I’ve always loved tech. I loved it from the moment I worked out how to programme my parents’ VHS to record tv I liked. So tech has been a passion for me since a young age. I was the only girl at my all girls school that studied IT GCSE and even though it wasn’t offered at A-Level, I went on to start a Computer Science degree at university (one of 7 girls in a class of 190 boys) in 1997. But then I had a crisis of confidence; I realised I didn’t want to be on the *inside* of a computer writing the code, I wanted to be on the outside making technology enable other things. So I moved to a Business and IT degree instead and rediscovered that passion. And this has framed my career to date: I’ve spent most of the last 16 years working in IT project change teams, and in IT business management teams, but I’ve always been in the Business of Tech which enables me to straddle both disciplines and make sure the tech we’re delivering adds value, is fit for purpose, is cost effective, and aligned to risk and strategy. And most importantly that it’s still an enabler, whether it’s a simple app or a multi-year Cloud strategy. I am still in awe of technology today, and a brief foray into a role outside of a tech team ended with me very quickly coming back to tech! I can’t wait to see what I’ll be enabling the delivery of in the coming years.