Georgia Mantzana

Georgia Mantzana | London Borough of Havering

Georgia Mantzana

From product marketing manager leading organisations to establish brand equity and building, managing and implementing growth plans across FMCG, business intelligence, startup and education management sectors, to a User Experience (UX) Designer, I found my passion in human-centred design and technology.

I am currently a Senior User Experience (UX) Designer, Consultant working for a leading local authority in the Transformation and Digital Portfolio team focusing on human-centred service design tying together human, digital, and physical interactions to create a truly differentiated experience for the public good while collaborating with Tech partners including Google, Vodafone and Amazon. I am passionate about using systems and service design practices to unpack complex social problems and develop shared inclusive and sustainable solutions.

Originally from a small provincial town in Greece, my sisters and I were the first in our family to attend university; that resulted from our mother’s determination and belief in our abilities to achieve our goals and create a better future. A strong leader figure, independent and influential woman, she became my role model and inspired me to strive for success in every aspect of life after losing my father at a very young age. Naturally, being someone with great ambition and big dreams, I was curious to explore the world, learn about other cultures and speak different languages. I had the opportunity to work and study across Greece, UK, Singapore and Switzerland and travelled to over 30 countries.

I earned a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from the University of West Attica, Athens, Greece and a Master of Science degree from Aberystwyth University, UK. Also, I have completed specialised courses in Strategic Marketing at the National University of Singapore and a UX Design Immersive programme at the General Assembly in London.

I am a speaker at industry events, a mentor at WomenTech Network and ADPList, and a volunteer at Action for Children and Make A Wish. Through my story and experiences, I aim to empower women in design and technology regardless of their background. I believe in the humanisation of technology through design to generate security, naturalness, and transparency in people's lives and making a global impact.

Safina Siddiqui

Safina Siddiqui | JP Morgan Chase

Safina Siddiqui

I joined the finance industry in 2015 as a Software Developer after achieving a Bachelor of Science degree from University College London (UCL) in Computer Science.

I spent my first two years in industry at Barclays in the Investment Bank and from there, I moved to Asset Management at JP Morgan Chase & Co (JPMC). Firstly joining the Multi-Asset Solutions Portfolio Management Team, I moved internally in November 2020 to join the Money Markets Trading team where I am responsible for the development and support of the Money Markets Trading applications. Due to the front office nature of my roles, I have worked closely with Portfolio Managers, Traders and Middle Office in the business as well as the technology teams based in New York and Hong Kong. As a full stack developer, I contribute to both the UI and the backend services for the team.

Always looking at the bigger picture, I have been able to make significant contributions in my roles at JPMC. Currently within Money Market Trading Technology, I met a key milestone of adopting FIX, the industry standard, within the space. Previously in Portfolio Management, I was a key contributor in the re-design of the entire portfolio management system that became the strategic application for portfolio management across all asset classes within Asset Management at JPMC. Having been selected for the Expert Engineer program at JPMC, an initiative reserved for high-performing technologists, I received the ‘Leading the Way’ Award for the characteristics I demonstrate, and I have also been recognized as a Women of Color STEM – Technology Rising Star, highlighting that my efforts are helping to shape the technology of the future.

I am an Enterprise Advisor for my local girls school, volunteer for STEM advocacy events hosted at JPMC and mentor as part of WomenOnTheMove, a JPMC network to help support other women through their careers. I am also an active contributing member of TIF (JPMC women’s technology network) and a founding of the AM London Technology Culture Committee focused on sharing knowledge and bringing community together for an inclusive work culture. I volunteer my time for these initiatives as I am dedicated to ensuring that all young women have insight into careers which they may not have had visibility to in the past and empowering women through every stage in their careers.

Natalie Pringle

Natalie Pringle | CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP

Natalie Pringle

Natalie is the Programme Manager for the CMS equIP start-up accelerator, the largest Tech focused programme run by an International law firm.

The CMS equIP programme supports high growth Tech start-ups by providing heavily discounted legal fees and useful introductions to help start-ups as they scale.

Having completed her undergraduate degree in Law, Natalie has spent the last 10 years in roles spanning numerous industries and jurisdictions. This experience had allowed her to work with a variety of different teams and develop her skill set in business development and project management.

After forging a successful career in International Real Estate, Natalie launched the Hong Kong division of The New Savvy, the largest financial literacy platform in Asia dedicated to helping women improve their financial wellbeing. As CMO for the brand, Natalie spearheaded the expansion of the organisation throughout Kuala Lumpur, Bangalore and Vietnam hosting regular events and securing partnerships with corporate partners and International schools. Natalie is passionate about the role that Technology plays in democratising personal finance solutions and raising awareness of the importance of financial literacy.

Having been involved in the launch of several FinTech start-ups, Natalie proceeded to pursue her passion for supporting start-up founders when she joined CMS to lead their accelerator programme. Since joining the firm in January 2020, Natalie has helped to promote the accelerator across the start-up ecosystem, providing founders with access to a world-class legal team in multiple jurisdictions.

In her role at CMS, Natalie consistently works to ensure that the programme is accessible to founders from all backgrounds and demographics, particularly focusing on the #LeadHers initiative. #LeadHers was launched specifically to help female founders on the equIP programme connect with investors and secure funding.

Natalie has written articles for well-known publications covering guidance for start-ups looking to join an accelerator programme and top things which founders should consider when approaching VCs for funding. Natalie has also been featured as an invited speaker for panel discussions and industry events focusing on empowering women in tech.

Katie Gamanji

Katie Gamanji | CNCF

Katie Gamanji

Katie is the Ecosystem Technical Advocate at CNCF or Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Katie's focus within this role is to grow and lead the End User Community while bridging the gap with other ecosystem units, such as project maintainers, TOCs, and SIGs. In the past roles as a cloud platform engineer, Katie has build platforms that gravitate towards cloud-native technologies and principles, with Kubernetes as the focal point. These projects started with the automation of application delivery on OpenStack-based infrastructure, which transitioned into the creation of a centralized, globally distributed platform at Condé Nast and American Express.

Additionally, Katie is the creator/instructor of the Cloud Native Fundamentals Udacity course and is on the advisory board for Keptn, a CNCF sandbox project.

Iyore Agbede

Iyore Agbede | Credit Suisse

Iyore Agbede

I am a highly proficient technology delivery manager who combines the right level of technology expertise with significant business knowledge to deliver high quality technology platforms.

I am a strong advocate for encouraging and empowering diverse groups of individuals who are under-represented in technology.

Through my membership of the Credit Suisse’s IT Women’s Champions Attract/Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) Planning sub-committee, I have helped run programs at local secondary schools to motivate young females interested in pursuing STEM careers. I have participated in ‘Day in the life @ CS’ events for young school leavers which introduces them to the wide range of career opportunities within banking, and technology in particular.

I hold a first degree in Computer Science and have a particular interest in the use of innovative and emerging technologies to solve real-life problems.

I also hold an MBA in Finance degree (distinction) and a diploma in Electronics & Communications Engineering.

Alice Hendy

Alice Hendy | R;pple Suicide Prevention

Alice Hendy

I lost my only sibling, my brother Josh, on the 25th November 2020 to suicide. Josh was 21 years of age.

My day job involves working in IT and Cyber Security, with experience in working for global financial institutions and insurance firms in the city of London.

After examining Josh’s phone and laptop following his death, I found that Josh had been researching techniques to take his own life via internet searches, suicide forums and video tutorials. I discovered that the content available online following a search of this nature currently provides mental health support in one format; a helpline.

To ensure more help and support is given to individuals in mental health crisis and searching for harmful content online, I utilised my skillset in IT and Cyber Security to set up R;pple Suicide Prevention.

R;pple addresses the lack of intervention and instead provides an immediate, vibrant display on a user’s device once they have been flagged as searching for online content relating to self-harm or suicide. R;pple consists of a message of hope, as well as encouraging users to utilise a selection of mental health support resources in a range of different options (call, text, webchat, app, resources).

Now, R;pple is being rolled out across the UK by multinational banks, insurance companies and logistics companies to ensure that harmful online searches are intercepted and people in mental health crisis are redirected to the mental health support they deserve through innovative technology.

Penny Trayner

Penny Trayner | Clinical Neuropsychology Services Ltd.

Penny Trayner

I am a paediatric clinical neuropsychologist and a clinical psychologist, specialising in community-based rehabilitation for children and young adults with acquired brain injury.

I qualified as a psychologist in 2008 and since this time I have worked for the NHS and in private practice in London and Manchester, and as a part-time academic. In 2012, I established a community-based rehabilitation service for children and young people with acquired brain injuries, providing services for children and families all over England and Wales. My background in technology evolved directly from my clinical experiences of providing clinical leadership to multidisciplinary teams. This role encompasses responsibility for overseeing, coordinating, and monitoring rehabilitation goals and the overall activity of the multidisciplinary team towards meeting these, ensuring that the work carried out is evidence based and meaningful to the individual and that progress is made towards achieving their goals.

To meet these complex requirements effectively, I set out to develop a digital solution to speed up and automate as many of the processes as possible, ensuring that I was able to provide gold standard rehabilitation goal setting without taking up excessive time and also allowing me to remotely coordinate the activities of the multidisciplinary team, who often worked in different services and settings all over the UK. Having evolved organically from these clinical experiences, Goal Manager®, my cloud-based platform for healthcare rehabilitation, is uniquely placed to meet the exact demands of rehabilitation goal setting, using all best practice processes.

I have presented research about Goal Manager® and delivered workshops and training all over the world, whilst continuing to provide a leading service for rehabilitation in the UK. Goal Manager® has received a national award for innovation in brain injury rehabilitation and is successfully being implemented in services across the UK and in the USA.

When I am not being a neuropsychologist, I am also a professional DJ and I have used these skills to co-design a DJ’ing for rehabilitation programme, a vehicle for helping children and adults recover for catastrophic brain injuries.

Christina Yida Hu

Christina Yida Hu | ZOE

Christina Yida Hu

Christina is Head of Product at the ZOE COVID Study - a not-for-profit tech startup that has been central to the scientific fight against COVID-19.

Over the past 18 months, over 4.7 million people across the UK, US and Sweden have used the app and contributed their data to COVID-19 science. Today, close to 1 million people are weekly active users - making it one of the most used healthtech apps in Europe. As part of her role, Christina sets the KPIs and strategy, decides what app features to build, raises funding, and leads collaborations with external organisations and academic institutions such as King's College London.

Prior to the ZOE COVID Study, Christina was an AI Product Manager for Babylon Health (a unicorn-status start-up combining AI with human doctors) where she found the user and business problems that can and should be solved by AI, and worked closely with engineers, AI researchers, designers and doctors to solve them.

Christina came to Product Management after 4 years in Strategy Consulting at Ernst & Young. Before that, she graduated from the University of Cambridge with a degree in Natural Sciences.

Rhiannon Reilly

Rhiannon Reilly | Atos

Rhiannon Reilly

Rhiannon is a HR professional with varied experience across HR and recruitment, technical project management and teaching. Since graduating the Teach First leadership programme in 2018, Rhiannon has carried with her a passion for creating a diverse and inclusive future within technology.

Rhiannon has a strong belief in growth mindset and providing opportunities and was keen to ensure she utilised her platform at Atos after moving on from teaching. Whilst working as a project manager, Rhiannon lead the graduate STEM network, putting on 13 STEM events over the year.  Rhiannon then founded the Ark Academy Partnership, provide access to information about careers in technology to pupils from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds, she has since led 3 successful events.

Over the past year, Rhiannon has Co-Chaired the gender network, leading and inspiring her committee and the wider network members. Rhiannon has run many sessions on complex topics such as non-binary, mental health and impostor syndrome, raising awareness and championing diversity and inclusion.

As a project manager, Rhiannon built successful relationships with her customer, managing a portfolio of 20-30 projects a month. Alongside this, Rhiannon achieved both foundation and practitioner PRINCE 2 within her first year. Moving into an internal project management position, Rhiannon then project managed an internal automation project leading to realised FTE savings.

Since moving into HR, Rhiannon has worked across employee relations, recruitment and projects. It is Rhiannon’s proactive attitude and interpersonal skills which have made her a driving force in any team she joins. Rhiannon deals with challenging situations adeptly and is always keen to provide intelligent solutions. Rhiannon also forms a key members of the self-run Atos talent programme LAUNCH, identified as one of the top 30 talents across Northern Europe.

Claire Moncaster

Claire Moncaster | RAF

Claire Moncaster

I have currently served 13 years in the RAF as a Survival Equipment Technician (SE Tech), in that time I have had the opportunity to deploy worldwide, supporting air operations and training in areas as diverse as the USA, Canada and the Middle East.

I have moved locations every few years as part of my career development (each job is known as an assignment or tour) locations include RAF Halton, DSAE Cosford, AACen Middle Wallop, RAF Benson, Aldergrove NI and back to RAF Benson for a second tour.

My day to day role is modification, maintenance, diagnostics and repair of the Survival Equipment (SE) and Aircrew Equipment Assemblies (AEA) fitted to aircraft and crew members.