Wherever you are on your journey with parenthood, your career should not be the compromise.

Adding children to our already full lives is not easy, however, balancing a fulfilling career and a family is indeed possible.

In this case study, Emma shares why she believes the life event of having children actually helped her to see and accept her better self. Join Emma as she discusses not just her own lived experience of career and motherhood, but the value she believes parents bring to the workplace.

About the speaker

Emma McGintyEmma McGinty, Speaker, Senior Leader, DEI Expert

Emma has a passion for creating change and playing her part to create workplaces where everyone belongs, regardless of background and can thrive to their absolute potential. Emma is a mother to two young daughters and knows first hand the value working parents can bring to business. Emma’s career spans 20 years with experience across global Media and Technology organisations, including Sky and her current role at Google.