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Ivanti Women in Tech / The Techie Girls is a community of women working in the tech industry, powered by Ivanti.

We are passionate about diversity and inclusion, so as well as managing networking groups on social media, we hold networking events, undertake gender equality research and run webinars packed full of advice.

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WoSEC featured

WoSEC - Women of Security

WoSECWoSEC (Women of Security) was started by a lady from Ottawa (Canada) known as Tanya Janca (@shehackspurple) because she saw the wonderful friendships that Cyber Ladies in Israel have, and she thought “I want that too, that’s a fantastic idea”.

Activities differs in every chapter but the global goal is to create a safe and friendly environment for women in the cybersecurity community, with the goal of achieving greater diversity, representation, and equality in this vibrant field.

Our vision: Make an Information Security community that empowers women and values their contributions.

Our Mission: Create a welcoming and inclusive environment that promotes, supports, and develops women in security by facilitating networking, education, and mentorship opportunities.

Today, WoSEC is a community for women to make new friends in Security, so that women not only join our industry, but STAY.

We shine the spotlight on great things that women are doing in InfoSec with our twitter account, with which we strive to create a constant stream of positivity.

  • We “brunch and bitch” (like a stitch and bitch, but with food), so that we can make friends, network, and create mentoring relationships.
  • We hold safe spaces for learning, with women-only workshops or talks. Some chapters provide free tickets to technical workshops for some of our members.
  • We “Crash boy events”; by attending in a group, none of us is ever “the only woman there”.
  • We are trying to create a community for all women who work in (or want to work in) InfoSec, in hopes that they will have more opportunities, more support, and more fun.
  • We don’t have membership fees, all women are welcome, and even if someone is not involved with WoSEC we are happy to share their accomplishment and cheer them on.

WoSEC has resulted in: women starting businesses together, mentoring relationships, job interviews, internships, people being able to recruit from our community, a cheering squad showing up to surprise female speakers, standing up for each other, priceless advice, and friendship.

We can advocate for each other, and we do. We share our power, with each other, so that there is space for more of us.


Women in Tech York

Women in Tech York

Who are we?

We are a community of like-minded people studying, working or interested in technology. Our goal is to run events in which we can share our knowledge and interests as well as encourage and empower one another. This event is not exclusive to women; we welcome anyone passionate about tech and increasing diversity in the field.

We also welcome all students who are interested in learning more about Tech, and the careers it entails.


Code and Stuff

Code and Stuff

We believe that diversity in tech is really important and to balance the scale we are building a collaborative learning community to support more women and non-binary people getting into tech.

Our ambition is to show those who are already in tech, or are interested in learning how to code, that anything is possible - and that with a bit of help and confidence they can realise their potential and enjoy a thriving career in tech.



We want women and non-binary people to try coding and perhaps they will find that they have a hidden talent because successful coding is about logic.


We want to empower women and non-binary people to aspire to a career in tech through mentoring based weekly meetup events, talks, workshops and hackathons.


We want to create a community and link women and non-binary people to those in varying tech roles to provide accessible role models from more technical disciplines.


Women in Tech Birmingham

Women in Tech Birmingham

What we’re about:

Women In Tech Birmingham meet up regularly to support, empower and promote women and non-binary folks in the tech industry.

We want to:

- Support, encourage and inspire each other.
- Host talks, socials and workshops in safe and comfortable spaces.
- Give everyone the confidence to achieve what they want in their careers.
- Challenge the stereotypes that discourage women and non-binary from studying and applying for job roles in STEM.
- Fight the challenges that we face every day.
- Promote gender equality in the workplace.’


SheSays UK

SheSays UK


  • Free monthly events in cities around the world where members suggest the topics they want to hear about.
  • A free mentorship scheme called 'who's your momma?' in selected cities.
  • Key global events throughout the year (awards, screenings, meetups and conferences).

We believe in stopping gender leadership imbalance by focusing on exposing our collective voices, not just the one of a happy few. And we do this by being a non-hierarchical action-based organization where:

  • Members have a say and our events and mentorship are free. Most organizations are committee based and people have to dish out some cash to be able to participate in the conversation.
  • We answer to nobody except our members. So yes, we are not for profit which gives us immense freedom to best serve our collective.
  • There are no barriers for entry and everyone can learn and participate in changing  the ratio of women leaders in the creative industries.
  • We don't just discuss women's issues, we discuss topics that will improve our careers. And we do this almost everyday around the globe.


Minorities in STEM

Minorities in STEM

Our Goal

The aim of Minorities in STEM is to create a network that can connect, support and showcase the individuals working and studying within STEM.

We want to work with other organisations and industry partners to help them begin to have the conversations that are required to address diversity issues.

There are four key areas that we are focused on:

  • Academia
  • Industry
  • Education
  • Public Engagement

The Background

In early 2017, Alex curated and hosted two Science Showoff events fully fronted by diverse people working with STEM.

Showcasing some of the best diverse talent within science, one bit of audience feedback stuck with him:

“I didn’t realise that there were so many other brown people in science like me”

Although Black and Minority Ethnicity (BME) individuals make up 12.8% of the UK population, this is still not reflected within the public’s perception of what a scientist looks like.

Studies have shown that BME representation within the UK STEM workforce is complex – with BME individuals concentrated at both the lower and higher ends of the spectrum.

It is not different within academia, with the Runnymede Trust reporting in 2015 that only 17 professors in the UK were Black Women.

Although data into the general BME STEM population is at an early stage, what these figures describe is a situation in the UK where BME individuals are thinly represented across STEM.


Inspiring STEM

Inspiring STEM Network


The Inspiring STEM Network is a trusted, peer-to-peer, independent and free-to-access international, multidisciplinary knowledge exchange.

It is intended for STEM organisations and institutional stakeholders ranging from universities, governments and funders to industry and service providers.

Overseen by an international Advisory Board, it reflects the diversity in approaches and best practices to inspiring and maintaining STEM career pathways. The majority of content will be community generated and moderated by the Inspiring STEM Editors.

The Network will enable experts them to share advice, news and insights, and connect and collaborate – with the ultimate goal of helping to advance progress in these research areas.

By doing so, Inspiring STEM will help organisations: 

  • Be more visible internationally
  • Promote their work as attractive, sustainable and inspiring career opportunities
  • Collaborate
  • Increase funding

Five reasons to join the Inspiring STEM Network

  1. Free to join
  2. Fast access to Editor and user-generated news, discussion and opinion
  3. Share your own news and views in posts, videos and panels
  4. Network with your peers
  5. Help advance STEM career pathways


Girls Talk London featured

Girls Talk London

Girls Talk London connects women with Senior leaders in FTSE 100 businesses & influential individuals to empower them to develop the skills and confidence to succeed in their lives and in the workplace.

We work with global businesses and brands to create live and online experiences for women that include events, masterclasses, seminars and festivals.

Our popular online talk show, Girls Talk, provides a platform for women to discuss trending news and interviews inspiring individuals.

We provide a variety of initiatives to support women in the UK with career development and lifestyle issues.

Step into Industry

Our step into Industry programmes target female students aged 16-18 and provides them with a mentor and work experience in male dominated sectors .


We advertise opportunities and jobs in FTSE 100 businesses on our website to increase the number of women entering male dominated sectors and advancing onto more Senior roles.


We connect businesses and brands with women aged 21-34 to conduct market research on engaging and supporting women within the workplace, life and in society.

Digital Engagement

Our website girlstalklondon.com is a blog that provides editorial content to help women succeed within the workplace and life featuring interviews, advice and opportunities. Our website has on average over 6,000 views per month. Over 431,000 people have watched our online talk show for young women.

Insight Experiences

We partner with businesses to offer female sixth form and university students insight experiences that include evenings, days and weeks to showcase all the opportunities available to them in specific businesses and gives them the chance to meet recruitment teams

Summer Business School 

Every summer we partner with businesses who host our summer business school for millennial women in the workplace who want to develop skills and qualities that will assist them in progressing in the workplace. Our facilitators and experts cover topics such as negotiation, building relationships, managing teams and leadership.

Mentoring programmes

We have designed successful mentoring programmes for businesses that want to create a talent pipe into their business or support the development and progression of female employees.


We deliver events, festivals and masterclasses for millennial women and host these in partnership with FTSE 100 businesses and brands.


Women in Tech

Women in Tech

Technology for all – Bridging the gender gap

Women in Tech® is an international non-profit organization with a double mission: to close the gender gap and to help women embrace technology.

The organization focuses on 4 primary areas that are a call for action: Education, Entrepreneurship, Events and Research. The aim is to educate, equip and empower women and girls with the necessary skills to succeed in STEM career fields.

More than an organization, we are a movement representing all people – regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, class, age, sexual orientation, or disability status. We have members in over 60 countries.

Open minds for a more Inclusive Tech

There are numerous issues that restrict the number of women in tech roles today. If we want to bridge the gender gap, then we need to begin by introducing girls to the benefits of technology at an early age. By creating a strategy that covers everything from education to entrepreneurship, we can help women in technology to embrace tech, and discover a new world of opportunities.


We believe in raising awareness for more accessible, all-inclusive education and training strategies for women in tech.


We offer networking opportunities, mentorship from leaders in their space, and support for project incubation and acceleration.


Women in Tech ® awards recognize and celebrate the leaders that are doing their part to transform the digital ecosystem.


We are launching a Challenge to identify and reward projects and initiatives that take action to bridge gender gap.


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