Women's Engineering Society

Women's Engineering Society

WESThe Women’s Engineering Society is a charitable company, founded in 1919 to support women in engineering.

Over 100 years later, we still operate as a Membership Society, promoting the education of women in engineering and advancing the education of the public concerning the study and practice of engineering among women. We founded International Women in Engineering Day (INWED), held on 23 June annually as an international awareness campaign to raise the profile of women in engineering and focus attention on the amazing career opportunities available in this exciting industry.


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Hire STEM Women featured

Hire STEM Women

Hire STEM Women logo

Hire STEM Women (HSW) was founded by Tehreem Sheikh in November 2015 after realising a gap in the market for more female tech talent.

Our prime objective is to help the STEM industry obtain a gender diversity balance but also retain the balance to ensure we are challenging mindsets, breaking barriers and building a diverse workforce globally.

We provide 1-1 bespoke coaching to females in the STEM industry. We have specialist skilled teams who work with corporate partners and start-ups to identify diversity needs. We provide undergraduate, graduate & professionals with STEM opportunities and support them on securing internships, placements, graduate schemes and roles with various leading industry partner firms.

Thousands of HIRE STEM Women job seekers have attended events or have been given the confidence to pursue a career within STEM with Hire STEM Women since January 2016, across the UK. We also have a strong training platform where we train individuals in specialist STEM areas.

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Twilio BuildHer Logo featured

Twilio BuildHer

Twilio BuildHer Logo featuredTwilio BuildHer is a network and event series for women and the broader ally community in tech, created by volunteers from the Twilio London office.

We host events that explore the experiences and challenges facing women in our industry through speakers, panels, and fireside chats. Our focus is on bringing honesty and authenticity to topics everyone wrestles with such as balancing passion with the need for a paycheck, imposter syndrome, and navigating career uncertainty.  BuildHer events offer practical advice from diverse industry leaders and creators and conversation is always lively. Join us!



Women in Tech Cymru featured

Women in Tech Cymru

Women in Tech Cymru featuredWe are a network that promotes and supports learning, best practice, and innovation for women working in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers in Wales.

As members of Women in Tech Cymru we:

- Create opportunities for each other to learn and develop.

- Keep abreast of industry developments.

- Challenge ourselves and each other to encourage best practice and innovation in our work.

- Support and empower women who see their futures in STEM.

Our history

Women in Tech Cymru was set up in 2017 when a group of four friends met for brunch.

Despite working in very different roles and being at very different stages of our careers, we realised that we were all working in the tech sector.

We also shared the same experience of struggling to find other women to speak to who understood the unique challenges of working in the field.

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Women in Sustainability logo

Women in Sustainability

Women in Sustainability logoWelcome to Women in Sustainability! Through our in-person and online Network Hub Events and membership of our Online Hub, we create community, enabling you to build valuable relationships, strengthening your network.

We make it easy to access expertise, insights and support, using a coaching led approach that grows your confidence and courage to be a powerful change maker.

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Zone Women in Digital

Women in Digital logo

Reports show that only one in 10 IT leaders and 16% of creative directors are women.

We want to change these numbers for the better by teaming up with women – and men – to drive greater diversity in the industry and beyond, creating a more inclusive, innovative and happy workforce.

At our Women in Digital events, expert speakers from across the industry discuss a broad range of juicy, insightful topics. From diversity and inclusion to technology and innovation, they inspire us through their personal stories and advice. Expect lively debate across talks, show & tells and panel discussions.

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Empowering Women With Tech featured

Empowering Women With Technology

Empowering Women With Tech

Empowering Women with Tech is a Leeds based group that works to elevate, educate and empower women in digital, tech and science careers.

Only 17% of the Tech workforce are female, with less than 10% in leadership positions. With the significant role Digital/Technology plays in all of our lives, we need more of us to be active creators, not passive consumers and help shape what the tech products will look like in the future to ensure they meet all our needs.

We run a mentoring scheme and host events with inspirational role models working across all levels of science/digital/tech (from fashion bloggers to computer scientists/inventors to website entrepreneurs) to show just how varied and exciting the careers paths are, and to break the stigma that tech isn’t creative.

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The Shuri Network logo featured

The Shuri Network

The Shuri Network logoQ: How many times have you seen an all-female and black and ethnic minority (BME) panel talking about health technology?

A: For many in the NHS and care their first time would have been the Shuri Network launch last July.

Who are we ? 

The Shuri Network is the first NHS and social care network of BME women in digital health. We champion diversity, innovation and safety and support women of colour in health tech to develop the skills and confidence to progress into senior leadership positions. We are named after Shuri, the Black Panther film character who is responsible for her country’s technological success.

What do we do? 

  • ​We highlight and showcase the contribution women of colour make to digital innovation and data, and share our powerful stories to inspire others.
  • We work with partners in the NHS and private sector to create opportunities for our members to shadow digital leaders, apply for bursaries to support professional development and build connections.
  • We challenge the health and care system to do better on diversity and inclusion, address the inequalities raised by Covid-19 and deliver the aims of the NHS People Plan.
  • We aim to help our members feel empowered to apply for and succeed in digital roles​.



Women in Cleantech and Sustainability logo featured

Women in Cleantech & Sustainability

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability logo featured

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability (WCS) fosters an influential network of professionals to further the roles of women in growing the green economy and making a positive impact on the environment.

Our Story

Founded in 2011, WCS is a nonprofit 501(c)6 organization made up up nearly 3,000 professional women and men building the green economy.  Our members range from the students and entry level professionals, to Founders, C-Suite executives and investors.

Lisa Ann Pinkerton founded WCS in 2011, to create a Bay Area community to give women a sisterhood to thrive in and spotlight the remarkable women (and men) whose work is building our future green economy.

By 2013, WCS was officially established as a nonprofit 501(c)6 organization and a board formed to grow the organization beyond its early stages.

In 2014, the first WCS Talks was held. The TED-style conference established a top tier stage for women to share their professional stories, career tips and industry expertise.

In 2016, the Jobs Board and Mentorship programs were established to further foster WCS members on their career paths.

In 2018, WCS Talks held the first female-focused pitch competition for early-stage startups at WCS Talks.

Today, WCS is home to over 5,000 community members internationally, with local chapters in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles. Our members consist of all genders and range from the students and entry level professionals, to founders, C-Suite executives and investors.

WCS aims to meet once a month to network and learn the latest industry developments, as well as attain new business and personal skills from speakers and panelists. Topics covered include: renewable energy (solar, wind biofuel, etc), water, smart grid, biomass, carbon reduction, sustainable transportation, energy efficiency, sustainability, green buildings and many other technologies that aim to make our world a cleaner, more sustainable place.

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Coding Black Females featured

Coding Black Females

Coding Black Females

Coding Black Females was established in 2017, we are a non profit organisation with the aim to grow and inspire the community of black female developers. It is the largest network of black female developers in the UK.

We have regular meetups to provide a safe space to learn, have discussions, network, share knowledge and showcase our talents.

We want our members at the beginning of their careers to see that the tech industry is accessible, whilst enabling our experienced members to share their knowledge, use their skills, and provide support/mentorship to other members of the community.



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