DevelopHerDevelopHer is a not-for-profit organisation that looks to elevate women in tech, digital and entrepreneurship.

We aim to develop careers, confidence and change in the workplace.

Our agenda is solely driven by the needs of our community.

By 2025, we aim to:

  • Facilitate skills based events for 10,000 community members
  • Empower 2,000 community members to make courageous career decisions
  • Spotlight and connect 1,000 women in tech members to lift each other up
  • Amplify the voice of the DevelopHer community in government and business. Where it matters.

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Women in Leeds Digital (WiLD)

Women in Leeds Digital Women in Leeds Digital (WiLD) is a community led initiative, focussed on both creating and highlighting activity that encourages women & diversity groups to consider digital roles.

Currently women make up only 17% of the digital workforce, and with technology advancing at such a fast rate, this is an issue that needs addressing sooner rather than later.

WiLD aims to educate soon to be graduates, recent graduates and those in early stage careers on the wide spectrum of opportunities within the sector. We do this through a range of activities, not least of all; highlighting the incredible people already working in digital across the region.

WiLD offers a range of training, consultancy and event led services. But more importantly than that, we highlight & celebrate the wide range of female led activity across the region. If you're looking to learn more about a career in digital, and let's face it in today's world who isn't, you've come to the right place. 

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STEMConnext’s events will bring you a panel of guest speakers, who are paving the way for diversity, equality and inclusion within the industry, an audience Q&A session and a chance to network.

From practical advice on effective ways to navigate your career to the opportunity to learn from the experiences of successful men and women in the industry, you will hopefully come away with valuable and actionable ideas and guidance. We want to build a community outside of London where anyone can network, share ideas and support each other.

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Lesbians Who Tech

Lesbians Who Tech

lesbians who techOur Goals:

To be more visible to each other

We all know that familiar feeling of meeting someone in a work setting, knowing she's a lesbian, and trying to work it into a conversation and make that connection. We're about making that happen: connecting lesbians and building a network of colleagues, associates and friends in the industry.

To Be More Visible To Others

Outside of Ellen, Rosie, Melissa, and now Tammy, what other mainstream lesbian role models can most people name? We need more examples of lesbian leaders and that means we need to come out as the amazing, successful people we are.

To Get More Women And Lesbians In Technology

Lesbians are women first, and right now women are some of the most gifted folks in technology, yet there are far fewer of us than there should be (women account for 1 in 15 people in STEM fields). Because there aren’t enough women, women are rarely quoted as experts by the mainstream media and blogs, on panels, etc. And add the element of being lesbian, it’s equally important for us to represent women, and out women, for our communities.

To Connect Lesbians Who Tech To LGBTQ And Women’s Organizations Who Are Doing Incredible Work For Community

There are so many groups who are fighting for our rights, and they need our support. Lesbians Who Tech provides a platform to raise awareness of their work and connect these organizations to queer women in the tech community.



Women in Tech Scotland

Women in tech scotlandWelcome to all women in tech in Scotland!

We are a group of female digital technology professionals getting together to discuss topics in tech, with a focus on advocating for better recognition and opportunities for women working in the technology sector in Scotland. This is a group for women working in all areas of digital technology, from education to software development, media to analytics, start-ups to multinationals - come along for discussion, presentations and networking.




Black Women in Science (BWiS)


The Black Women in Science Network strives to be a community of women with African and/or Caribbean heritage in various stages of their scientific careers. 

As a network, we believe that everyone should be encouraged to pursue careers of their choice and wants to make sure that black women feel equipped to do so.

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Black Women Talk Tech BWTT featured

Black Women Talk Tech (BWTT)

Black Women Talk Tech BWTT

BWTT is a collective of black women tech founders who have a unique understanding of the challenges black women startup owners face in the industry, but most importantly they understand the contribution of these innovators.

The organization seeks to identify, support and encourage black women to build the next billion-dollar business. The network is the host of an annual conference The Roadmap to Billions which was developed to provide an empowering experience for black women tech entrepreneurs to learn about business growth strategies and connect with investors and other tech founders.

The BWTT network is now over 500 founders and in 2018 launched chapters in Atlanta, Georgia, New York City and San Francisco, California. To learn more please visit and their social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.







Ivanti Women in Tech / The Techie Girls

Women in Tech Ivanti / The Techie Girls

Ivanti Women in Tech / The Techie Girls is a community of women working in the tech industry, powered by Ivanti.

We are passionate about diversity and inclusion, so as well as managing networking groups on social media, we hold networking events, undertake gender equality research and run webinars packed full of advice.

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WoSEC featured

WoSEC - Women of Security

WoSECWoSEC (Women of Security) was started by a lady from Ottawa (Canada) known as Tanya Janca (@shehackspurple) because she saw the wonderful friendships that Cyber Ladies in Israel have, and she thought “I want that too, that’s a fantastic idea”.

Activities differs in every chapter but the global goal is to create a safe and friendly environment for women in the cybersecurity community, with the goal of achieving greater diversity, representation, and equality in this vibrant field.

Our vision: Make an Information Security community that empowers women and values their contributions.

Our Mission: Create a welcoming and inclusive environment that promotes, supports, and develops women in security by facilitating networking, education, and mentorship opportunities.

Today, WoSEC is a community for women to make new friends in Security, so that women not only join our industry, but STAY.

We shine the spotlight on great things that women are doing in InfoSec with our twitter account, with which we strive to create a constant stream of positivity.

  • We “brunch and bitch” (like a stitch and bitch, but with food), so that we can make friends, network, and create mentoring relationships.
  • We hold safe spaces for learning, with women-only workshops or talks. Some chapters provide free tickets to technical workshops for some of our members.
  • We “Crash boy events”; by attending in a group, none of us is ever “the only woman there”.
  • We are trying to create a community for all women who work in (or want to work in) InfoSec, in hopes that they will have more opportunities, more support, and more fun.
  • We don’t have membership fees, all women are welcome, and even if someone is not involved with WoSEC we are happy to share their accomplishment and cheer them on.

WoSEC has resulted in: women starting businesses together, mentoring relationships, job interviews, internships, people being able to recruit from our community, a cheering squad showing up to surprise female speakers, standing up for each other, priceless advice, and friendship.

We can advocate for each other, and we do. We share our power, with each other, so that there is space for more of us.


Women in Tech York

Women in Tech York

Who are we?

We are a community of like-minded people studying, working or interested in technology. Our goal is to run events in which we can share our knowledge and interests as well as encourage and empower one another. This event is not exclusive to women; we welcome anyone passionate about tech and increasing diversity in the field.

We also welcome all students who are interested in learning more about Tech, and the careers it entails.