Angie Maguire

Angie Maguire | Protocol Labs

Angie Maguire

I'm Head of Growth and Marketing at Protocol Labs, an open-source research, development, and deployment laboratory driving breakthroughs in computing to push humanity forward.

Protocol Labs contributes to the development of open-source projects including IPFS, Filecoin, libp2p, and many more. In my role at Protocol Labs, I played an integral role in the launch of Filecoin, the world’s largest decentralised storage network, and the Starling Lab - an organization dedicated to using decentralized tools based on cryptography and blockchain to advance the cause of human rights.

I'm also the Founder of Ladies of Code, an international community of professional developers launched in 2011, I was heavily involved in growing the community globally. Encouraging collaboration to inspire and advance the education of women developers, Ladies of Code holds a series of monthly meetups, offers scholarships and annual conferences to support and celebrate the technology leaders of today and tomorrow. In 2013 I was awarded a Rising Star in Tech Award from Computer Weekly for my work on Ladies Who Code.

I am the CEO of Brandsmith, a technology marketing and events agency working with Microsoft, Google and IBM. Through my work at Brandsmith, I also founded and organised Container Camp, the world’s leading independent conference on container technology - bringing together innovative enterprises, tech giants and startups who are transforming enterprise IT and driving business innovation with containers.

A recognised thought leader in the space, I have been featured in; Adweek, Venture Beat, The New Stack, Benzinga, InterHacktives, and Kubernetes Podcast, and have had articles published in Nasdaq and Hackernoon.

Angela Conway

Angela Conway | PwC

Angela Conway

Angela is a digital design strategist, focusing on the Salesforce technology stack.

With a background in digital service and experience design, Angela was inspired to upskill in Salesforce's technologies following her own diagnosis with a brain tumour. When UK-based The Brain Tumour Charity coached her through her brain surgery journey, providing her with the right information at the right time to empower her decisions, Angela learned that Salesforce was the tool they were using to do so. Intrigued by this powerful and intuitive use of technology, Angela later used Salesforce's Trailhead learning platform to upskill and gain 5 Certifications (to-date). She made the move from platform-agnostic service and experience design to join PwC as a Salesforce Consultant.

With now both Salesforce skills and UX skills, Angela was identified by the Design team at Salesforce's headquarters in the United States, and asked to be a member of a global Subject Matter Expert volunteer team, to codesign Salesforce's first exam and certification for UX Designers. This exam was launched to the world in June 2021. Angela is now helping Salesforce to spread the word about the exam by speaking about it at regional UK Salesforce community meet-ups, and running an exam bootcamp at PwC UK.

Maureen Biney

Maureen Biney | American Express

Maureen Biney

I had many different career dreams while growing up - I wanted to own a convenience store, then I thought I wanted to be a doctor, and then I thought I could work in the United Nations to put my language skills to good use.

I never dreamt about doing anything in the technology field. At least, not until I started my undergraduate degree at Ashesi University in Ghana where I grew up. Prior to Ashesi University, the closest to technology I had gotten was practising how to type using Mavis Beacon and taking Saturday classes in MS DOS. I did a major in BSc. Management Information Systems at Ashesi and I thoroughly loved the Programming I module which was in Visual Basic. It was very hard for me to grasp the concept, but I worked very hard at it, and I have never looked back since.

After my undergrad degree, I worked for one year in Ghana with a small, amazing group of Software Engineers in a start-up. I learnt how to write code in .NET on that job. I left to the UK to do an MSc. in Information Systems. After my post graduate degree, I moved back to Ghana for a year and did a lot of freelance work while helping my mum out with her businesses. I got on the Technology Graduate Program at American Express and that was my first experience working in a big company. On the graduate program, I got to try my hands on many different roles in technology. I did Java Engineering, .NET, Business Analysis, Product Management and Data Engineering. I got a full-time role to do Java Engineering, and that’s what I still do. In my current role, I love to automate processes that make engineers more efficient and productive at their roles.

Charmaine Mabika

Charmaine Mabika | BCS Consulting

Charmaine Mabika

Charmaine is a IT consultant based in London working for a global consultancy who provide testing services to various corporate clients.

She first started her journey after graduating in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience from The University of Westminster.After realising that she had a passion of Artificial intelligence and the world of technology she applied for her first position as a technical consultant her companies graduate intake and worked there for 3 years.She has gained numerous technical qualifications despite her lack of background/previous technology experience. After seeing the lack of representation of black women in the tech spaces as well as the gatekeeping of the tech roles she decided to take it upon herself to try to redefine what the tech industry looks like. She has done this by speaking at numerous inclusion events, creating events, speaking on radio's/blogs, mentoring and sending resources weekly to help others on their journey.

Donna Tosney

Donna Tosney | BJSS Limited

Donna Tosney

I’m an experienced Delivery Manager with successful track record of leading high profile, large scale, complex digital transformations, across a range of industries.

Well versed in the full end to end software delivery lifecycle. I'm responsible for leading technical teams to deliver cutting edge digital solutions. Utilising agile methods to produce best of breed services and products, ensuring technical excellence, whilst coaching our clients to adopt a DevOps culture and high quality engineering practices.

I've been working at BJSS for 3 years, a technology and engineering consultancy. Successfully delivering complex enterprise software by aligning engineering, advanced technology, user-centric design and implementing collaborative delivery approaches. Responsible for leading client engagements, focused on delivery excellence and succeeding in demanding and complex environments. Striving to drive technical excellence and focusing on delivering the right outcomes for our clients.

Aside from driving delivery I'm an accomplished Delivery Capability Lead. I successfully attract and retain talent within our organisation, through continuous investment in our people, supporting their learning paths and career progression. I have re-energised our Delivery Management community to build a valuable peer network, providing a safe space for support and collaboration where people share learnings and experiences. I've led various initiatives to ensure quality and drive best practise across our technical deliveries.

Ria Pandit

Ria Pandit | Deutsche Bank

Ria Pandit

Currently based in London, I am a Software Engineer at Deutsche Bank, an avid volunteer with various charities, and a graduate with a BSc in Physics from the University of Southampton.

During my time at University, I completed two summer internships at Fujitsu and Algolabs, which initially exposed me to the world of technology. Despite it being a steep learning curve, I found myself enjoying the time I was spending coding, and it gave me an immense sense of satisfaction to be able to use my skills to contribute to solving 'real world' problems. After graduating, I joined Deutsche Bank on their Technology Graduate Program. After just over two years, and two graduate rotations, I can now confidently use a whole host of technologies, including React, Java and Python. My role presently involves leading a team of engineers to build out a Developer Portal - an application which hopefully one day, will be used Bank-wide!

I have always been keen to see more diversity in Technology, and working at Deutsche Bank allowed me to get heavily involved in various outreach initiatives.

Currently, I am a mentor with the 'Stemettes' and a volunteer with Volunteering Matters, where I tutor young girls in Maths. I hold the position of a Gold Tier Facilitator - as part of Google's #IamRemarkable program, a series of workshops designed to improve the self-promotion motivation and skills of women and other underrepresented groups. During my time facilitating, I have worked with over 150 individuals, and achieved an above average facilitator score.

I have been grateful to have had many fantastic female role-models growing up. I hope that with my outreach work, one day, I can also be a role model for another young woman who is interested in entering the world of technology.

Lindsey Cox

Lindsey Cox | IBM

Lindsey Cox

I never knew I wanted to work in technology until I applied for a graduate position at IBM on a whim, and I’ve never looked back!

It never ceases to amaze me the new heights clients can reach with technology as the bedrock, yet I feel passionately that it is still people who really make the magic happen.

I’ve progressed through several roles from PMO and commercials into being a scrum master of a large multi-disciplinary agile team. Working in a fast-paced technical environment gave me an appreciation of the hard work and expertise that goes into building systems that we interact with daily, and the fact that none of it can happen without collaboration and coaching. I grew my role into project management role, driving technical delivery whilst navigating plans, stakeholders and people management. I embedded reuse and best practice at the core, creating tools and templates to enable other IBMers and client staff to learn from my experience and to be self sufficient. I used this leadership role as an opportunity to grow the careers of others, providing junior developers and scrum masters with the platform to learn new skills and grow their confidence. This resulted in the client apprentice in my team being nominated as 'Rising Star of the Year' at the 2020 National Apprentice Awards, which was a very proud moment for me!

I’ve been privileged to work on large government programmes, and am proud of the social impact that the technology programmes I’ve led have had on our society, from tracking cows within the EU, to one of the largest payroll systems in the world, to systems that underpin national security. But I am particularly of the team members I have mentored along the way - watching them go from strength to strength has been just as gratifying as delivery.

Amy Bartlett

Amy Bartlett | In-Space Missions Ltd

Amy Bartlett

I have always enjoyed solving problems. My background in science, and career in technology, have allowed me the opportunity to help solve some fascinating problems for customers and for the advancement of knowledge.

I have a PhD in Theoretical Nuclear Physics and an MPhys in Physics with Nuclear Astrophysics, both from the University of Surrey. As part of my MPhys degree, I spent a research year at the prestigious University of Notre Dame, in South Bend, Indiana. My research involved trying to better understand where and how elements heavier than iron are produced in the universe.

Since completing my PhD, I have spent the last 13 years working in the technology sector; first at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence (formally Detica) and for the last year, at In-Space Missions. During my career at Applied Intelligence, I fulfilled several strategic service roles including Service Architect for various cyber security solutions and products, and Quality and Global Process Manager for fraud detection software products. I gained experience working for a diverse range of customers including commercial, UK government and international government customers.

Since joining In-Space, I have refined the design of our Space-as-a-Service offering, applying service best practice and holding design discussions with the European Space Agency. I am proud to be leading the development and implementation of our Space-as-a-Service offering as it provides an increasingly diverse range of customers with access to space applications, assisting with the democratisation of space. I have also started the first In-Space employee focus group on Sustainability – with a view to sharing practical ideas for more sustainable living and influencing In-Space environmental policy.

Lauren Wright

Lauren Wright | Lloyds Banking Group

Lauren Wright

I am currently lucky enough to lead the ‘Data, Advanced Analytics and Insights’ team; a team entrusted with helping improve business performance through data led decisions within Lloyds Banking Group.

In this role I get to actively encourage my team to positively disrupt, continually rediscover, innovate, and evolve the art of the possible through their skills and capabilities. We champion, actively experiment and trial new ideas and technologies & develop end to end products which bring value to our colleagues. I’m fortunate enough to have a role where I can use my passion for exploring new technologies and ideas, and bring people on these, sometimes complex, journeys with me. My path to where I am now has been relatively winding, I didn’t envisage I’d end up in the job I am, working at a bank creating data products, in fact, for the longest time I didn’t think of myself as a data or tech person at all despite working for years in engineering and data roles. Truly at school, I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do, I just knew as a bit of a rebel (then and now) I didn’t want to close myself off to anything, so I picked a variety of STEM and Creative subjects.

I went to an all-girls school, so it never occurred to me when I picked my degree or embarked on my career firstly in Nuclear Engineering and more recently in the Banking Sector as part of LBG, that I’d end up often being a lone female. At times it did feel pretty lonely but I’m in the fortunate position now where I’ve found my passion and my niche surrounded by people that share my enthusiasm for data, being creative and maybe sometimes a bit disruptive...

Dominika Bennani

Dominika Bennani | J.P. Morgan

Dominika Bennani

Dominika is a technical lead and a team manager within the Digital & Platform Services in JPMorgan. In her role she is overseeing the design and the delivery of technical solutions that accelerate the migrations from legacy trade and risk management systems to the global Athena platform within the Investment Bank’s Markets businesses.

Her responsibilities include driving the agenda for 3 technical products and the career management of 10 members within her team.

Since joining in 2010, Dominika has held a number of technology roles covering the full spectrum of responsibilities as a technologist working on a trade and risk management system. She began in a production support role, then developed tools for business support functions. Later she drove and delivered the technical solutions to support users who are directly generating revenue, and continuing in a cross business role where she was architecting solutions and implementing models that enable the communication with downstream systems. Her contribution has been instrumental in completing multiple migrations from legacy systems to the strategic platform.

Dominika holds a Masters degree with a distinction in Computer Science with a major in Artificial Intelligence from the Warsaw University of Technology. Since joining the graduate program in 2010 she has been a key resource in a variety of teams, always seeking for additional opportunities to improve the technology stack and continue her growth.