Raghd Rostom

Raghd Rostom | University of Cambridge; Wellcome Sanger Institute

Raghd Rostom

As a PhD student at the University of Cambridge, Raghd has applied advanced computational methods to address novel biological research questions.

Raghd studied how genetic variability underpins differences between people in response to infectious disease. She also investigated pre-cancerous mutations in skin samples from healthy individuals. Both projects used large complex datasets arising from the profiling of individual cells to deepen our understanding of fundamental biological processes.
Alongside her graduate studies, Raghd developed a passion for the translation and commercialisation of research in the sciences. In 2017, she co-founded OpenDiagnostics, a social venture aiming to improve access to low-cost paper-based diagnostics for crop and livestock diseases globally. Raghd has attended and mentored at several hackathons, been a member of many smaller initiatives such as EnterpriseWISE (Women in Science and Engineering), and has mentored at the Cambridge Judge Business School. She has also undertaken a wide range of outreach activities, engaging school students and the public with scientific and technological concepts in hands-on ways.

Rachel Vann

Rachel Vann | Lloyds Banking Group

Rachel Vann

Rachel Vann is passionate about changing lives through technology.

She is a Child of Deaf Adults (CODA) and can communicate using British Sign Language. Rachel has experienced the prejudices and barriers that differences present in everyday life. This drives her desire to live in an inclusive and supportive world that enables others through technology. Rachel currently works for Lloyds Banking Group within the Responsible Business, Sustainability & Inclusion function.

Rachel started her banking career in the 1990s working in a branch where she wanted to use her British Sign Language skills to enable others and provide independence to her customers but wasn’t sure how to make this happen. Rachel is a qualified marketer who has worked for two banks, working in customer facing advisor roles, and management roles across a range of divisions including Digital Inclusion, Transformation and Responsible Business. Rachel has worked internationally, and appreciates the differences in cultures and working ethics. Whilst in the Middle East and Germany, Rachel continued to gain further Chartered Institute of Marketing qualifications in online and mobile marketing and became a qualified APMP Project Manager. Rachel was keen to pursue a career where digital and technology could provide inclusion for others.

In 2015, whilst Rachel was leading an award winning change to optimise the key mobile product journeys for Lloyds Banking Group the FCA issued an occasional paper on vulnerability. It was at the same time Rachel was offered a role within the Digital Inclusion Team within Transformation. It was here where Rachel’s passion for delivering Digital Inclusion through technology was ignited. Rachel with her desire, interests and experience in technology has driven award winning and market leading change using technology across industries both here in the UK and globally. She also continues to raise the importance of human centred design when developing products and services for the needs of everyone. In Rachel’s current role she is considering the impacts of artificial intelligence and ethical and responsible decision making across industries.

Rachel is keen to drive a diverse and inclusive workforce across technology roles to mitigate the impacts of unconscious bias and bias data that could affect the already vulnerable people in society.

Priyanshi Srivastava

Priyanshi Srivastava | J.P. Morgan Chase

Priyanshi Srivastava

Priyanshi is a full stack software engineer working for Cybersecurity and Technology Controls in JP Morgan Chase working with a diverse range of technologies that produce innovative solutions to solve complex business problems.

Throughout her academics, Priyanshi was captivated by how science and technology has changed the world we live in. Her curiosity led her to study STEM subjects in school. At the age of 18, she moved from India to the United Kingdom to pursue a master’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. At university, Priyanshi spent her summer vacation as a researcher in Wireless communications systems analyzing various Wi-Fi network models to assess speed performance. She was also shortlisted to participate in the Women in Engineering Student (2014) and NUS Women Student’s (2014) conference for promoting initiatives that support women in higher education.

Priyanshi joined JP Morgan Chase in 2015 on the Technology Graduate Program. Recognizing how important is the role of technology to business, Priyanshi up-skilled herself with modern software engineering practices and learnt Java and web development.

In 2017, Priyanshi started working for firm’s cyber security team where she is developing solutions that help all lines of business deliver secure applications. Through her role, Priyanshi is aiding the firm to become an industry leading security and controls organization by accelerating technologists who develop for various lines of business.

Outside of her day job, she is also one of the regional leads for Diversity and Inclusion in her line of business as well as chairs the local Graduate Program Alumni Committee promoting initiatives that provide development platforms for mid-level technologists.

Pranathi Praveen

Pranathi Praveen | EY

Pranathi Praveen

Prior to joining EY and whilst at university, I worked as a part-time business development consultant where I implemented technological initiatives to drive processes efficiencies and improve the customer base at a media firm.

My passion for technology has developed from a young age where I often found myself flicking through my mum’s Engineering books and learning programming languages with her. Also, from a young age, I have regularly volunteered at a Blind school in India, teaching Blind students’ computer skills through computer screen reader programs.

After graduating from King’s College London in Biomedical Science, I was keen to pursue a career in Consulting – I wanted a new challenge in an exciting and evolving area. I joined EY in 2015 where I progressed through the two year graduate scheme and am a Senior Consultant within the Financial Services Advisory practise – aligned to Cyber Security. Over the past four years, I have also had the opportunity to work in the New York office for 9 months and am now based full time in the London office.

Over the past four years, my day-to-day job at EY has equipped me with a variety of experiences including internally supporting Leadership in the development of the Digital campaign, leading and organising Women in Technology Agile and Technology boot-camps for internal and external guests, and externally with clients - supporting with RPA enablement, implementing technologies to improve the user access management for over 1000 apps, helping implement robust controls to minimise technical and operational disruptions and helping clients comply to regulations such as MiFID II and GDPR.

Prakriti Karthauser

Prakriti Karthauser | Vodafone

Prakriti Karthauser

I started my career in networks and infrastructure in 1997 quite by accident.

A friend had started a company providing dial up internet and was hiring. My first job was working overnights in the Network Operations Centre. I didn’t understand the job description but I very quickly learned the ropes and realised that I had a passion for all things networking.

Over the years, I’ve worked for a number of global internet service providers, equipment vendors and consulting groups. My passion and my career is architecting and designing large, complex networks. As a committed mentor, I actively work with new or junior members of staff to share knowledge and help.

In my previous role as Architect at Nationwide Building Society, I was the lead network architect for a number of key strategic network initiatives including their Corporate WAN transformation and Data Centre SDN transformation.
In addition, I also worked with a team of colleagues to create a STEM outreach programme within Nationwide that focuses on children ages 11-17. The programme includes hackathons and career education for teenagers helping them to make informed career choices and encourage them to understand what is available within technology.
As a STEM Ambassador, I am privileged to be able to go into schools be the role model that I wished I had.

I’ve just recently moved to Vodafone Group where I’m working as a UCC Domain Architect and I’m looking forward to bringing my unique perspective and passion to their products and service offerings.

Penelope Hindle

Penelope Hindle | X-Lab Systems

Penelope Hindle

I first heard the term Computer Science when I was 15 and knew it was what I wanted to do.

I went on to study Computing at A-Level, where I was the only girl out of 1000 students in the year. After completing my A Levels in Further Maths and Computing, I accepted a place at Leeds University to study Computer Science.

During my time at University, I had the opportunity to complete a 3 month internship at a tech startup as a frontend developer. It was very exciting to see a company start right from the beginning when the name was trademarked and the servers were turned on for the very first time! I then went on to complete a year in industry at another software company, X-Lab, as a Technical Project Manager. X-Lab make software for NHS pathology labs, and I was responsible for taking labs through the deployment process (VPN setup, Pipeclean testing, User Acceptance testing). After my placement year, I went back to complete my degree at Leeds University.

During my final year, I worked part-time at Leeds City College, teaching girls how to code in C++. Here, I was responsible for both producing and delivering the lesson content. I also continued to work at XLab as a part time software developer. I recently graduated with a 2:1 in Computer Science, and have now re-joined full time at X-Lab as a software developer.

Marwa Adawy

Marwa Adawy | Yielders

Marwa Adawy

With a background in software engineering, Marwa stepped into the world of a startup Fintech firm bringing along several years of software development experience and quickly became an instrumental part of the company's success since its inception in 2015.

In her role as Technology Lead at Yielders, Marwa serves a dual role; technical powerhouse and business development pioneer. As a certified Scrum Master, Marwa has spearheaded the development of Yielders' innovative technology platform, which brings ethical investment opportunities to people all across the world from as little as £100. A true polyglot across a number of technical disciplines, Marwa brought her wide-ranging expertise to the company and her tenure has seen a number of young graduates flourish under her guidance.

Marwa's role hasn't been limited to the back office, however. Her broad expertise has seen her occupy a role between the technology and front-facing sides of the business. She is instrumental in areas such as business development, marketing and investor relations. She particularly serves as an inspiration to women who are hesitant or wary of investing, offering a friendly face and a fresh perspective on the experience of investing. In doing so, she broadens the scope of Yielders' product, bringing ethical investing to people who otherwise might not have considered it as an option for them.

In short, Marwa isn't your stereotypical FinTech personality. She has been ranked in the Womani Top 100 most Influential Women in Islamic Business and Finance 2019 powered by CambridgeIFA, and has featured on the 'Women in Fintech Powerlist' too, testament to her growing influence among her peers. Serving as a role model for those traditionally underrepresented in technology and finance, Marwa undoubtedly paves the way for a more diverse and dynamic FinTech industry.

Alongside her flourishing career in technology, Marwa is also a busy mother of three; juggling raising a family without compromising on her career or her role as a mother.

Marisa Martin-Fernandez

Marisa Martin-Fernandez | UKRI-STFC

Marisa Martin-Fernandez

I have a BA in physics, which I carried out in Spain.

I was awarded an extraordinary international fund to come to the UK to work on a PhD to develop technical skills relevant to building Synchrotron Radiation beamlines. From the Synchrotron Radiation Department in Daresbury Laboratory I joined the Central Laser Facility in 2008 and moved to the Research Complex at Harwell in 2010. During my PhD I fell in love with biology research and developed a lifelong passion to understand the molecular mechanisms underpinning the onset of cancer. In order to undertake cancer research, I trained in cell biology and microscopy, and the combination of these skills has been key to allow me to carry out multidisciplinary research that help me to realise the impact on cancer research of new microscopy systems with ever greater resolution. I am currently a Group Leader in the Central Laser Facility and have a visiting Professorship in the Division of Cancer Studies, King’s College London.

Marily Nika

Marily Nika | Google

Marily Nika

Marily has spent her career leveraging state of the art AI models in order to make users' daily lives better.

Marily now works for Google as a Machine Learning Product Manager on Speech Technologies, previously worked at Facebook London as a Data Analyst and is also the founder of a London-bassed EdTech startup. Marily holds a Ph.D in Computer Science from Imperial College London and is a part-time Teaching Fellow at Harvard Business School on Innovation & Strategy.

Dr. Marily Nika is not only an outstanding scientist; outside of her day job, she dedicates her life to supporting and championing the Women in Tech community in every way she can. She has been an outstanding ambassador and is an inspirational role model and humanitarian, that has as a life goal to aspire the current and next generation to join a career in technology. Marily has delivered three TEDx talks and has received international recognition — including the Woman of the Year 2018 Award by the FDM Group (everywoman) in London, as well as the Women in Science and Engineering Influence Award in 2015 that was awarded to her by HRH Princess Anne, for empowering the Women in tech community, by having founded 3 women in tech groups.

Moriah Baxevane-Connell

Moriah Baxevane-Connell | Google

Moriah Baxevane-Connell

Moriah Baxevane-Connell is from a small, rural town in Pennsylvania, USA.

During her time at university, she accidentally fell into the field of technology after taking a C++ module required for her originally-planned maths degree and was hooked. Throughout her remaining years in school, Moriah attended the life-changing Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC) twice, including presenting original research around women in tech-related fields of study in 2011.

After graduating with a dual degree in Information Science & Technology and Psychology, Moriah joined Microsoft as a Technology Consultant specialising in databases, reporting, and analytics. She spent almost five years travelling across the US and parts of Europe working directly with customers to implement, use, and create informative analytics from a multitude of Microsoft technologies. Craving a big life change, Moriah left Microsoft and moved to the UK to study for an MBA at the University of Oxford. She graduated in 2018 and joined Google’s London offices shortly thereafter as a Cloud Consultant within the Professional Services Organisation. In her current role, Moriah uses her background in tech as well as the foundational business knowledge from her MBA course to work with customers across Europe to optimise their usage of Google Cloud Platform.

Throughout her career, Moriah has remained very passionate and focused around promoting and encouraging women in technology – something that stems from her years as one of the only woman in her field of study at university. She was lucky enough to have three incredible female professors-turned-mentors during her time in school, and they gave her the incredible foundations on which to build her technology career. Through attending GHC during school, Moriah had the chance to experience the strong sisterhood across tech that was sometimes missing in her male dominated university classes. She went on to help lead Microsoft’s involvement in GHC for three years, and also contributed and co-led multiple Microsoft-internal women’s initiatives. She’s been a speaker at GHC twice – once to an audience of over 5,000 – to share her journey and provide advice for conference attendees on how to navigate the field of technology consulting. During her time at Oxford, Moriah was co-chair of the Women’s Leadership Oxford Business Network and spent the year continuing the conversation around women in STEM. Now at Google, Moriah has already become involved in women in cloud initiatives and mentoring groups, has attended and worked the Google booth at the Women of Silicon Roundabout conference, and has spoken at the Wonder Women Tech conference. With a ‘’pay it forward’’ mentality, Moriah is a mentor to multiple young women within technology, as she has (and still does) consistently leaned on her amazing mentors throughout her career.