Winter Mraz

Winter Mraz | Barclays Eagle Labs

Winter Mraz

I’m the perpetually-bubbly engineer of Eagle Labs. Im a 3D Asset Artist/Illustrator, sometimes teacher, and Maker.

I have a quite varied background and work history, which allows me to work on new projects and rapid prototypes from multiple different angles. I have over 10 years experience in business and project management, over 8 years experience in illustration and graphic design. Academically I have two degrees; a BSc (First Degree Honours) in Games Modelling, Animation and Effects, as well as having a previous BA (First Degree Honours) in International Marketing, Business Management and Media Communications, with additional minors in Business Law and Child Psychology. I am hoping to continue on to my PhD early next year in Engineering, where my topic will focus on women in Technology and Digital Entertainment, our roles, and influences, and how we can change the culture of these industries for the better.

I have a long history in both charities and teaching, and am always looking for new projects that will help me get children and girls in to STEM. My favourite projects involve creativity and growth, such as teaching kids how to build robots, tutoring at the special needs schools in my area, or watching someone’s idea come to life as a physical in front of them. I've worked for multiple tech industries, from being a Tier 2 supervisor at Apple with multiple technician teams under me back when the first iPod was released, down to designing floating Bluetooth perfume bottles for Kim kardashians’ team. I spend my free time helping kids work through creative problem solving through 3D printing and modelling for tabletop improv games, and I've more recently been involved in the world record for the Worlds Largest 3D Print with Liverpool MakeFest. There’s something special about the look on someone’s face when their idea becomes reality, and I hope to continue working as an engineer specialising in teaching and creation for long years into the future to help keep making peoples creative dreams and projects come true.

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Alice Williams-Allden | Royal Navy

Alice was born in Birmingham and educated in Worcester, showing a keen interest in engineering from an early age.

Encouraged by some good teachers and following participation in the Headstart Engineering Education Scheme, she went on to complete a degree in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Southampton in 2005, sponsored by the Royal Navy. Following initial officer training at Dartmouth, she joined her first Naval Air Squadron in 2007 where she was responsible for managing the aircraft maintenance programme of up to 14 Lynx helicopters.

Her next engineering role was on board the aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious where she was the Deputy Air Engineer Officer, responsible for the embarkation planning of UK and foreign aircraft. In 2012 she joined Navy Command Headquarters as the officer responsible for conducting Harbour and Sea Acceptance Air Tests on all Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary aviation-capable platforms, assessing the capability of these ships to safely operate aircraft at sea.

Alice’s other roles include a short tour in Bosnia and Herzegovina as the EU Forces Spokesperson in 2014, a staff appointment in the Reserves and Cadets division at the Ministry of Defence and a short tour at US Central Command in Florida. Following a year-long MSc in Aerospace Vehicle Design at Cranfield University in 2017-18, she joined 1710 Naval Air Squadron where she is part of a team who assess, design and then embody repairs to rotary-wing aircraft worldwide.

Victoria Limont-Brown

Victoria Limont-Brown | HSBC

Victoria Limont-Brown

In 2006 I sat at the checkout desk of the then top computer store in the UK ‘PC World’, wondering how I had ended up there…I wasn’t about to be another individual living paycheque to paycheque unhappy with my career and my life choices….I knew something had to change.

Although my IT career really began in 2013, there have been a number of other significant events which have helped shaped my career to date. Whilst working full time I decided to undertake an Open University course, studying ‘Data, Computing and Information’ – completing this course was the push I needed to return back into full time education and take the first real step into a career within IT.

During my 3rd year of university I was extremely lucky to have been offered an industrial placement opportunity at the big blue chip company IBM – although this meant moving 250 miles away from home, I knew that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. Working there was a fantastic experience and gave me an initial taste into the corporate world of IT.

On completion of my degree I began my graduate management scheme at The Co-op, the 28 successful candidates made up only 2% of all the applications The Co-op had received for that intake. Moving across the business I undertook roles within Business Analysis, Project Management and a number of IT Architecture roles – this is where I developed my love of Architecture.

During my time within Architecture I fulfilled a number of roles, from starting as an Architecture Analyst and performing a largely supportive role, I worked my way up the ladder and finished my time at The Co-op as a Senior Solutions Architect, requiring little or no support, making companywide impacting decisions.

I have now moved on to new challenge within the global banking company HSBC. My role within HSBC is slightly different, although i am still “Architecting”, I am also now responsible for supporting the Chief Architect in guiding the team on best practices and embedding robust governance processes. As well as my day job I am also an ambassador for an internal HSBC initiative which aims to introduce and support women who want to break into the Architecture field. Additionally, I mentor a number of ladies who are at varying stages in their careers and require some additional support, guidance or just a friendly face.

All things considered, I feel like I’ve come a long way since working the checkout desk at PC World.

Veronika Field

Veronika Field | PwC

Veronika Field

Having been born during the period of the breakdown of the Soviet Union, I grew up in Russia and Latvia in an environment of major uncertainty and continuous change.

This had a major impact on my decision to do a degree in Engineering and dedicate my career to driving progress in the fast paced and evolving world of technology.

Since my move to the UK at the age of 18, I graduated from the University of Bradford with First Class Honours in Engineering and had two successful internships (AIRBUS UK & Xype Ltd) working as a junior consultant, focusing on strategy and development of technologies to support aircraft aerodynamics calculations.

After graduating from university, I spent 2 years on a Graduate scheme at Fujitsu UK, with a major achievement of an internal business case delivery that saved Fujitsu £3mln across a large technology outsourcing contract. I then joined PA Consulting Group, where I spent ~7 years in increasingly senior roles, including leading Technology operating model offering across a team of ~50 people.

My current position is a Senior Manager in PwC Technology, where I help Boards and Senior Management teams of Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 Financial Services companies to re-shape their technology functions, fundamentally changing the way in which they have delivered products and services for years. I and my team do this through the introduction of emerging technologies, growth of technology talent and setting up of an integrated cross-company delivery ecosystem.

Toni Scullion

Toni Scullion | dressCode

Toni Scullion

I have been a Computing Science teacher for 8 years and have seen first hand the lack of diversity coming through the ranks from Secondary school and going to university and also been one of the few females at university studying Computing Science.

Since going into teaching and examining the figures for my school and Nationally I have made it my absolute mission to encourage as many girls I can into Computing Science and show them the incredible world of possibilities that are available to them through Computing Science and the world of tech. I try to do this every day in my classroom and pleased to say our figures really illustrate a trend that unfortunately is not replicated across the country. My incredible department's work was featured in Education Scotland’s Digilearn Practice Pipeline for good practice in 2016.

This video was two years into my dressCode journey where I was just running it as a club and was excited of opening it up to West Lothian and making it council wide initiative. Since then meeting some truly influential and inspiring people they have made me adjust my aspirations and expand dressCode further to reach as many girls as possible as the gender gap is a global issue. I have since founded dressCode as a non-profit charity, that aspires to make a dent in the Computing Science gender gap, with the aim of engaging and inspiring young girls and raising their awareness of opportunities in the world of tech. This charity focuses directly at grass roots level and is open to any facility; school, after school clubs, libraries etc that can run a dressCode for girls aged 11 - 13, I’m pushing for this to be taking up world wide by any english speaking country, only because my videos are English.

Tina Valand

Tina Valand | PwC

Tina Valand

Tina is an experienced strategic alliances and technology consultant who has been driving industry changes and collaboration between partner ecosystems.

With 16 years of experience driving large scale digital transformation in financial services, healthcare and government projects, Tina currently manages relationships for PwC with Strategic Alliances working across multiple service lines. She is experienced in leading disruptive technology initiatives including cyber security, AI, block chain and cloud transformation and has a proven track record with designing and implementation of governance and best practices methodologies. She operates across multiple territories where she is responsible for flagship EMEA sales and marketing events. Tina led the iconic engagement roadshows and events and has managed digital campaign

Previously a consultant with Accenture, Tina project managed complex large scale strategy led technology and infrastructure transformations. Tina has won the PwC awards for “winning team”, and was a nominee for the PwC consulting Awards 2019 for “Being agile & flexible”. She was also a nominee for the Win Tech Series awards 2019 under the category “Leader of the Year”.

While her role in coaching start-ups, C-Suite tech partners, D&I focus groups and Women-in-Tech initiatives gives her opportunity to change industry, Tina is an active force in school workshops and with maternity returners, demonstrating her passion for the workforce of the future. Tina firmly believes that technology has a crucial role in climate and sustainability, diversity and inclusion and always strives to make a difference.

Tara Annison

Tara Annison | Elliptic

Tara Annison

She joined the HSBC Commercial Graduate program and completed two placements, one in Manchester and one in London before joining the newly formed Corporate and Institutional Digital team as a Product Owner.

In this role she led the ideation, creation and deployment of a new internal website for the bank, teaching staff about digital trends and new technology. The website launched to all 230,000 staff members globally and was the recipient of 3 external awards.

Tara was also a vocal advocate of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies within the bank, and left to pursue a full-time career in the industry, joining Lendingblock as the Product Manager. Here she led a development team for the industry’s first securities lending platform for digital assets and during her time in this role she was named at the ‘Young Leader of the Year’ by the Women in IT Awards.

Tara then joined the PR9 Network, a cryptocurrency exchange for digital assets held in cold storage and led the development/product team. Whilst in this role she was awarded the WeAreTheCity award for Rising Star in Digital 2019.

She is now a Product Owner for he cryptocurrency compliance company, Elliptic, where she leads development within the platform team.

Suzie Miller

Suzie Miller | AWS

Suzie Miller

Suzie works as a Solutions Architect with Amazon Web Services (AWS) helping customers in the UK and Ireland with their journey into cloud adoption.

This is a technical role which draws from her 20 year career working in IT. As part of this role she also mentors and trains those starting off their careers within AWS, on different graduate and intern schemes.

In her first year of working at AWS she launched and Chairs the UK chapter of AmazonPwD an employee led network for People with Disabilities. AmazonPwD was established by employees to help make Amazon a more diverse and inclusive place to work, while also reflecting the diversity of our customers. It’s open to employees with disabilities and allies. The group supports employees through raising awareness, supporting career development, participating in community outreach and improving access for Amazonians and customers.

Suzie is passionate about universal and inclusive design in technology, and how this leads to more accessible products. She is always looking at ways AWS services can be combined to create better experiences for people with disabilities and in turn the greater population as a whole.

Previously Suzie has worked in global companies in areas such as Banking and Finance, Oil and Gas building IT platforms and payments systems still used across the globe.

Outside of work Suzie volunteers as an Independent Visitor. The Independent Visitor Programme matches volunteers with children and young people who are particularly vulnerable and in long term Foster Care. Each volunteer is matched with a child or young person in care in their local area. Volunteers commit to spending time with their young person each month – helping their child or young person to engage in new experiences, share interests and hobbies and have fun.

Sunaina Aytan

Sunaina Aytan | eSecure

Sunaina Aytan

Sunaina Aytan is a Cyber Secruity Analyst at eSecure, STEMettes Ambassador and the Founder of Digital-FemAge.

Having graduated only a year ago in BSc in Computing at the University of Kent, I have been working as a Cyber Security Analyst at eSecure over the last 10 months. In a short amount of time, I have coordinated and successfully delivered a number of penetration tests across a diverse range of technologies, including web, network, and mobile.

Being the only female in my cyber security team, I am extremely passionate about inspiring and motivating young girls to pursue careers in tech. This encourages my work as an ambassador for the non-profit organisation STEMettes, where I actively help mentor the future female generation by taking part in panel sessions, webinars, solo talks and offering general advice and guidance. Most recently, I delivered a lightening talk at Bank of America Merrill Lynch with STEMettes, highlighting the issues regarding diversity and the lack of women in the cyber field.

My passion for increasing diversity in STEM fields has encouraged my start-up Digital-WomanAge, launching 2020. The UK’s first Digital Magazine celebrating young female talent with the aim of creating a digital platform for the more understated ‘supermodels’ of the world. Being the first generation to attend University and the only female in my family to pursue a career in technology, the presence of role models was definitely absent whilst growing up. Digital-FemAge helps to provide a platform for young females to feel included and visually represented in all industries.

Stephanie Gooch

Stephanie Gooch | KPMG

Stephanie Gooch

I have worked at KPMG for almost 4 years having started out on the technology delivery graduate scheme.

However, I was lucky to be promoted early due to my high performance in the work I was doing at KPMG. I have had the opportunity to work within several different areas in the Cloud Operations team. Primarily I have been working in Internal Project Development and, as part of this role, have the responsibility for managing lower grades. I then moved into Consulting for Cloud which gave me the chance to work with a large insurance company to help migrate their application to the Cloud. This work consisted of several areas of building work using technologies such as Amazon Web Services, Terraform and Python and the use of these applications has been invaluable to me.

At the start of this year I commenced a new role in KPMG’s Solutions and Digital Infrastructure department, which is part of the Enablement team. Initially, my role was not clearly defined however, I have developed a real fascination with cost optimisation in the Cloud and have developed this area and have begun to manage our Financial Operations, or ‘FinOps’, work within KPMG.
My initial interest in this area stemmed from my dissertation for my Masters degree which was based on research into cost-optimisation in Cloud storage. I completed my Masters in Systems and Information Technology earlier this year; working on it part-time whilst working at KPMG. I was the only person to get a Distinction in my course and this won me an individual achievement award within my programme. The focus of my dissertation was on cost visualisation and optimisation in the Cloud and I was instantly able to see the wealth of possibilities and applications for both KPMG and their customers.

From this original piece of work, I have developed in-house cost visualisation, cost optimisation and cost saving tools. These have also been designed to work with multiple clouds which added an extra layer of complexity. I provided reports, analysis and cost saving recommendations to the rest of the staff in the Cloud-based Infrastructure team. This is a huge growth area and currently I am analysing data from different sources in relation to different projects over an estate of more than 400 AWS Accounts, 240+ Azure Subscriptions and 30 GCP Projects.

Identifying a new ‘gap’ in the industry led me to start my own blog called the ‘Road to FinOps’ where I share my knowledge on cost optimisation to help others in the sector to reduce the costs incurred through Cloud storage.

I have also been developing our Infrastructure Commercial Model for the Enablement team in Solutions and Digital at KPMG in order to create a unified commercial model for infrastructure that:
o Helps our clients better understand the value they get from what we do (i.e. customer centric, simple and transparent)
o Recovers all our Infrastructure costs and gives us a more accurate view of utilisation across Infrastructure
o Aligns with Solutions & Digital commercial approach and MI requirements

This work involves engaging with managers, developers and finance teams to bring them together, and the technologies we use, in order to bill our clients fairly and efficiently.

Following this work, I have joined the FinOps Foundation and become a Chartered Member and have agreed to talk at their conference in San Francisco in September this year. For this I will be presenting my experiences in the industry, so far, with FinOps. I will be delivering to other leaders in the industry about the work In FinOps I have been doing. This is mostly around automation and development of my tool but it also involved dealing with different parts of the company such as Finance, Managers, Developers to bring about a culture change.

Alongside my core responsibilities, I also have the responsibility for managing our ‘New Joiner’ programme sprints for technical development. My role is to provide guidance on joining the Infrastructure team, teaching new joiners the skills they need to enable them to complete their work and develop their skills still further whilst also being a mentor for young women joining the industry.