#techmums is a network of kickass, savvy women who are also mums. We have 2,000 people signed up to our mailing list, 2,600 followers on Facebook and nearly 7,000 followers on Twitter. Our network is about connecting mums who want to learn more about technology, understand how to keep their children safe online and how to return to work in totally different fields, entering into exciting careers and beyond. The #techmums network expanded due to our partnership with Facebook and #techmumsTV where we live streamed 5 weekly 1 hour episodes all about young mothers and technology, through Facebook live has received 300,000 views to date. The #techmums network is supportive, inclusive and above all encourages women to realise and reach their full potential, through technology and meeting other people.


At IAMCP WIT, we understand the challenges women face as they pursue careers in an industry that’s all too often dominated by male voices. Most of us have encountered barriers, some we’ve overcome and some are too big to address individually. Together, we’ve built a strong network of global communities where women can collaborate, support and empower each other to do amazing things that change the world. Supported by Microsoft and the IAMCP, we hope to inspire girls to dream of roles in technology and help women thrive in the industry, without doubting they belong there.

Scotland Women in Technology

Scotland Women in Technology (SWiT) is a non-profit organisation which exists to CELEBRATE, CHAMPION and INVEST in trailblazers across the technology industry. Run by passionate volunteers challenging the status quo, now in its 10th year, SWiT continues to establish a vast network of followers by building on the momentum created by our inaugural SWIT Awards in 2017.

SWiT host educational and general networking events across Scotland focusing on offereing leadership skills, technical acumen and mentoring.

Following the awards SWIT created the role model roadshow, it showcases woment technology role models at secondary schools (11 - 17). The roadshow consists of career talks showcasing the role modesl from the awards encouraging active participation through fun exercises and Q&A.

Our strength is in our partnership and our ability to connect organisations and other networks together to drive significant change for tech industry in Scotland.