Jenna Kelway

Jenna Kelway | Royal Navy

Jenna Kelway

I am an experienced, passionate marine engineer with 13 years experience of front line marine engineering, engineering propulsion support, portfolio/project management, risk management, financial management/planning and Human Resources and Training within the UK Armed Forces.

Currently the Marine Engineering Branch Manager within the Royal Navy's People Capability division, I am responsible for providing sufficient and capable engineers to the front line. Managing a branch of approx.2400 engineers, this role includes using statistical modelling techniques to determine recruitment targets and calculating promotion through flow requirements as well as working with current capability (Type 45 Destroyers, Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers) and future capability (Type 26 Frigates) to determine the training required which will ensure engineers of the Naval Service are suitably qualified and experienced to operate the very latest technology in these units.

Previous to this I completed 2 years as the head of the Marine Engineering Department in HMS SOMERSET, a Type 23 Anti Submarine Frigate. I lead a team of 40 engineers maintaining all propulsion and auxiliary systems onboard. Specifically I delivered a Propulsion Converter Upgrade, upgrading a legacy analogue converter system into a modern, digital converter system. In this role I was also the ship lead for risk management, a key component of maintaining the safety case of the ship and driving the team onboard and support contractors ashore to deliver planned maintenance periods and unplanned defect rectification on time and on budget.

Prior to this I spent 2 years working in Navy Resources and Plans, working in depth with programme and project finance, developing an in depth knowledge of MOD finance models and using portfolio management skills to advise senior management on individual project/programmes progress in order to maintain portfolio coherence.

My first appointment ashore in 2010, I spent 2.5 years as a Propulsion Project Officer for the Royal Netherlands Navy, overseeing the in service support, back office engineering advice to front line units and financial coordination for all Marine Gas turbines in the Royal Netherlands Navy. This post also involved the development and analysis of propulsion system designs for future projects, in particular as part of the team developing the re-propulsion design for the Future Landing Craft.

Finally my very first position in the Royal Navy, 2.5 years as the Deputy Marine Engineer Officer in HMS YORK a Type 42 Destroyer. During this challenging assignment I was the Deputy Head of the Marine Engineering Department, working to drive the ship out of a period of deep refit and specifically delivering a full package of Engineering Sea Trials followed by a full operational deployment to the Falkland Islands.

Janette Isiguzo

Janette Isiguzo | KPMG

Janette Isiguzo

From graduating Loughborough University with a First Class Honours, Janette's passion for customer service has led to her working with a diverse range of clients across Public sector, Defence and National Security and the Private sector and currently working in the Financial Services industry at KPMG focusing on service delivery excellence to drive innovation & tech transformation.

Janette is positioned within the Solutions & Digital Infrastructure team as an experienced Service Delivery Manager, managing a portfolio of Public Cloud Services which support KPMG’s Audit, Deals Advisory, Tax Pension Legal & KPMG Business Services clients. Janette is passionate about celebrating Women in IT and as a STEM Ambassador is actively engaged in multiple STEM initiatives that help promote interest in Tech and attract the next generation of talent at KPMG.

Jane Pitt

Jane Pitt | Microsoft

Jane Pitt

I left school convinced I wanted to be a writer, and so I completed my degree in English Literature at the University of London and got a job in television as a script reader and production assistant.

However, my passion for technology soon became obvious and I started to take on more and more of the technical elements of the company, eventually becoming Facilities Manager.

In 2001 I left the media industry to set up an IT support company, looking after computers and networks for small to medium businesses. I successfully grew the company to the point of having over 100 customers and a team of Support Engineers before selling it. I'm proud to say that the company I started still exists today.

After I sold my company I became a Storage and Backup Engineer working as a consultant for enterprises and financial institutions. I joined Savvis, a Managed Service Provider, in 2007 as a third-line Support Engineer and after five years I moved into an Infrastructure Architect role. I joined Microsoft in 2016 as an Azure Architect, and then into the Partner Technology Strategist role at the start of 2019.

I love the pace of change of technology, and I love the way it can positively impact every single person. Although my career started in a creative role, I think having a strong ability to communicate is a valuable skill, even in a technical role.

Katrina Novakovic

Katrina Novakovic | Red Hat

Katrina Novakovic

Growing up, I was always interested in computers and I studied Computer Science with Management at Royal Holloway University.

I went on to take a technical graduate role as an Application Support Consultant, primarily using C++, Ruby on Rails and TCP/IP networking skills. I held several other positions at the same company, gradually moving to less technical, more business focused roles, with increasing customer interaction. It was only after I’d been working for a while that I found I got the most enjoyment out of my job as I saw technology help people to solve their real-world problems. I like that there are always new problems to solve and new ways to solve problems. The company was very security conscious, heavily process driven and controlled. I left to move to Red Hat, the world's leading provider of enterprise Open Source solutions, which is a very different environment – open and all about communities. It took me a while to transition to work a different way. I spent a few years working in the Customer Experience and Engagement group, last year moving to Pre-sales and services, where I’m currently a Business Architect in the EMEA Office of Technology (EOT), working across the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. I work with organisations to strategically use open source software and methodologies and to establish communities. I guide customers through the process and cultural changes needed for digital transformation and technology adoption to ensure customer success. For me, it’s important to have a job working with people (colleagues, customers and communities) and also having variety, solving lots of different problems.

Holly Boothroyd

Holly Boothroyd | Microsoft

Holly Boothroyd

Holly is a Microsoft Software Engineer who has worked on multiple globally released products including Paint 3D and Xbox, and now develops the virtual assistant Cortana for Windows.

In her role she collaborates closely with designers to create experiences that users love and will make them more productive. She is responsible for core client features and implementing the main look and feel of Cortana on Windows. Her code is currently on over 800 million devices world-wide!

Between developing applications, she an active advocate for diversity and inclusion for women in STEM. She is on the Technical Women at Microsoft Board and works with the Microsoft DigiGirlz team and external organizations like Code First: Girls and the STEMettes to empower women and help others realize their full-potential.

She co-led the creation of two DigiGirlz technical showcases where 100 young girls interacted with innovative Microsoft technologies (Paint 3D, HoloLens, and SwiftKey) to highlight the different roles in the technology industry. The schools rated the showcase as the "most valuable" aspect of the day, and was praised by Cindy Rose, CEO of Microsoft UK. Many girls stated they would now take STEM GSCEs and A-Levels.

She is a public speaker, mentor, and the creator of the Instagram page HerHelloWorld with over 10,000 followers that works to redefine public perception of technology careers and mentor new technologists.

Holly has a BSc (Hons) in Computing and Information Technology from the University of Surrey, where she was awarded the IBM Prize for Best Final Year Performance, IBM Prize for Excellent Placement Year Performance, and Best Placement Student of the Year for the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Science. Throughout her degree she was the VP of the Computing Society, a Computer Science Course Representative, a United States International Student Ambassador, and danced on the Advanced Competitive Ballet Team.

Hayley Knott

Hayley Knott | Natilik Ltd

Hayley Knott

I have grown up in a very tech-aware household with my Dad working in Telecomms since before I can remember.

When I was small and asked, 'what does your dad do?' I would always answer 'He sells telephones' I am sure this would have mortified him, for as I grew up I realise how broad and wide the Telecomms and tech industry was and that 'selling telephones' was not what my Dad did at all.

The whole industry fascinated me and I viewed it as a magical world of dark arts and wizardry.

It took me a while to get into the industry after university but found my way in first through a reseller of contact centre technology, then moving to a manufacturer through acquisition and then back to the partner world at Natilik, where I am today.

Through Natilik I have been able to expand my knowledge and understanding of different areas of technology and how everything interconnects like Software-defined networks, to advance threat security, cognitive collaboration and AI to omnichannel environments in contact centres. My whole world exploded and my work soon became my passion and in turn my passion my work. I have really enjoyed being part of, and seeing the journey of how DevOps and its application in automating business, are transforming the tech landscape and a community of developers are emerging as the new buying power. I have found supporting the set up of an in house DevOps practice extremely rewarding, getting to work with some brilliant minds and advancing Natiliks position as a Next Generation Partner to our clients. In the tech industry, you are constantly learning and pushing yourself and it is that constant challenge that has made me fall in love with this world, what drives me to enthuse those around me and why I feel that Marketing for such an exciting industry is where I always want to be.

Harriet Shaw

Harriet Shaw | BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

Harriet Shaw

I started adult life as a scientist, studying biology and chemistry, and then going on to do a masters in biotech entrepreneurship.

As part of my masters I was involved in a start-up looking to solve the emotional deficit sometimes seen in autistic children. We were using voice to text technology to help autistic children learn about different emotions and how they are expressed. This was where I developed my love of using technology to solve tangible real world problems.

Following my masters, I joined BAE Systems Graduate Programme. I selected BAE Systems because of its national security and defence mission – which hugely appeals to me as a highly tangible problem to be working on. I have loved working with government and law enforcement organisations over the last three years. Learning about how to solve complex problems to catch more criminals and defend more victims.

At the end of the Graduate Programme, I joined BAE Systems Futures, an innovation team charged with coming up with new product ideas to develop from the ground up. I currently am leading the development of one of our new anti-financial crime product ideas called the FinCrime Testing Service. Currently criminals are exploiting vulnerable people to generate cash for themselves. They hide that criminal money within the financial system, and are then free to use their criminal money to live lavish lifestyles, leaving victims and vulnerable people behind. If we can find that criminal money, we can catch more criminals and protect more victims. The FinCrime Testing Service understands how criminals hide their money in enough detail to simulate that behaviour. By simulating that behaviour we are helping financial institutions distinguish criminal money from legal money.

Jaimini Chandarana

Jaimini Chandarana | BBC

Jaimini Chandarana

I studied Media Technology and Production which allowed me to gain the scientific knowledge to take into the industry.

I started working for an independent company as an editor for short films and applied for a technical operator role for the BBC. I am now a senior operator at BBC and have worked for a range of programmes and services such as The One Show, Asian Network, BBC Three, Victoria Derbyshire and BBC News.

I currently work as a graphic designer for BBC Look North Yorkshire, Sunday Politics, The Super League Show and Inside Out and I am responsible for producing on air graphics across the new and legacy brands - from conceptualising and translating briefs into effective, inspirational and creative complex graphics for day to day news and longer form edits.

Working in TV gallery and studios is something I have always thoroughly enjoyed. I have gained valuable experience by operating cameras on live productions, floor managing in studios and major outside broadcasts, directing and sound mixing in the gallery.
My passion for technology can be traced back to my pre professional days whether it be directing drama productions at school to sound supervising on location for local community projects. My interest in technology goes far beyond my day job and working on projects outside of work allow me to keep up to date with an ever changing tech industry.

Isabel Ashworth

Isabel Ashworth | Jaguar Land Rover

Isabel Ashworth

I started my career in science studying a Masters in Physics at the University of Manchester and now I’m an engineer using technology in the form of virtual simulations to predict the climate performance of future products.

I joined Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) through the “Women in Engineering Undergraduate Sponsorship Scheme” in 2012. Through the early years of my career I undertook placements in various departments, developing skills in aerodynamics, simulation, coding and market research. Now I test the climate systems on future JLR products whilst they are in the development stages, by using computational fluid dynamics to look at the aerodynamic and thermal performances of the system. Together with my colleagues, I change the system designs to create a product that meets the requirements of the customer. This is an iterative process of change and re-testing until it is successfully made into a practical part to test in the “real-world”, at which point I can confirm and correlate the virtual analysis. Techniques I learnt through Green Belt accreditation and on-going Black Belt development enable me to critique the virtual modelling methods and suggest improvements to the sensitivity and robustness. The automotive industry is increasingly reliant on virtual analysis in order to develop products quickly. Not only must the current techniques be robust, but we must also expand our capabilities. Currently I am working on integrating a new method of understanding the customer’s thermal comfort into programme delivery. The latest challenge with electric vehicles is the limited amount of energy to be shared between systems, as it is predominantly needed for range. The methods to predict customer comfort, enable us to trial new methods of providing comfort that use the limited energy available more efficiently. I love my job because of its deep rooting in scientific principles and because I can see how this directly benefits the customers that will ultimately enjoy our products.

Isabel Chapman

Isabel Chapman | Triple D Media

Isabel Chapman

Isabel is a communications expert who has worked with young people, parents and disadvantaged, isolated communities for the last twelve years in various settings, including the Criminal Justice System, Peabody Housing Association, the Charity Sector and inner-city schools and estates.

Isabel has extensive experience and specialises in increasing access to opportunities through technology, co-creation of technology tools, demystifying technology, platforming the voices and experiences of those who are often forgotten and hard to reach.

Isabel has expertise in managing multi-stakeholders campaigns and programmes across the private and public sectors, focusing on social change, inequality and youth violence. In 2013 Isabel managed and coordinated The Oii My Size Campaign, which was awarded the Nominet Award for 'Making the Internet a Safer Place.' The Oii My Size campaign is an educational, youth-led website about the consequences and legalities of sexting. Isabel worked with The Pixel Parlour to support the campaigners to harness the power of technology to create social change, and empower young people with knowledge about the sharing of sexual images and information about a relatively new social issue. In 2013, in line with the change in the law to include 16 and 17 year old in the Domestic Abuse Victim definition, Isabel worked with Peabody Domestic Abuse lead and the Oii My Size group again to create a young person-specific webpage ‘What Is Normal?’ on the website, to allow young people to access reliable information online about Relationships and Domestic Abuse.

In 2015 Isabel coordinated an Erasmus+ project 'Relationship Status: It's Complicated' supporting 250 young people from London estates, professionals and MPs to attend events focused on bringing together different groups to discuss young people’s perspectives and solutions to Social Media, Sex and Relationships and Political Engagement, with the main event being hosted at the House of Commons. This was ahead of the government introducing Compulsory Sex and Relationships nationally for all young people over the age of 11, in 2018. The diverse range of young people included young men from the Muslin Community in Tower Hamlets who were passionate about increasing young people’s access to SRE, through technology. All aspects of this project were designed and developed by young people, providing them with genuine ownership of how technology and social media can be a force for bringing people together for discussion and social change.

Isabel joined #techmums in 2018 as their project manager and producer of #techmumsTV, launched in partnership with Facebook. The innovative show live-streamed 5 weekly 1 hour episodes, all about young mums and technology; where Isabel researched the programme topics which included Online Safety, Looking for work online and Using your voice online. Isabel was pivotal to establishing the format of the show, Isabel ensured young mums were placed at the centre of the show, celebrating how they are using technology, as well as the other aspect of the show, focusing on increasing viewers knowledge and understanding of how technology can be used safely in their everyday lives, to increase employment opportunities and reduce isolation.

Isabel also researched and sourced guests, having to quickly build relationships with contributors to secure them to appear on #techmumsTV, including Emma Northcote from Monzo and Aimee Bateman from Career Cake. Isabel built relationships with a range of young mums nationally, through Home-Start UK and worked with supporters to make the show happen. Isabel was the main contact for coordinating content between the production company, Facebook and #techmums, all whilst only working 2 days a week for #techmums. Isabel successfully cohosted all 5 episodes with Dr Sue Black, briefed and coordinated 18 guests across the 5 episodes, which received over 300,000 views and high engagement rates of viewers watching all over the world. Isabel was pivotal to ensuring the content was relatable to everyday women, celebrating how they use technology in their lives, and increasing their knowledge of tools to raise aspirations and generate income. Key partners included LinkedIn, Monzo, Inkpact, and Depo Isabel went on to become #techmums Head of Operations where she and her colleague, Holly Rafique, redeveloped and updated #techmums Digital Skills Clubs content, successfully training and supporting 6 10-week #techmumsClubs nationally. Isabel was responsible for all strategic partnerships, initing and forming new partnerships in Scotland, Leeds, Jersey and London, bringing in over £25K into #techmums, bringing increased digital skills to 200 women and their families, who previously had not engaged in any formal technology qualifications.

Isabel is passionate about making things happen and empowering everyone she works with to use technology and embrace its advantages, as well as increasing awareness of how to approach situations and deal with the unfortunate, unavoidable negative aspects that can occur, without panicking. Isabel believes parents need support with aspects of understanding ever-evolving technologies to increase aspirations for future generations; this led Isabel to writing an article for Housing Technology about why parents are the missing link in the lack of diversity in technology conversation. Isabel is considered an expert in the Gender Equality field and is a qualified Safe Lives YPVA (Young People's Violence Advisor) & an ISVA (Independent Sexual Violence Advisor). Isabel is an established public speaker, regularly speaking at events and conferences; this includes chairing debates in parliament and speaking on the ‘Women in Tech’ panel at the Parliamentary Internet Conference. Isabel also gave a TEDxClapham talk on sexual assault and technology in 2015. Isabel runs her own consultancy, Triple D Media, which encourages organisations and women to Discover, Diversify and Disrupt.