeria is a Senior Data Scientist at Monzo Bank. Her work focuses on deploying the latest Decision Science practises to provide the best borrowing options to customers.

Valeria always loved Maths and Computing. An early experience in 2008 showed her how technology can help build a better society. Starting in her home country Bolivia, she won an international award for her project “Carrying Life”, by promoting the wide use of fabric bags instead of plastic. Technology helped her communicate with her community, international organisations and even connect and discuss her project with Bill Gates.

Later on, Valeria had the opportunity to study and work in Munich, Cambridge, and London in the field of Data Science. The more she learned and gained experience, the more she got interested in the challenges that the use of technology can bring to society. This led to a personal project of researching on discrimination in AI systems. Her passion for the topic led her to run training sessions on the topic for the Machine Learning group and other parts of the Lloyds Banking Group. She also led a project to evaluate and mitigate discriminatory outcomes in ML models.

Before joining LBG, Valeria started her career in Cambridge researching on the economics of privacy at Microsoft Research and working for TAB, a Fintech startup. Her interest in Data Science pursued her to do a master's degree in Business Analytics. During this time she was the Chair of her master’s program and had the opportunity to lead a research study on (re-)emerging infectious diseases together with ProMed and KPMG.

Valeria is a strong advocate of ethics and responsibility in AI as well as bringing more diversity into tech teams. She also participates and volunteers with different organisations to advance the tools and knowledge on discriminatory outcomes in Machine Learning.

Shaily Munjal

Shaily Munjal | Cognizant Technology Services

Shaily Munjal

Coming from family of bankers, I early on, developed a sense for improving things(you know if you know :)).

I grew up in the foothills of Colonial era hill station, Kasauli.

Growing up I always wondered about frequent power losses, water supply issues and everyday energy/utilities challenges in the mountains. Cut to 2020, I am an SME in the enrgy domain helping customers across geogrophies optimize energy solutions. Utilizing cloud based technolgies, I have designed solutions for peak demand-response consumption, helped build data-lakes to promote clean energy to name a few. From charging electric cars to reducing monthly bills. Oh, I am a certified and passionate cloud advocate, and I have led some complex mergers for our clients in IT intergration space.

Victoria Forrest

Victoria Forrest | VIKA Books

Victoria Forrest

VIKA make extraordinary books. We combine traditional book arts, fine-art publishing, and creative technologies to design bespoke pieces that will elevate the status of any bookshelf or portfolio.

Every design is crafted to enhance each unique narrative, and manufactured to the highest production standards. We specialise in the curation of cultural narratives, and the creation of striking, contemporary publications that showcase the work of the artists and brands of the future.

Our first augmented reality (AR) book, 'Where is the Bird?' (WITB) is a playfully interactive, multi-dimensional learning experience that is affordable, portable, flexible and fun. WITB? inspires all families, deaf and hearing, to interact in British Sign Language (BSL). Turn the pages and ‘wake up’ magical AR animations that pop-up from the page through your smartphone, before being paired with a video of the BSL sign.

Victoria Forrest, director, has a First Class BA (Hons) in Graphic Design from the University of the Arts, London, and a MA in Communication Art and Design from the Royal College of Art, London. She worked at Vogue, i-D and Dazed & Confused, and was co-director of Smith Design, London from 2006–11.

In 2015, Victoria founded VIKA Books to be specialists in innovative book design merging traditional book arts with creative technologies. Designs have been featured by the BBC, BBC News, The Bookseller, and The British Journal of Photography. VIKA has won or been finalist in multiple innovation awards, including Innovate UK's Audience of the Future, SWCTN Immersion, D&AD, SXSW Pitch, The Bookseller Futurebook ʼ15 and ʼ19, and received business awards for Best New Business, Best AR Product, Best Fine Art Publisher, Outstanding Entrepreneurship, including Lloyds National Business Award for New Entrepreneur. VIKA is part of UK's DIT trade delegation, is one of Createch ʼs ‘Ones to Watch’, and finalist in the Great British Entrepreneur of the Year Award ʼ20.

Victoria is a Visiting Lecturer on the MA Photography Courses at Falmouth and University of West England (UWE), and resident of the Pervasive Media Studio, Bristol.