Chandni Palan

Chandni is an advocate for the women who want to take their tech career into their own hands and drown out that little voice which says ‘I can’t do it’.

Chandni hasn’t just found her feet in a male-dominated industry; she’s actively shaped her own path. She went from studying a Languages degree to taking an atypical (admittedly slightly risky!) approach to figuring out exactly what she wanted to do. She completed roles in Marketing, Investment Banking, Consultancy and eventually Product Management. Having the courage to try new things has led her to thriving at one of the top AI companies in the UK, where she oversees the development of a data science workbench with more than 100 users.

As Product Manager, Chandni promotes a shared vision, empowers engineers in her all-male team and has built a strong team culture under the pressure of a pandemic. She has made knowledge sharing integral, creating a Product curriculum for employees and onboarding new Product Managers. In her time at Faculty, Chandni has also supported the CEO through a funding round and worked on a life-saving COVID-19 tool used by frontline NHS staff.

Outside of work, Chandni is a proud member of the CodeFirstGirls community, recently hosting a Youtube Live that focused on Product Management, with emphasis on the fact that you don’t need a technical degree to thrive in tech.

During the pandemic, Chandni volunteered at her local vaccination hub and helped elderly people in her community and those who were shielding with day to day tasks. Outside of work, Chandni is an avid hiker and budding martial artist.

Chandni genuinely wants her experiences to help others build confidence in their own strengths and abilities, build up the tools they need to drive their careers forward and to inspire belief that they should let absolutely nothing hold them back from breaking into the tech industry.