I began my career in the technology industry as an entry-level customer service agent for a startup. This early experience allowed me to gain a deep understanding of customer needs and the importance of efficient systems and security measures. As I progressed in my career, I took on roles managing large Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) operations, where I played a crucial role in ensuring the seamless integration of various tech systems and processes. This involved sourcing and implementing partners for Learning Management Systems (LMS), Knowledge Management Systems (KMS), and chatbot solutions to enhance customer support capabilities.

In recent years, I have been actively involved in significant transformation projects focused on digital-first strategies. These projects aimed to revolutionize the customer experience by leveraging automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and robotic process automation (RPA). By implementing these technologies, we were able to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and provide more personalized and seamless customer interactions.

Throughout my career, I have developed a strong background in technology, particularly within the customer experience sector. My experiences have equipped me with a holistic understanding of the importance of technology in driving superior customer experiences and the role it plays in transforming businesses.