Chiletam, known as sunshine whilst growing up, is a remarkable individual. She not only stands out in the field of cybersecurity but also exhibits the qualities of a future tech leader and serves as an inspiring role model for the entire industry.

She derives joy in seeing other individuals succeed with her exceptional skills, dedication and passion for protecting and helping organisations have a good security posture.

Chiletam has accomplished a lot within a short period of her career and tech profession as a whole.

Chiletam’s journey in cybersecurity began with an insatiable curiosity for technology and a deep desire to safeguard the cyberphysical world.

As a child she was inquisitive about tech and mathematics and wondered if mathematical abstractions and computational algorithms can interrelate.

She was a representative in several competitions where she represented her school in both local and state competitions and won all prizes effortlessly.

She studied Computer Systems (forensics and security) at Nottingham Trent University. She earned a BSc after studying at NTU and also represented the school as a student ambassador and Collaborative Engagement and Retention Team (CERT) mentor. She worked at LSEG and currently works as a penetration tester at Falanx Cyber.

Through her relentless pursuit of knowledge, she quickly emerged as a leader in her community.

Her ability to analyze and anticipate potential threats has saved her clients from numerous cyberattacks. She is also a go-to person in terms of technical support and advice.