I lead the Digital Security programme within Barclays Technology which focuses on protecting the Bank’s corporate clients against fraudulent activity. To date this has included the below notable deliveries:
• The Barclays Biometric Reader, which leverages finger vein technology to authenticate a user – a technology which it has not yet been possible to hack or imitate and has seen Barclays become the first Bank to offer this form of authentication
• Deployment of behavioural biometrics to mitigate against remote access attacks
• Creation of a generic security application that allows a consistent approach to cyber security across the Bank’s corporate products alongside the ability to react quickly to any emerging attack vectors

Alongside this, I am a keen advocate and participant of the Barclays’ gender equality network (WIN) where I have co-led the Gender Intelligence, Women on Boards and Speed Mentoring initiatives.

Outside of Barclays, I am actively involved in both gender and generational diversity. Notably, this has included presenting at the Whitehall & Industry Group 2017 Diversity & Inclusion conference as well as being invited to discuss diversity in the workplace at the 2018 Rustat Conference on Reconfiguring Careers (led by the University of Cambridge).